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Capt. EJ,

Just wanted to thank you for a great fishing trip from the CanFish Boys. This was our most successful fishing trip ever. You, Barry, and Dave were excellent guides and fun to fish with. The redfish are great fighters and glad the action picked up over our last 2 days. They and the trout were excellent eating and prepared superbly at Des Famillia (?). In fact, we ate there twice in addition to Jans, Bufutts(?), and Gumbo Soup in NOLA.

The accommodations you provide with the 2 houses were also probably the nicest our group has ever had. Everything seemed new and very clean. We loved the living/rec rooms with all the fish and deer mounts. The flat screen TVs were great, plus the other house had Wi-Fi which we could access across the channel from your house.


We also did the WWII museum in NOLA which was very interesting and fun. In addition to all the historical stuff, we really enjoyed the 4D movie. Thought our plane was going to crash when it nearly shook us out of our seats. Ha!

Thanks again for a great trip,

Rick (Ranger) VandeWater and the CanFish Boys



Mike Mullin sent us this photo and we thought we would share with everyone! Great picture! His comments were:

Hello Capt.Barry, 

Attached is a picture I took of the gator that was following us on Monday.Thanks again for the trip.  Matt, Judi and I had a blast.  I have several co-workers now itching to come out your way and see what its like to fish in real water.

Mike Mullin



Hello E.J and  Dave

I just wanted to drop you a few lines and let you know how much I enjoyed out the fishing trip on June 4, 2012. 

I used to fish up in the North of Canada and was surprised how good fishing is down south in New Orleans.

I couldn't have had a better time, the fishing was just great. Dave was like a good friend to me. He showed me how to catch red fish and speckled trout. We also caught unexpectedly a cat fish.

Here a short description of the day:

Around 5 a.m. a driver picked me up at the hotel in French Quarter and drove me together with a Family from Texas to  Jean Lafitte Charters, located approximately 35 minutes south from downtown New Orleans.

Captain Dave and I, went by boat to an open spot at the lake and started to catch red fish (a nice game fish and good fighter). At the very beginning we did not hit the perfect spot. After we moved on top of a shell-heap we just caught like crazy! First we caught with shrimp on a white lead Jig head on the bottom. On almost every cast I caught a nice sized red fish. We decided to “save” the shrimp an tried with a white rubber tail instead. It was the same, one red after the other. We removed also the rubber tail and fished with a blank single white lead Jig head – we could not believe, the reds even took that. After over 40 fish (we stopped counting) I almost got sores on the hands from rolling. After a few more fish we decided to move to another spot to try to catch different fish. At the new spot, in front of a beautiful island, we caught a nice speckled trout and unexpectedly a cat fish. It was a perfect fishing day, beautiful weather, scenery and nice boat ride.

After noon we turned back to the boat dock, cleaned the fish, say good by to each other and a driver drove us back down town.

I only took one red fish and one speckled trout. As much I was able to have for dinner for myself. But where can I cook the fish? I asked at the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel where I stayed, but they seemed not interested to prepare it for me at all. I walked down the Canal Street to  the Palace Café – Restaurant,  605 Canal Street , and ask again. They were very friendly and after they ensured by the Managing Partner if it is ok, they prepared me a delicious meal with my own fish.


Cafe spinach Salad  tossed with candied house made bacon, read Onion, butter fried speckled trout in a sherry cane vinaigrette.
Main course: Red fish pecan, Pecan-crushed red fish with creole meuniere Sauce, spiced pecans Popcorn Rice and vegetables du jour.
White chardonnay wine

After the meal I was really tired and happy. I had a short nap at the hotel before a went out to enjoy the night life at Bourbon street.

Thanks for one of the best fishing experience I ever had!

Stefan van Velsen

Winterthur, Switzerland





Thanks for a great couple of days fishing, and here is a few words for your website.

"EJ, Thanks for the fishing trips I had over the last couple of days, you made it easy for me with the hotel pick-up and return !!.

The fishing was great, bass and redfish on the first day, then on the second, more bass, blackfish and then.....The Big Bad Boy......a 10lb Redfish.....

Your boat is great and the website makes it easy to book with you.

I caught more fish with you on those couple of days than I have got at home in England in the last couple of years,

Thanks again,

Pat Haines

Cornwall, England."

Cheers EJ, if ever I'm back I'll be sure and call you.



