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2014 Archived Fishing Reports


December 2, 2014

Steinkamp Party


December 1, 2014

Ziggy and Ron



November 30, 2014


November 29, 2014



November 28, 2014

April and Thomas from Alabama



November 27, 2014

Clay caught a 13 inch trout and while reeling it in, a 25lb Bull Redfish hit the line. He landed the speckle trout and the redfish at same time!


November 8, 2014

Capt. Dave's Party



November 7, 2014

Bachelor Party



November 5, 2014

Real Estate Convention Party


November 4, 2014

Bill Holt Party



November 3, 2014

Celine and Dee with a couple of fish they kept for Dinner.


October 31, 2014

Jo with a spotted red.



October 30, 2014

Mike DeSoto and crew



October 24, 2014



October 23, 2014

Wow! Nice redfish and drum.


October 22, 2014

John with a nice redfish 


October 22, 2014

Jeff and his wife DeAnn with a nice catch of trout


October 22, 2014

Day 2 Jacob Schiller party



October 21, 2014

Jacob Schiller party with some of their catch



October 20, 2014

Burt with a nice Redfish



October 18, 2014

Arvy Vanagunas and his son with a limit of reds


October 17, 2014

Jennie and Jen with the Ted Rice party with a couple nice reds.


October 16, 2014

Steinkamp party, Pat Dorm and Papso party with a mix bag of reds, trout  and bass.




October 15, 2014


October 14, 2014

Jen and Jen with a couple of nice fish


October 13, 2014

Peter Angelo party


October 9-12, 2014

Lots of fishing trips the last few days and what awesome days they have been


October 8, 2014

Pam with a beautiful flounder and a 10lb red


October 7, 2014

Jim and John with a couple of reds for lunch


October 6, 2014

Oklahoma Reds


October 1, 2014

Virginia folks with good catch even with bad weather.


September 27, 2014

Day two with the Texas boys


September 26, 2014

William with a nice redfish. Lee Garrett, the Hickey's and the Davenport party with a great catch of fish.


September 20, 2014

Bachelor party from New York . Released all fish except these for lunch at Jan's


September 13, 2014

Texas party, Trent , Bear and Alisha


September 12, 2014

Mark Gable from Chicago with a nice catch of reds caught on top water.



September 10, 2014

Darren and Kelly with a limit of reds all caught on gulps under a cork.



September 9, 2014

Chris and Gilbert from Texas




September 6, 2014

Mississippi Crew Day 2


September 6, 2014

Mississippi Crew



September 5, 2014

Southern electronics fishing party, mostly reds and a few trout


August 28, 2014

Rob McInnis Party today. Colin is shown below holding up a few nice reds he caught.



August 27, 2014



August 25, 2014

Stephanie and Josh with a  couple of reds they kept for lunch, releasing the rest to fight another day.



August 23, 2014

Ryan, Jason, Chris and Nathan from Illinois with a great catch of fish.



August 22, 2014

Capt's Randy's Crew today.



August 21, 2014

Day 2

Bill, Bob and Bob from Arkansas with a nice catch of reds on a very hot day.



August 20, 2014

Day 1

Bill, Bob and Bob from Arkansas with a nice catch of reds.



August 9, 2014


August 8, 2014


August 7, 2014


August 6, 2014



August 5, 2014


August 1, 2014

Steve Hicks and his son Bolton


July 31, 2014


July 30, 2014


July 29, 2014

Day 2 with Shepherd Family from Mississippi.



July 28, 2014

Day 1 with Shepherd family from Mississippi.




July 27, 2014

Chad and his wife from Laurel, Ms.



July 26, 2014

Buddy DeBeaux family from Shreveport with a mess of redfish for the grill.



July 25, 2014

Capt. Mike's party visiting us from Arkansas



July 24, 2014

Earl and Don with a few reds on a tough day.



July 22, 2014

McCombs family from Florida fished with us today. It was a very quick redfish limit.


July 20, 2014

Langley family from Texas



July 19, 2014

Redfish in the rain. Capt. Randy had the Colby Danna party


July 18, 2014


July 17, 2014



July 16, 2014

Caroline and Robert took turns to catch the largest redfish I've put in my boat this year.


July 10, 2014

Ronnie and Kevin from Arkansas with a nice catch of reds. All fish caught on spoons.


July 4, 2014 - July 9, 2014



July 3, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of fishing the T'Beaux's crew. Kelly and Don with a couple of nice reds caught on gold spoons.


June 30, 2014

Day two with the Fisher family from Brookhaven, Mississippi. Chris, Daphney, Libby and Phillip.


June 29, 2014

Theriot party, Byrd party and Fisher party with some nice catches of redfish all caught on spoons and spinner baits.


