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Fishing forecast for July 2012 - With Summer in full swing the action will continue to improve almost on a daily basis. Speckled trout will be thick this month, with the increase in all the shrimp and bait inshore. Usually a 40 minute run can put you i the thick of things. Redfish are still plentiful, and they are a very short distance away, in all the duck ponds, and on the edge of bays that has some grass. Call now to get it on some of this great summer time action

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July 31, 2012

Day one with the Bill Andrews party. Things started off slow but after moving around we found some reds feeding along the shoreline. All fish caught on spoons and spinnerbaits. All I can say is the heat is on.


July 30, 2012

Today Capt. Barry had Matt, his dad Mike and Judy on the boat. The group came from Arizona to enjoy catching some big Louisiana redfish which is a great thing because the redfish bite was Awesome this morning! The group caught about 20 or so keeper redfish and released all of the really big ones to fight another day. They let us fillet another 10 for their ice chests for the return home. Thanks for fishing with us, we look forward to seeing you on the boat again!


Mike Mullin sent us this photo and we thought we would share with everyone! Great picture! His comments were:

Hello Capt.Barry, 

Attached is a picture I took of the gator that was following us on Monday.Thanks again for the trip.  Matt, Judi and I had a blast.  I have several co-workers now itching to come out your way and see what its like to fish in real water.

Mike Mullin


July 29, 2012

Capt. Barry had Steven and his son Mike on the boat today visiting us from Mississippi. The weather was extremely hot and so was the fishing. The father/son team fished hard and easily got their limit back to the dock.


July 28, 2012

Today, Capt. Barry had Rex and his 13 year old son Same who came to Louisiana from Atlanta, GA to catch redfish for the first time. The redfish were biting early but after 9am the redfish seemed o go into hiding. We fished hard until about 11am when Sam caught a nice 28' redfish for their 10th fish so they decided to call it a day. Their board shot shows 9 fish because Sam was a true sportsman and gave a fish to a fellow fisherman who was fishing from the pier that was not able to land any fish up to that point in the day!


July 27, 2012

Today Capt. Barry had an AWESOME morning with 6 year old Drake and his father Kevin. Drake really had a great time reeling in all of those BIG Redfish! The Father/Son group caught their limit of redfish plus several more that they released to fight another day. Drake was worn out and ended up sleeping on the cozy ride back to the dock. Also Capt. Mike had the Greg Spangler party.


July 26, 2012

Today, Capt. Barry had James and his wife Keri from Alabama. The husband and wife team had a great day on the water, catching their limit of redfish and then some. Spinner baits and Spoons were the bait of the day. The tandem wrestled the fish in using Falcon Coastal rods and Falcon Volt 2500 Reels. Hope to see you guys again on the water!


July 25, 2012

Today, Capt. Barry had Doug Barr who was visiting us from Cleveland, OH. The game plan today was redfish and speckled trout. They headed down towards Barataria Bay but only found a few keeper trout and some smaller fish so they decided to run back up towards the duck ponds for a few redfish. Around 11:00 am, Doug had enough so we headed over to Jan's Cajun Restaurant to enjoy the fish he caught.


July 22-29, 2012

Captain EJ will be on Vacation out of the country until July 29th. Our business operations will continue with several charters this week that Capt. Barry Plaisance and fellow guides will be handling. We will have a slight delay in reports until Capt. EJ returns. We will post any reports that come in from Capt. Barry in the meantime!



July 21, 2012

The Mike Eisele party of seven fished with Capt. Barry and I today. Weather conditions once again kept us on the run but the guys managed to catch a mess of reds and trout for lunch at Jan's. Congratulations to Mike for catching the biggest red, 12lbs, and also the one with the most spots. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart was the color combo using Falcon coastal rods and Volt 2500 Spinning reels.


July 19-20, 2012

Donna and Steve Bailey fished with me the last two days. Wednesday was redfish day and it was as though they were extinct. A couple reds caught by Donna and that's it. On Thursday we headed south to try and find some trout and when we finally found a few the thunderstorms ran us off. It was back to back very slow days and us doing more fishing than catching. Thanks guys and have a safe trip back to Georgia.


