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December 10th -31, 2011

The fishing has been awesome the past few weeks. The warmer days have produced trout, bass and reds The cooler days mostly reds. I would like to thank Chris and Allen, team doctors from San Diego State, the Currie party and the McGrath party. Wells party, Mccrath party and John Schwartz and his two sons Connor and Andrew were just some of the guest that fished with us the past week.  Capt Barry and Mike also had parties and are fishing again tomorrow. Thanks to all and a Happy New Year. Capt. E.J. I would also like to wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




November 15th - December 5th, 2011

Thanks to all our clients that fished with us the past two weeks. Lee Dubois and Darryn McCrory with their group,the Beth Ann Nagher party, Joe Bisogno party, Todd Tews party, Dwyane Alexander party and the Mike Pearson and Mike Agee party. Spinner baits, gulps and shrimp under a cork and tightlined on the bottom produced most of the fish. All bass caught on spinner baits blk/chart.


November 8th - November 14th, 2011

I would like to thank Bercen Inc. from Denham Springs, La., and all the guys for fishing with us this past week. Here are a couple of pictures of their trips




October 24th - November 7th, 2011

Trout fishing is starting to heat up in Lafitte. Reds are still around. Beetle`s under a cork, cocahoe`s tightlined on the bottom and baitshrimp are still producing. Looks like its going to be a good fall. Thanks to all our clients this past week, Jernigan party, Cooper party, Young party, and SanDangelo party with some good catches of reds and trout.




October 22nd - October 23rd, 2011

Finally for the last 4 days we have been catching some trout, mostly keepers. Gulps under a cork and blk/chart, glow/chart tightlining. Capt. Barry and I had the Jim Bright party for the last two days. Thanks to him and Randy and Ed who were,  on my boat. Capt. Mike fished the Omar Zelaya party, reds and bass for their catch.



October 17th - October 21st, 2011

Once again I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug and Debbie Hulse. It was their second time in two months. Capt. Barry guided their friends Dena and Steve. Just keep them coming Doug!! We also had the National Gypsum Corp. that fish a total of 22 anglers and 8 boats. We caught over 200 Fish that Day! Today I had Macho Slavich and his wife Laura. Thanks to all our clients who fished with us this past week. Berkley gulps and more Berkley gulps under a cork. Almost 50 trout in the last two days. Hopefully they are starting to come in.

October 9th - October 16th, 2011

Most of our fish the past few days have been caught on shrimp and Berkley gulps under a cork. Thursday we fished mostly spinner baits and plastic worms. The bite was slow but we did manage to catch a mixture of reds and bass and one large flounder. The weekend produced better numbers by going to shrimp under a cork. Reds, drum, sheepshead and several nice channel cats. I would like to thank our clients the Beidelschies party, John Pojman, his son John Jr, Beth and Tim Haynes, Becky and Rob Vinson and the Casey party for fishing with us this past week.



October 8th, 2011

Once again I had the pleasure of fishing with Ken Sandberg and his two sons. This is probably their 5th or 6th trip with me. Today was just about a mirror image of yesterday, a very good bite for the first two hours, then a slow down once the wind picked up. Berkley gulps was the only bait we used today, no need to change to anything else when the bait is working that well.




October 4th - October 7th, 2011

Another great day of redfishing on the bayou. I would like to thank Eric Morrow and Franie, the Mavis party, Blackador party and the Carl Steinkamp party who always fish with me when Florida plays LSU in Tiger Stadium. Shrimp under a cork, gulps under a cork and Berkley swim baits in wht/blk back. They have all been hot baits for the past few weeks.


September 25th - October 4th, 2011

The redfish bite has been steady the past few days. Berkley gulps and swim baits in shad colors have been the ticket. Fish points and cuts with moving water or watch for fish feeding on schooling shad. Thanks to all our clients the Sprow party, Goldston party, Hershall Barron, his wife Paulett and the Champagne wedding party, all the way from Montana, they had a redfish slam.