June 27, 2014

Capt. Randy had Collin, Neil and Kerry today


June 26, 2014

Bill Oswald fished solo today with me. He kept the smaller redfish for his limit and threw back the bigger redfish. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits.


June 25, 2014

David Morel and his son was with me on the boat today. Below are a couple of pictures with them holding some nice redfish.


June 24, 2014

Adkins family from Kentucky on a private swamp tour


June 22, 2014

Capt. Randy Dufrene Jr. had the Mariah Thompson party today.

Capt. Mike Daigle had this grand papa and grand daughter combo catching plenty for lunch!

Capt. Barry's group

Beautiful sunrises, great time with family and friends, fresh fish for dinner! The ultimate Southeast Louisiana Fishing Experience. Call Today


June 21, 2014

Day 2 for the Texas boys, Ryan Ferrell party. They had 2 awesome days of Fishing!


June 20, 2014

Day 1 for the Texas boys, Ryan Ferrell party.


June 19, 2014

Capt. Barry's group today. Red fishing still going strong!


June 18, 2014

Mississippi Crew back in town to take advantage of the hot redfish bite.


June 16, 2014

Larry and Joe with a couple of bronze beauties. The redfish were on fire this morning. Also, Capt. Barry had Darcie and Troy from South Dakota on their Pre-Honeymoon.


June 15, 2014

Guys from Philly with a few fish they kept for lunch at Jan's



June 14, 2014

Mississippi Crew Today





June 12, 2014

Robert Brooks party and the Mike Rhoads party on Thursday. Fishing was on fire this morning. Black drum and redfish caught on shrimp , spoons and spinner baits.



June 9, 2014

Dale with his Trophy Redfish



June 7-8, 2014

Ray, Barbara and Terry with the last two days catch. Most fish caught on shrimp under a cork and tight lining shrimp on the bottom.


June 6, 2014

Capt. Mike's crew with a few nice reds



May 30, 2014

Sheree, Greg , Sharon and Fred from Texas . A couple of tough fishing days. All fish caught on spinner baits.


May 27, 2014

Amy and Adam with a couple of redfish that were cooked up for lunch at Jan's


May 26, 2014

Capt. Dave's party with a mess of trout. They are finally starting to show up.



May 25, 2014

Today, I had John, Steve and Hunter fished with me today. 6 to 7 trout and over 20 reds all caught on blk/chart spinner baits.


Capt. Dave's crew for the day.


May 24, 2014

Capt. Dave's crew for the day


May 24, 2014




May 23, 2014

Nicole and William with a couple of red fish caught on spinner baits.



May 22, 2014

Capt. Barry with Phil and Angie



May 21, 2014

Jim Schill party from Texas Day 2




May 20, 2014

Vaughan Party


May 19, 2014

Jim Schill party from Texas Day 1


May 17, 2014



May 16, 2014

Capt. Mike had John and Charles from Oklahoma. All their fish were caught on spoons and spinner baits




May 15, 2014

Day two with Doug and Debbie . Great fishing day even with the rain, over 25 reds all caught on spinner baits and spoons.


May 14, 2014

Debbie and Doug with a 9 and 11 lb red. All fish caught on spinner baits.



May 13, 2014

Ryan with a nice red . John and B. J. Catching bass and reds.


May 10, 2014

Day 3 with Mike Desoto Crew!



May 9, 2014

Rich and John with a couple of reds caught on spinner baits.


May 8, 2014

Mike DeSoto and Brent with a couple nice reds.


May 2, 2014

William his mom Michelle and her dad all played hooky today. We had 4 reds that totaled 43 lbs and a few smaller ones, all caught on shrimp under a cork.



April 30, 2014

Rob and his girlfriend from Arizona with their first redfish.



April 29, 2014

Tom and dick with a few fish we caught. Fishing in winds 25 mph + winds made our fishing area very limited. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork.



April 28, 2014

Capt. Barry cleaned this 21 inch redfish and found a shotgun wad inside of it. New Bait? ;o)



April 27, 2014

Today I had a couple visiting us from Canada, Sarah and Tim. The bite was slow but they managed to boat their limit of 10 reds on blk/chart spinner baits and 1 trout that must of been lost :).


April 25, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Maya and her dad John from Wyoming showing off their first redfish. They also boated a few trout, all fish caught on spinner baits and all released to fight another day



April 24, 2014

Capt. Barry's crew today.



April 22, 2014

today I had the pleasure of fishing with Andy, Mack and his friend Tim. Big Bull Reds were on the other end of the line today.



April 21, 2014

Capt. Dave's crew on a very windy day. Tough fishing, great job guys!


April 20, 2014

Matt, Mark, Tony and Tom fished with Capt. Barry Today. They brought back enough for lunch!