Howdy! Capt. E.J. Plaisance

   Well it's been just over a week since you took my wife an I out on July 15th for an afternoon of the best fishing I've ever done in years and I know for sure it was the best in my wife life! I've fished the flats around Rockport, TX for sometime now and have always done well. But I've always been told if one wants real Red Fish action then the feeder bayou flats in Louisiana is where you need to go, so while we were in New Orleans for my wife's training convention, I said to Becky let's give it a try and she said "Go for it." Then came the problem on who to get! I knew finding a guide for a last minute book was going to be next to impossible, specially since we only had a open time of Thursday afternoon due to me having to be in Hattiesburg,MS on Friday for a tech meeting. So I got my wife's laptop and got on the internet and started looking. After narrowing down the vast list of guides to the top four I liked then I flipped a coin on who to call first. I tried the first number and no answer, so I went to number two and called. You answered and to my surprise and delight said you could work us in. I will say I did have my concerns about catching anything with media saying the oil slick from the Horizon had reach the fisheries and feeder flats in Louisiana but I still wanted to give it a try. Then Thursday afternoon we got to your dock several hours later than what I said we would and with the heat index bumping 114, I thought about it again and said to my wife "I'm afraid that our fishing trip this afternoon will be just a little bit better than a smoke signal on a cloudy day and we will be lucky to see a fish much less catch one." then explained to her all the things going against this trip. Then after meeting you and visiting some I felt better but still had a few concerns about doing any good. As we undocked I remember saying to you "All that matters is my wife catching one big fish." and you just smiled and replied "Don't worry!".  As we cruised along the waters of the flats I kept looking for the oil slick that the media was talking about, but to my surprise never saw it. Then the boat slowed down and  you said "Grab a rod! There's fish waiting for you!". As you pointed to an area by the shore line I have never seen such a congregation of bait fish swarming and reds moving about. Not only did you put us on fish, you put us on the action only one dreams about! Even though you tried your best to get me hooked up with a big red it never happened and it was to no fault of yours, I was off and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with my casting that afternoon. Yet I still hooked up to six nice reds in the three to five pound range which was great fun! As for my wife not only did you hook her up to one of the biggest fish she has ever caught just over 10 pounds, but you did it twice with the second one bigger that the first at 12.5 pounds. And she is still talking, or should I say bragging about it. She has finally with out any doubt out top me and the kids at fishing and I tell you this makes me the happiest guy around.

    Now before I close I want to add this so if anyone reads this they will know the truth! As we were fishing I ask you how close were we to the oil slick the media was taking about or even if it was around. That's when I saw the cheerfulness in your face turn some what sad! You looked at me and replied " It is there in the gulf alright, but its 23 miles from here where the flats sport fishing is. Bad media has it up here and it really as hurt our charter bookings. You're my 7th booking for the month and last year I was at 27 bookings. And it's just not me, it's the same with my friends the other charter guides. All our bookings are down and that's our lively hood. We're just trying to hang on till the word gets out that we have clean safe water here and clean safe fish to catch."

    And to that I will add, my wife Becky and I live in Odessa, TX. which is in the middle part of west Texas. And that all we have heard from the media was how the oil from the Horizon blow out has reached the fisheries of Louisiana gulf coast and bayou feeders. Will I'm here to tell you we did not see one sign of oil anywhere we fished with you that day in the feeders. All we saw was clear crystalline water so clear that you could see fish swimming. So if anyone reads this and want to fish the flats don't be afraid to give Capt E.J. a call and setup a booking. If you don't you will be missing some of the best fishing of you life. My wife and I are already making plans to go back in October and take our kids and grandkids with us.  

Again Capt E.J.

Thanks for the best fishing experience we ever had!

Becky and Hank Johnson

Odessa, TX.




A quick note to say that we had a great time fishing with you. Thanks again for everything - Alec is still very excited about hitting the Red Fish Limit

We’ll be back!




Well what can we say.  You did it again!!!
We have fished with you for several years now, and it is worth every penny.  The 1st - 2 hours of fishing was some of the fastest fishing action I have seen in a while.  Connie put those Red's in the boat faster than I would have ever imagined.  I believe I would have caught up with her, if the weather would not have run us for cover.
Hope you have a wonderful father's day, and God Bless,
Joe & Connie Smith
Jonesboro, La.
PS, the discussion all the way home was " When we gonna come back? "  See you then




My son Andrew hasn't stopped talking about our charter yet!  He has done died and gone to heaven today.  We'll be back soon, with the other 2 kids and
maybe even the wife along!  Thanks for everything.