September 21st - September 25th, 2011

Today we had a half dozen trout to go along with a nice mess of redfish. Most trout that I have put in the boat in the last couple of weeks, I guess thats because we have been only fishing for redfish. Just about everything has been caught on gulps under a cork. Its been a hot bait for me the past couple of weeks. We have been on a stick and move pattern. Some days I am running as much as 75 miles, whatever it takes to put fish in the boat. Thanks to the clients that have fished with us the past several days. Frisbie party, Phipps party and Chris Esteves party on his second trip. 




September 15th - September 20th, 2011

Redfish have been the only game in town and that's what Doug, Debbie, Steve and Becky wanted to fish. The first day was one of those tough days with the bite picking up on day two. Several fish over 27 inches were released to fight another day. Today I had Dwight Evans and his friend Lee, once again it was redfish ,although we did manage to catch 3 keeper trout. Spinner baits and gulps under a cork. Out again tomorrow with Dwight and Lee. Thanks to all our clients that keep us in business.    



September 1st, 2011 - September 14th, 2011

The redfish bite in Lafitte has remained steady since the storm. Water clarity has not been as clear as it normally is, but the fish are still there. Sometimes it takes shrimp or Berkley gulps but most of the fish have been caught on spinnerbaits. Blk/chart and purple/wht have been the most productive colors. I would to thank the David Anthony group, we had five boats, they caught lots of fish and had a great meal at Jan`s. The last two days I had Jim Crow, his wife Kay and their friends Dave and Sandy. They have been fishing with me for the  last several years. Sandy gets the award for big fish, a 29 inch 10 pounder.        



August 22nd, 2011 - August 29th, 2011

The last couple of trips were 2 day trips with the same parties. I had Rich williams and his daughter Rachel and Chuck Shimataro, his son Kyle and their friend Dennis. Its been mostly redfish with very few trout being caught. The only good thing is, its what most of my clients want anyway. The baits we have been using are floating frogs and Berkley powerbait worms in the grass, and powerbait swimbaits up to 6 inches along the shoreline. If you have never fished a frog for redfish give it a try, the strike will blow you away. Just remember, don`t set the hook right away, give the fish a chance to inhale the bait. The most important thing is get out there early, by noon the bite is usually over.


August 13th, 2011 - August 21st, 2011

Redfish and bass has been our targeted fish for the past 8 to 10 days. Northerly winds have been keeping the water lever much lower than normal and in some areas very dirty. Its been stick and move trying to find clean water and fish. Spoons have been the most productive baits with a few being caught on minus 1 crankbaits. Little lake to bay round has been our fishing area, and some of the ponds near them, when the water level permits. I would like to thank our clients the Prince party, Vutich party, Dobrowski party, Clingman party, Hopkins party, Moskay party, Cioni party, Gusak party and Robert Goodman.


July 14, 2011 - August 3rd, 2011 - This time of the year the weather is really hot, and lately there has been lots of rain around. We have been trying our best to get a very early start to try and best the heat, and the rain. Fishing the last couple weeks in Lafitte has been pretty unpredictable. Some days the fish are in certain places, and the next day you have to run all over to make a day out of it. Our guides and myself will do whatever it takes to put fish in the boat. The past few weeks have produced mostly redfish. The water near the beach has been very dirty and the trout bite has been slow. With most of my clients being tourist most would rather catch redfish anyway. Berkley gulps have been producing most of the fish with a few being caught on spoons and spinner baits. Points have been very productive, which was the case today, also try any cuts with moving water. I would like to thank our clients, the Moore party, Sealy party, Pena party and all the way from Sydney Australia the Prince party, who I introduced to our poor boy sandwiches.

The past week has been mostly families with kids. The numbers have not been great but catering to their needs cuts down on the number of fish you are going to catch, but makes it a more enjoyable day on the water for the family. Its very hard to do a lot of moving when they are not very good at casting, and it is tough on their small hands, but the kids still caught some really nice fish. A lady fish will bring a smile just as big as a redfish. Most of our fish have been caught with shrimp under a cork, although we did have a couple of trips where the gulps and glow beetle's worked really well. I don't know if its just me but I think that Berkley changed their recipe on the gulps. They are not as firm as they use to be and last no longer than the soft plastics that I use. The fish have been scattered so you have to do some running. Don't spend much time in one place. On some days I have been running from Little Lake to Hackberry to Bay Round , to Four Bayou, or those areas in reverse, whatever it takes. I want to thank all our clients that fished with us the past week, come back soon.