April 13, 2014

Today, Capt. Randy and Capt. Barry had a group visiting us from Canada and I had  Jeremy,  Janica, Barbara and Lloyd. We didn't leave the dock until 11 am, and we arrived to our fishing spots and were met with strong winds and dirty water. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork .



April 12, 2014

Mary, Jamie and Eric with a mix bag of fish all caught on gulps under a cork. These folks have fished several times with me, looking forward to fishing with them again.


April 11, 2014

UK boys with a couple of nice reds, the largest over 10 lbs.


April 9, 2014

Capt. Barry with the guys from Mississippi.


April 8, 2014

Sent to us from one of our customer's

Party from Iowa.
It just does not get any better than this !!!
Guides were very helpful and fun.
Continued success with your business .


April 7, 2014

Kevin and Bubba from New Mexico with a couple nice reds. Bubba's fish went 12.5 lbs. All fish caught on gulps and spinner baits.



April 6, 2014

Capt. Dave's crew from Georgia


April 5, 2014

Dale, Dr. Carl and Dr. Tom with a nice catch of fish on a very windy day. It was nice to finally catch them on spinner baits.


April 4, 2014

Robert with a couple of fish from today's trip. We also kept a few trout for lunch, taste as good as it looks.

Cant get any fresher than "Just Caught"


April 3, 2014

Great day for flying a kite, but my clients Lisa and Phil from Montana managed to catch more than 20 fish on shrimp under a cork.


April 2, 2014

Today, Capt. Barry had Baldwin, Jen and their daughters Brianna and Madison. This group was from San Francisco, CA. It wasn't fast but we managed to catch about 20 fish with a few keepers to eat at the Jan's Cajun Restaurant.  




March 30, 2014

Capt. Dave and Capt. Mike's party with a nice mess of reds.


March 29, 2014

Gail with her first redfish and her daughter Molly with the big fish of the day.


March 27, 2014

Ross party from Australia with a nice catch on windy day of fishing.


March 26, 2014

Wind wind and more wind, dirty water and very low tide make for some tough fishing. Some days you just go with what's biting. It was catfish from 2 lbs to 17 lbs. A few small reds and 1/2 dozen trout for dinner at Jan's . I would like to thank my party from Colorado the Willis family, Kyle, Ryan, Kristin and Dan, enjoyed fishing with you. Ryan hope you got the $20 pot for big fish.


March 24, 2014

5 keeper reds and 26 nice catfish . From the water to the plate in a couple hours. Not only do we clean and bag the fish for you, but, we also work with Jan's Cajun Restaurant which is only 1/2 mile away. Most of our customers that do not want to take fish home with them can enjoy their catch for lunch immediately after the trip. You get the best of both worlds!



March 18, 2014

Eileen and Lonnie from California with a couple of nice reds on a very cold and windy afternoon. All fish caught on shrimp on the bottom and all released to fight another day.



March 13, 2014

Doug ad his son Jake . One of those days where we missed more fish then we caught. All fish caught on Berkeley alive minnows fished under a cork.



 March 8, 2014


Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the excellent day you showed us fishing. While the numbers were few to begin with, your knowledge of the area ensured we didnít get skunked and furthermore guarantee our dinner for the night! Additionally, the education of the area you provided to us, both historically and environmentally, was fantastic. Finally, the accommodations you provided were wonderful, making all of us feel right at home. We look forward to a return trip someday and will surely make contact with you for further memories. Thank you again for everything.

Doug & Hunter Dietz
Jorge & Caleb Llaneza
Westerville, Ohio 43081



February 28th - March 2nd, 2014

John, Bill, Tom and Jerry from New York with a nice catch of trout and a few reds. This was John and Bill's second trip in two months. The guys fished for three days. Great weather and good friends, it doesn't get any better.



February 19, 2014

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Sara who was visiting the Crescent City from Minnesota. Sara managed to get a nice mess of fish including Redfish, Speckled Trout, Bass, Black Drum.



February 16, 2014

Charles Lee party with a nice mess of reds on a tough day. Most fish were caught the last hour of there trip, sometimes patience pays off



January 2014

Like most of the United States, Southeast Louisiana has been experiencing a very cold winter this year compared to our normal winters. When the weather is on the mild side, we have been fishing and the fishing has been Excellent. Not a lot of boats fishing this time of year and the Redfish are hungry. Here are some pictures from January when we went out.

John Sprague party from Buffalo New York have fished with me every January for the past ten years. This year was their best trip, catching well over 200 red fish in three days. Most fish caught on bait, but we did managed to catch a few on gulps and plastics.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.

 Our Archived Reports run from 2004 - December 2013



Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


Happy Customers
4 Local New Orleanians, having a blast.


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