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Fishing forecast for February 2018

After a good January, February is shaping up nicely! This month will be all about mother nature. The fish are here, it is all a matter of getting the right conditions to fish. Cold fronts could drop the temps and water overnight. You can hope to catch a lots of Redfish this month, as well as Bass, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead, Drum, and Flounder. Bass should begin looking for their spawning beds towards the end of the month. As soon as the water temps get right they will begin their spawns. Now is the time to catch some Bass.

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February 2018

January 2018





July 2017






June 2017

The fishing in late May and beginning of June has been outstanding. Follow us on Facebook




May 2017

In case you haven't like our Facebook page yet above, below are just a few of the trips we had over the last few weeks:



February 2017

As you can read on our Facebook page, we have been fishing a bunch. I will begin updating our website on a more frequent basis now that all the holidays are over (and hunting season).

In case you haven't like our Facebook page yet above, below are just a few of the trips we had over the last couple of months:



September - October 2016

I apologize for not posting reports on a more frequent basis the last 6 weeks. We have been very busy fishing and making memories for our customers!

The fishing has been great! Thanks to all of our customers from around the World! We had a great time and enjoyed your company!

The below pictures are in no particular order.




September 8, 2016

Capt. Barry posing with one of the many gators he killed with his Alligator Tags. We do not offer Alligator Hunting, but wanted to share his experience



September 6, 2016

Dr. Tillman and the Jacksons from Mississippi with a great catch.



September 1, 2016

Steve and Helen Nave from New Mexico with a few nice reds.



August 20, 2016

Arkansas boys with some very nice reds.



August 20, 2016

Paul and Myles



August 14, 2016



August 10, 2016



August 9, 2016

Pickett family from Montana



August 3, 2016

Girl Power



August 2, 2016

Gerard with his quick limit of reds.



July 31, 2016



July 30, 2016

Hunter and his dad Bryan.


July 29, 2016



July 28, 2016

Fahrni party from Texas



July 27, 2016



July 25, 2016



July 23, 2016



July 20, 2016



July 15, 2016

Captain E.J.,

Thanks for everything. Had a great time and can't wait to get back down there!

Sean Hughes



July 14, 2016

Ray and Tam with an awesome limit of reds



July 13, 2016

The Kunz's from Texas



July 12, 2016

Mike and Cassie from Wisconsin



July 5, 2016



July 4, 2016



July 3, 2016



July 2, 2016



July 1, 2016




June 29, 2016



June 28, 2016



June 27, 2016



June 24, 2016



June 23, 2016


June 22, 2016



June 21, 2016



June 13, 2016



June 12, 2016

Ben Peart with his limit of reds



June 11, 2016

Desoto party on day two




June 10, 2016

Desoto party on day one



June 9, 2016

Aquila party with a great catch



June 8, 2016

Singh party



June 7, 2016

Tom Yura party



June 6, 2016

Lisa DuBae and her daughter Ada with a nice catch



June 5, 2016

Mark and his grandson Kaden .



June 4, 2016

Rachael and Steve with a couple reds



June 3, 2016

The Schmidt's with a couple nice reds.



May 31, 2016



May 30, 2016



May 29, 2016




May 28, 2016

Crowley's Day 2


May 27, 2016

Crowley's Day 1



May 26, 2016

Dan, Tim and Jillian from Canada with some Louisiana bronze beauties.



May 25, 2016

Paul, Crystal, Lucy, and Gracey with Capt. Barry



May 24, 2016

Glinda, James, Alice and Jerome with a nice catch.



May 23, 2016

Larry and Paul with Capt. Barry



May 22, 2016

The Jerowski's from Minnesota fishing in Louisiana.




May 21, 2016

Capt. Randy and the Wright party from Mississippi



May 20, 2016

Burris party fishing with Capt. Dave and Capt. Joel



May 18, 2016

Grady family from North Carolina




May 16, 2016



May 15, 2016



May 14, 2016

Frank and Jeremy from Shreveport with a couple nice reds, one going 20lbs.