July 1, 2011 - July 13th, 2011 - The past week has been very hot. Most of the fish we have been catching usually are caught before 10 am, after that the bite slows down, especially the trout bite. You can still manage to pick up a few reds by quickly trolling the banks before the noon hour. Our clients for the past week were the Faison party, Keatly party, Wilburn party, Scaffidi party, Legendre party, Heyen and Miller party. Thanks for keeping us in business. Once again the kids had wonderful trips, got to see aligators. Briley Miller caught her biggest fish ever and we had a couple of days that included 20 plus bass to go along with the reds and and trout. Check out our fishing packages with private on the water lodging. It's the best bang for your buck in Louisiana.

June 24 - June 28, 2011 -For the last several days most of our trips have been parents with their kids. The Young party, Funderburk party, Porter party, Younger party, Lippman party and Cotner party. Its been a mix bag of fish, some days more trout and some days more reds. Glow Beetles under a cork have been the hot bait for the trout and spinner baits, blk/chart and purple/wht have been producing most of the reds.



June 7 - June 23, 2011 - Its been a busy 2 weeks. Here are a few reports and thanks to our clients, the Miller party, Gerkin party, Smith party, Matthews party, Parsons party, Nussbaum party, Krug party and Pierdol party. On the calm mornings we have been catching 30 to 50 trout early, mostly under the birds, just move around and look for the larger fish. Glow beetle's under a cork have been the hot bait. After a couple of hours of trout fishing its off to find a few reds. The reds have mostly been in the 16 to 20 inch range, best eating fish. Spinner baits, Blk/chart and shrimp on the bottom. Out for the next seven days, weather looks to be heating up, get out there early.



May 23 - June 6 2011 - Just trying to get caught up on some of the past weeks trips, but with the hot weather and even hotter fishing it has been tough to get to the computer to put all of the reports together. Our clients were the Kling party, Franklin party, Smith party, Purcell party, Hatin party, Barron party, Lilly party and the Stickman party. Its been mostly redfish because thatís what our customers want, but we have been picking up a few trout on the side to throw in the box. The trout are out there if you have the right conditions to fish for them, shrimp and birds are everywhere, just pick threw the little ones and you should have a nice mess for a fish fry. The best spots for trout have been around St. Mary's Point, Grand Bayou, Manilla Village, Bay Five, Creole Bay, and the Cat Islands. Gulp Shrimp under a cork has been the bait of choice lately, and the good ole White Sparkle Beetle both fished under a popping cork. The redifsh bite has been really strong with most fish coming from the Little Lake, Bay Round and Lake Hermitage areas. We have been fishing mainly with spinner bait, purple and gold, or shrimp under a cork or shrimp on the bottom. The key to finding fish is to go looking, don't sit in one spot for more that 10 minutes. Keep moving and eventually you will hit the good spot. Hope everyone enjoys the little break in the wind, the heat is on, so get out early and don't forget the sunscreen. And Good Luck to all of the people fishing the Swollfest Fishing Rodeo this weekend. We have been a proud sponsor for 8 years!!!


May 16 - May 23, 2011 - I would like to thank our clients from this past week. The Desoto party, Barron party, Hunt party, Fife party. Fishing has been a challenge with very few calm days in the past several weeks. Will this wind ever blow itself out? I feel bad for the offshore guys. We have been unable to fish many area's that we normally fish this time of the year that I know would be very productive spots, but you can't beat the customers to death trying to cross all of the rough water. We are trying our best to do what we can do fishing what I call small water. You just have to play the hand that is dealt to you. Little Lake, Turtle Bay, Bay Round, Lake Laurie, Bay Five, Ponds towards Lake Hermitage and Bayou Dupont has been the best spots as of late. Still fishing with shrimp under a cork, gulps under a cork, and spinner baits. Hopefully my next report will say trout, trout and more trout. But until then, you can find us in the marsh.