Brad Gottsegen




I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Connie and I had a great time fishing, June 15th and 16th.  This trip is the first time she caught a Speckled Trout.  The fishing was really tough with the wind not really cooperating, but you really put forth the effort and put us on some fish.  We put plenty in the icebox and plan on making another trip soon.
The Victoria Inn has some great accommodations.  Being the 2nd trip we upgraded rooms and really enjoyed the place.
God Bless, and Plan on fishing with you again,
Joe Smith
Jonesboro, La.



 Hello E.J,

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we enjoyed out fishing trips with Mike on April 16th and 17th. We couldn't have had a better time, the fishing was great, the food and lodging at Victoria Inn was outstanding, their gumbo is to die for, and our catch of the day was prepared wonderfully at Jan's.

My husband has told several of his friends that fishing with Mike was like fishing with one of them, he was very friendly and easy to talk with and he really knows the area witch was amazing to me because it's such a vast expanse. The water was low and muddy in a lot of places because of a front that had come through a couple days earlier, but Mike was able to find good spots for us to fish. We caught plenty of trout the first day and a few small reds, my husband and I both hooked into a big red but they got off. The second day we concentrated on reds and we both landed some NICE fish.

We hope to come back to Lafitte someday and bring some fishing friends with us, I know they would have as much fun as we did.

Thanks Again,
David and Anna Sawyer



EJ & Kevin,

Thanks again for the great trip on November 4th.  My group really had a good time.  I was amazed that at the end of such a windy day, we caught over 80 specks!  You guys definitely went out of your way to make sure we caught fish.  Your “fishing hard” techniques certainly paid off.  Everything was great and I look forward to fishing with you again sometime in the future.

Joe Mato


Thanks for the trip, Jon and I really enjoyed it.  The only negative was we were in Lafitte to briefly and fished only two days.  The Victoria Inn and staff were GREAT!  We had lunch at Jan's on the last day and the fired Oysters and Shrimp really hit the spot.  We've cooked both Trout and Red Fish that we brought home and they were perfect -- thank's to my wife's (Pat) skills.  Definitely will plan another trip and hope you are available.
We appreciated you picking us up on time, fishing hard, and filleting out our fish (they made it home perfectly).  We noted that the Porpoises followed you to the good spots.  Next time I want to try my fly rod; but, your light tackle and rigs were too good to give up on our first trip.
Thanks again,
Wayne Thacker
Bumpass, Virginia


Hi Capt. EJ

    Nancy and I wanted to thank you again for the great fishing we had with on Friday Apr 29, 2005. The wind was rough and made the fishing tough and we still caught a limit of very nice redfish. I would recommend anyone looking through your site to give you a try. The price was very right, and your service was great. We also want to thank you for the advice on eating lunch at Jans, I will rank it as one of the better meals I had while in New Orleans. I look forward to fishing with you again real soon.

David Smith



    Saturday was a wonderful fishing experience all the way around. Capt. Mike represents your company very well and the equipment & boat was top notch. We will be back to fish again and being in sales your are always looking for quality relationship building locations to take your best customers to for a getaway. I just found another sales tool. The fresh fish cooked at Jan's was a excellient ending to a great day. Good Job. 

Thanks again

Donald Moon



   I wanted to once again thank you for the marvelous time we had fishing with you this past week. Although the weather didn't always cooperate, each of us certainly understood the difficulties you faced in attempting to find fish for us. All of us have been there many times. As you know well, just being with friends and sharing the experience is the most important part of  the equation. It's just part of the fishing game. Under the circumstances we know you did an exemplary job and all of us are most grateful.

          Beleive it or not, I used to be a pretty fair fisherman. However this last trip was and eye opener for me. I knew that I had lost much ground over this past year, but would have never believed it untill last week. I must apologize for being such a burden. It's certainly not the way I wanted it and will be doing all I can to improve or at the very least not continue to loose ground. 

