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September 29, 2012

Jason Purcell and the crazy bachelor party. These guys just about had to beg me to take them out in the rain Saturday. They just wouldn't take no for an answer. We left in the rain, fished in the rain and came back in the rain. Over 25 reds for their effort, all caught on spinner baits.



September 27-28, 2012

Thursday was day two with Tony and Marilyn Mills. The bite was slow in most of the areas that we fished but they ended the day with six nice reds and eleven trout.

Friday,  Dr. Carl Steinkamp ,his brother Dale and Dr. Tom from Baton Rouge joined me on their yearly LSU-Florida fishing trip. Most of their trips have been very productive and today didn't disappoint. Bait wasn't an issue because they just about bit on anything.


September 26, 2012

After spending a couple days in MS at the farm preparing for the 2012 Deer Season, I was back on the water today with Tony and his wife Marilyn from Brandon, MS. Tony and his son fished with me last week and he decided to give it another go this time with his wife.

The fishing not as fast and furious as last week but we still managed to put a good mess in the boat. Trout, reds and a couple of flounder. Marilyn boated two fish over 14 lbs, and both released to fight another day. All fish caught on gulps under a cork. Out with them again in the morning.


September 22, 2012

Day two with Tony Mills and his son Justin from Brandon, Ms. Just about a repeat of day one except for one flounder and a few trout. Most fish caught on gulps under a cork and only a few on black/chart spinnerbaits. All fish were caught on Falcon Coastal Rods and Volt 2500 Reels.



September 21, 2012

Day one with Tony Mills and his son Justin. Started off the morning with a 5lb plus bass and it was all redfish after that. Kept a limit off small ones and released all the big boys to fight another day. All fish caught on spinner baits black/chart. A big thanks goes out to wildlife and fisheries for catching three fisherman today with 62 reds, 47 over the limit.


September 15, 2012

Saturday trip with the John Gelespi party. Just like the last few mornings it started out slow, but once the bite started it was redfish after redfish. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork, keeping only four for the group for lunch. The fishing remain fabulous in Lafitte, LA! Call us now to book your adventure of a lifetime! Let's go Fishing!


September 14, 2012

On Friday it was day two with Russ and Tom hammering the reds once again. Same location, same bait, same result! Great job guys! Looks forward to seeing you guys again on the water soon.



September 13, 2012

Today was another great day of redfishing. On the boat with me was the Doug Schroeder part. Suzanna caught her first redfish and Natalie, who is 6 months pregnant, put the hurt on those redfish. Also, Adam wore them out as well. . All fish caught on shrimp under a cork tighlining. All fish were put in the boat using Falcon Coastal Rods and Volt 2500 fishing reels.     
Also, today, Capt. Mike had a party of 4. The fishing was just as fierce for these guys! They caught a ton of fish and had a great time!


September 12, 2012

Great to be back on the water. Capt. Barry had  the Steve Gentemann
party and I had Russ Bruce and his friend Tom for day one. They will be
fishing with me again on Friday. You could not have asked for a better
morning, over 60 reds between both boats. All fish caught on gulps and
shrimp on the bottom.


September 2nd - 5th, 2012

Sometimes we don't always go fishing just for fish. Captain Barry and Captain Jason have been on an extended GATOR fishing trip for the last several days trying to fill their allotted tags. The tandem has worked hard and as of today, they are just a few shy of filling all of their tags. Below are a few pictures of some of their catch.


August 23-Sept. 3rd, 2012

Now that I have internet service and power back on, I can post the trips just before Hurricane Isaac came through.

We had the Jeff Burns party, Kathy George party, Joey Fontenot party and the Mark Hall party. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits, but the hot bait just before the storm was the Berkley natural gulp under a cork.

Every charter that I had booked thru September 15th has cancelled.

Fishing should be good in a few days so hopefully we will get some calls and get back to work.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page. Our Archived Reports run from 2004 -  September 2012



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