May 3, 2016

Bob and Diane from Missouri with a couple nice reds.



May 2, 2016

Tim Mistretta party from Mississippi



May 1, 2016

Ricky Lacour party from Louisiana fishing with JLFC



April 30, 2016

Matt Lahvis party fishing with Capt. Dave



April 29, 2016

Pat Miller party from Alabama on day one.



April 26, 2016

Linda and Ted Day 2.



April 25, 2016


April 24, 2016

Evan Hofer batchlor party



April 23, 2016

Linda and Ted with a couple nice reds.



April 22, 2016



April 20, 2016



April 19, 2016

Capt. Tony with the Hampton party.



April 18, 2016

Capt. Barry with Joe, Ronnie and Charlie on a very windy day.



April 17, 2016

Capt. Tony with the Clifton party from California on a very tough day.



April 16, 2016

Dr. Carl Steinkamp and his dentist buddies with a mess of reds and trout on a very windy day.


April 13-15, 2016

All Trips Cancelled Due to Adverse Weather Conditions


April 12, 2016

Jon, Armand and Richard from Arizona on rainy day 1



April 11, 2016

Mark and his son Paul from Ohio with a few pictures of some of their catch. More were caught all were released.




April 10, 2016

Tammy and Matt from Indiana. They only kept a few for lunch.



April 9, 2016



April 8, 2016

Jeff and Stephanie from Chicago, Illinois . A couple great days on the water and a mess of nice fish



April 7, 2016

Capt. Dave and Capt. Barry and the Weaver party with a nice board of fish. Good catch guys.



April 6, 2016

Wendy and Dan from Seattle WA. With a nice catch of trout they kept for lunch at Jans and also a few I took home for dinner.




April 3, 2016

DeSoto party, Mike,Brent and Bryan on day 2



April 2, 2016

Mike DeSoto party Day 1.



March 31, 2016

Trent and John with a couple of trout they caught this morning in 30mph winds. John was the best 10 year old fisherman I have ever had on the boat. They ended up with enough for lunch at Jan's.




March 29, 2016

The Bryant's from Columbus, Ohio with there catch they had cooked up for lunch at Jan's



March 28, 2016

The Kurt's, vacationing in Louisiana from Turkey.



March 20, 2016

Tony & Laura  from North Carolina with a couple of nice reds that they caught before the weather ran us in.



March 15, 2016

Four boats out today, Capt Barry with the Hoffman party, Capt. Tony with the Miller party, Capt Dave with the Melson party and I had the Herring party. Mix bag of fish today, trout, reds, drum and flounder.



March 13, 2016

Marr party from Canada fishing with Capt. Dave

Mike Smith party from Louisiana fishing with Capt. Barry

Mark, Homer and John from Arizona fishing with Capt. E.J.


March 9 - 12, 2016

All Charters Canceled Due to Inclement Weather


March 8, 2016

John Sprague Party. Beautiful 5 1/2 lb Speckled Trout.


Capt. Dave with the Allan Smith party from New Orleans



March 7, 2016

John Sprague party fishing with Capt. Barry and l the past couple of days, some nice fish guys.



March 6, 2016

Capt. Barry on a Swamp Tours this evening.



March 5, 2016



March 4, 2016




March 3, 2016

Capt. Barry with Jeff and Andrea


March 1, 2016

Day 2 with the Josh Runion's party who is also enjoying time in our waterfront lodge

Capt. Barry had Lynn, John and Sheryl today



February 29, 2016

Capt. Dave with the Gillespie party with a mess of trout

I had the Josh Runion's party with a mess of trout



February 23, 2016

Jeff from New Jersey with a variety of a catch. We actually got the trip in before the bad weather ran us in.



February 8, 2016

Moore party fishing with Capt Dave



January 20, 2016

Cara and Luke from Oregon with a couple of catch and release fish.



To read more reports from other months and previous 11 years, please view our Archived Reports page.

 Our Archived Reports run from 2004 - December 2015



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