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New Orleans Fishing

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Enjoy a PRIVATE New Orleans Swamp Tour unlike any you have ever imagined!



 Swamp Tour Duration

Approx. 2 hours

You pick the time

    1 to 6 persons (just your group)


Jean Lafitte Charter Boats venture deep into the Barataria swamps that was once the home of the famous Pirate, Jean Lafitte (our namesake).

Come enjoy an exciting and comfortable swamp tour personally catered to your group. Our boats whisk you away from the dock and within 10 minutes you are deep in the heart of Bayou Country.

During your swamp tour you will see an ancient 2000 year old, sacred Indian mound and a local Cajun cemetery where the people of the swamp are buried above ground.

You can expect to see alligators, bald eagles, blue and white herons, pelicans, ducks, nutria, and raccoons while having a great time in our beautiful Louisiana marsh.


       Who would enjoy a Private Swamp Tour?


  • Photographers

  • Families with small children

  • Visitors who don't have a lot of time to fish :)

  • Elderly

  • Businesses entertaining customers

  • People who "want to do their own thing"








Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


Happy Customers
4 Buddies loving there day on the water with Capt. EJ


   The kids love it!!


New Orleans Louisiana Delta

The Famous Louisiana Delta
Inland fishing from Lafitte to the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy the wetlands and wildlife that makes the Louisiana culture what it is today.

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