          It should be quite apparent that my big fish successes were merely luck. Nothing more.I wish I could account for it as skill, but we both know that's not the case. We owe our success in no small part to your skills. I can't tell you how greatful I am for your skills with boat and net. There is no doubt that your skills were a major part of my success. Without those skills, the fish would still be swimming around with a spinnerbait stuck in its jaw. We all understand this and are most grateful to you for putting up with us for three days. Of course, there is no doubt whatsoever that the Lord had his hand on my shoulder this past week. I would be remiss not to acknowledge His part in our wonderful expeience.

         Your website pictures are very nice and  I hope they bring you many good clients and much success. We really did have a wonderful time and I'm certain the boys will be coming back soon. I know they would like to come this fall but in a couple of cases, it's a bit much in one year. Never the less, I'm certain you'll be hearing something in the not too distant future.

           Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care of yourself and stay safe. 



Hi Capt. E.J., My wife Christy and I wanted to let you and anyone who
looks at your web site to know, this was the best fishing charter we have ever been on! We went on Saturday Jan. 22nd 2005 and it wasn't the best of  conditions, but E.J. knows his way around out there! E.J. took us to our first spot, it was pretty dirty water so we didn't stay there very long. E.J. was fairly sure he could find some clearer water so he cranked up that  200 h.p. motor and off we went. We were the first ones to get to our second spot, I caught a black drum right away, then a sheepshead, all 3 of us were catching specs. and then Christy caught a real nice redfish. There were at least 6-7 other boats around us, but we only saw 1 other boat bring in any fish, we caught at least 40-45 fish at that spot. We were the last boat to leave that area, when we moved we caught 10-12 specs. at another place and the entire morning conditions were going downhill, a front was coming in and the wind keep picking up, but we were still finding fish thanks to E.J.'s expertise. We decided to move around again, this spot had very dirty
water also, but E.J. said there will be clean water over in another place and he was absolutely correct. We caught a few more fish,[all 3 of us], but the wind was really starting to make things choppy out there so we called it day. All of Capt.E.J.'s equipment and boat was top notch along with his attitude and knowledge! I will call him every time I come to the New Orleans area, because IT DOSEN 'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!! Thanks E.J.



 Captain EJ, just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on the water with you on September 27, 2004. Not only did we catch a bunch of fish, but your professionalism would have made it a great trip anyway. The fishing was great and so was the company. Thanks again.....
Jim and Nancie Flynn,
Harvey's Lake, Pa.  




Thank you for a great day of fishing.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to seeing/receiving the pictures.  As soon as you are able to post them on your web page we will start sending people there to see them...we’ll be sending them there before that with our recommendation also. 

Thank you, 

Larry DeCan



First, thanks for a wonderful day of Redfish angling, your expertise are tremendous!! Not easy to compare, but your apparent knowledge is far superior to that of other charters I have been on. I was impressed by your ability to teach me what to look for to find fish,  and the techniques to catch them. I will be back!

Thanks again,

Cheers, till we fish together again!

Rick McLeod


"We finally have settled into our daily routine since coming back from vacation.  We spent 7 days in the New Orleans and Lafitte area of Louisiana.  Barbara and I can truly say the best part of our stay was the last three days in the Lafitte area.  From our conversations with E.J. we were the first to try the new combo package of fishing (2 days) lodging (2 nights) and all meals including breakfast on last day before returning home.  The food at Jan's and the Victoria Inn & Gardens out-classed anything we had in New Orleans.  We had the Redfish we caught on Monday, sautéed at Jan's, along with one of the best baked potatoes we've ever had. It was stuffed with bacon, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. Topping that was the stuffed flounder at the Victoria Inn, we caught on Monday.  It was stuffed with crab and shrimp and lightly sautéed in butter and then baked in the oven. This time we opted for the garlic mashed potatoes, which again were mouthwatering.  The side dishes and desserts at both places were just excellent.  We try to fish on every vacation we take. We have had some memorable trips, both good and bad.  This was one of the best guided trips we had been on in quite a while.  E.J., you are very professional in the way you handle you customers and your knowledge of the area.  The equipment was first rate, your attention to our wants and needs and our fishing skill level was excellent.  We will return to Lafitte, La. in the near future and we will definitely book another combo package with Jean Lafitte Fishing Charters and E.J. Plaisance Jr."

Thanks again, E.J., for a great trip.

Terry & Barbara Hall




Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


Happy Customers
4 Buddies loving there day on the water with Capt. EJ


  The kids love it!!



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