May 5 - May 15, 2011 -

With the winds calming down, the past few days have made for some awesome fishing. Its been mostly mix bags, but on the calmer days we have been catching 50 to 60 trout close to the beach. The reds and drum have been coming from the small interior lakes and bays. Berkley gulps and shrimp under a cork for the reds and gulps , glow beetles under a cork and glow/chart H&H cocahoes on the bottom for the trout.
I would like to thank our clients this past week, Jim Schill and the boys from Texas who fish with Capt. Barry and I every year. The Lee Demoss party who were staying at the lodge, I believe we have made some new friends. The Bayer party, Dunlap party, Taylor party, the Fanning`s who fish with me during Jazz Fest and the Learned family, John, Barbara, Mel and Wendy who fill the chest with fish on Monday. Thanks again guys you are giving us hope after this BP mess



April 27th - May 4 2011

After a couple of awesome redfishing days things returned to normal. A mix bags of fish, reds ,drum, trout and a few catfish. The conditions have made shrimp under a cork a must, although we have been catching some fish, especially trout, on gulps under a cork. This is probably the first time in 17 years of being a fishing guide that I have used this much bait shrimp this time of the year. Its normally a winter pattern for me. Current points , calm coves and small individual islands in the marsh have been producing most of our fish. Stick and move, you can`t wait for the fish to come to you. Thanks to all our clients this past week. The Ethridge`s, Scott and Nona ,Mike Doyle all the way from England, the Younger party, the Rogowski`s and the Bradley party.



April 21st - April 26th 2011

It's been a couple very goods days for Capt. Barry and I. The last several trips have produced limits of redfish with a couple other species thrown in. Today Capt. Barry had the Mike Kosse party and I had the Prima Patterson party. Grandma took the kids fishing when they were young so for her birthday the grand kids gave her a fishing trip to remember. Once again we caught fish on just about anything, shrimp under a cork, shrimp on the bottom, gulps and spinner baits. Out again tomorrow if the weather holds.


April 12th thru 20th 2011

 I guess the only good thing about the strong winds that we have been having for the last couple of weeks is no gnats, and from most predictions its going to be blowing for several more days. Its just makes it tough for some of the novice fisherman we take out.
I would like to thank Mike Norman and his son, The Desoto and Gill party. Mike Desoto fishes with me a couple times a year and the first day was probably the worst conditions he has ever fished in. Thanks also to Joe and Connie Smith and their friends Tommy and Heather. We had to cut the first day short due to Joe getting sick. (hope your feeling better now).

While most fish have been caught on spinner baits, blk/chart, and gulps under a cork, we have been throwing dead shrimp under a cork on some of the very windy days. We will do what ever it takes to put some fish in the boat!!

April 4th thru 11th 2011

The past week of fishing produced another mix bag of fish. Reds, drum, bass and a mess of trout. Believe it or not the largest trout were caught on a junebug 71/2 inch culprit worm fishing for bass. Maybe I should try it when we are fishing for trout. I would like to thank Mike, Mike and Bob with the Puente party, Warren and Warren Nichols Jr., the Kracht party and the Bugg family, David, Anne, Josh and Annabelle. The kids had a great time catching redfish and drum, their smiles say it all. We will be fishing for bass the next couple of days, may be tough on this front with a  couple of blue bird days in the forecast.

April 2nd and 3rd -2011

Saturday trip with Charles Ferlisi, a catch and release day with several nice reds and a mess of trout. On Sunday I had the Williford`s and with the wind back to its normal 25 knots our options were very few. 20 plus trout and 1 red for a very tough day. All fish caught on Berkley gulps tightlining and under a cork.

March 31, 2011

The fishing still remains up and down. As long as these fronts keep pushing through it probably will remain that way. Areas we fish one day produce no fish on the next day. Its been a run and gun type of fishing.

Thanks to all the clients that fished with us this past couple of weeks, Fryburg party, Connally party, Krucie party, Tomlin party, MvVey party, Coffin party, Houpert party and Allan Yetter who fished with me on Thursday.
Spinnerbaits and Berkley gulps have been producing most of the fish. The gulp fished 18 inches under a cork has been a hot bait for me this past month.


March 20, 2011

Finally a couple of great fishing days, weather also. I would like to thank the Findlay party, Trussell party, the PODS group with four boats on Saturday and the Sims who fished with me on Sunday. A mix bag of fish from 15 to 25 on each day with my best day on Sunday boating over 25 reds. Trout on beetles and berkley gulps and the reds on spinner baits, biggest fish of the week a 21lb red caught on Tuesday.

March 14, 2011

Another up and down week of fishing. Windy conditions have made for some tough fishing, but we did manage to get a couple of good days at the end of the week. The Pfrommer party, Everitt party, and the Byrd party were groups that fished with us this past week. Mostly reds and a few bass on spinner baits for most of the week. On Sunday Capt. Barry had a couple of reds and 29 trout caught on beetle`s under a cork. Fishing should get better as summer arrives.


March 1st -9th 2011

Fishing the last 8 or 10 days has been up and down just like the weather. I would like to thank all of our groups from the last two weeks, Selman party, Buth party, Dixon party, Holthaus party, O`brien party and the Hallissey party.

Just about all of our fish have been caught on spinner baits black/chart. The weather has been making it tough to fish areas that we normally fish at this time of the year. Hopefully we will get into out summer pattern sometime next month. Out the next couple of days, windy Thursday but it looks good for the weekend.

February 2011 -What a great month it has turned out to be. Usually we don't start seeing the temperatures start to warm up till the very end of the month and into March. After this years blistering cold winter, we were very fortunate to have an early warming trend. With the fish being dormant for so long, this spike in the water temperature had the fish going crazy. We had many groups this month absolutely hammer the fish. Whether is was reds or trout, all species were cooperating. The best surpise this month has been the insane Bass bite.

As exclamated by the Bassmasters Classic setting all time records in our backyard. Congrats to Kevin Vandam on his 4th title. Truly amazing catching a 4.5 pound average. I would like to thank all of the customers that we had this month, we appreciate all of you, and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

We caught the bulk of our redfish this month in Turtle Bay, Coffee Bay, Brussels Lake, and Little Lake. Most of the redfish were caught on black and chartreuse cocahoes with a spinner, or tightlined. We found a couple nice schools also which allowed us to sit on anchor and throw shrimp under a cork and basically catch them on every cast.

The speckled trout came from the same areas as well, fishing glow beetles, or Gulf Shrimp under a cork, or tightlined. As we transition into March the tide will start getting higher and higher. The redfish will eventually start working themselves into the marsh, and around larger cuts that feed the area lakes and bays. The trout should hang around this month, but they should begin to start working their way south towards the gulf over the coming weeks.

The bass fishing hasn't even peaked yet, but most fish are starting to get on all of the flats of the local bays and preparing to spawn. With water temps around 60-62 wont be long before the spawing peaks. If you would like to get on the books, please call and let me know.

Thanks, Capt. EJ

January 25-30, 2011 - Another fantastic weekend for fishing down in Lafitte. With the warmer weather and west winds, the redfish and bass were easy catches. We didn't have any customers who wanted to search for trout since they were essentially catching redfish on almost every cast. We ended up fishing in the Little Lake area on the southwest side. Water was clear, and the fish were stacked up in the grass beds. All fish were caught on GULP shrimp tight lined on the bottom, or black and chartreuse cocahoes tight lined on the bottom.

Since my brother and I both had the day off yesterday, instead lounging around the house, we decided to go and make a quick little bass trip. In less than 2 hours, we caught 20 gorgeous fish up to 3 pounds all on spinner baits. All fish were released to fight another day. Talk about fun!



January 2011 - Great start to the New Year!

Its been several months since we have posted any fishing reports. Its not that we have not been fishing, its just a lot of things that I have been trying to get ready for this year. At the end of this month I will have lodging for up to 16 people. Two great places on the water that will lodge 8 persons each. We should have some pictures of both places on my website by the end of the month. Our two day fishing packages are a deal that can't be beat. We have the lodging and Jan's is ready to cook your catch. Here are a few pictures of some of our recent trips. Once again my clients from New York, John, Larry, Ed and Karl joined me for a three day excursion. January is usually tough to get three good days in a row, but this year turned out to be perfect . Trout the first day, trout and reds the second day and reds and more reds on the third day. Now hopefully the oil problems are over with and we can get back to fishing. We just need lots of clients to come on down. Capt. E.J


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.




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