July 18, 2012

Capt. Barry and I fished today. Capt. Barry decided to go fish speckled trout and I tried to see if we could find where the redfish had moved to. Boy was that a mistake for me. After running all over the redfish bite that has been phenomenal the last month has slowed to a crawl. (temporary I'm sure) We finished with 2 redfish total. I have the same group tomorrow and we will go after the speckled trout since the bite has been heating up. for all the great days of fishing we have, occasionally the "biting" of the fish sometimes just don't cooperate. That's Fishing!

Capt. Barry had Chris and his 6 year old son Miles today and they had a great day speckled trout fishing. They caught plenty of speckled trout and they put 40 keepers in the boat. Not bad for a father and young son tandem. As you can see below, Miles was worn out from reeling in all the speckled trout! He ended up enjoying the comfortable ride in with a nap.



July 17, 2012

Kevin Kubicek family from Texas. Hot,hot,hot was the temps today. One lonesome redfish, a mess of trout and three times that many throwbacks. Glow and sparkle beetles under a cork.

July 15, 2012

Mike DeSoto decided last minute to fish with me one more time. Sunday morning we left the dock and it was a carbon copy of Saturday's trip. Dodging squalls and picking up a few fish at each spot. I apologize for not having a picture for today as I forgot the camera at home! Thanks Mike for fishing with us! We always enjoy having your group down on the bayou.


July 14, 2012

Today, the Mike DeSoto party finished with a nice board of redfish. The group has fished with us many times before. They are enjoying the weekend at our Lodge. Thunderstorms ran us around for last two days h which meant the fishing was a bit slower. All fish caught on H&H spinnerbaits and spoons using Falcon Coastal Rods and Volt 2500 Reels.


July 12, 2012

After taking a few days off so I could get some work done up at my Farm in Mississippi, I was back on the water today

My clients today the Peel family from Florida. Steve, Kacy and their two sons Austin and Reilly. They ask me what may we expect to catch and I said redfish and maybe a bass or two and that's it. Well they caught a few trout, sail cat, channel cat and a flounder, odd for where we were fishing and all caught on spoons. 4 reds in the 12 pound class a mess of medium size fish and a few small ones kept for lunch at Jan's. Thanks guys and have a safe trip back to Florida. 


July 9, 2012

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Stephanie and R.J. Rockwell from Los Angeles, California. Our first stop was our last stop. All fish caught on spoons using Falcon Coastal Rods and Falcon 2500 Volt Reels. and all fish were released to fight another day.


July 8, 2012

Day two with Connie, Joe and Carrie Smith. It was a carbon copy of yesterday, stick and move not only to find fish but run from many thunderstorms. All fish caught on spinner baits ,blk/chart and tightlining 1/4 oz. blk/chart H&H cocahoes.


July 7, 2012

Day one with Connie, Joe Smith and their daughter Carrie. They are spending a couple of days in the lodge. The pattern today was stick and move, one here and one their, although most of the trout were caught in the same spot. Spinner baits and tight lining blk/chart H&H cocahoes were the only baits used today. Out tomorrow with the same family.


July 6, 2012

Slow redfish bite this morning. Jeff Burns and his son Caleb managed
to boat 11 keepers with one 12 pounder released to fight another day. All fish caught on spoons. Lots of boats on the water this morning and a bright moon last night made for a tough day.

Also Capt. Barry had Doug and his son Wes from New Orleans. The bite was slow, but these guys pulled out their limits of redfish!


July 4, 2012


July 3, 2012

Another awesome red fishing day in Lafitte. My clients Butch Diaz and his friend Carlo made an quick morning for me. Finished catching and cleaning before 9am. All fish today caught on spoons, must be an every other day thing. Yesterday it was all spinner baits.


July 2, 2012

I don't know how long the red fishing is going to last, but its been off the charts. Its been a while since I have caught this many reds for this many days. It hasn't been limits, but numbers. My clients today Scott Pulliam and his two sons, Chandler and Rob made a short morning of it making it back to the dock before heat kicked in. All fish today caught on Black/chart spinner baits.

Also, Capt. Barry had Ronald Saucier and his grandson Mirko Bezmalinovic for some red fish catching. They caught their limit and release many many more.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page. Our Archived Reports run from 2004 -  June 2012



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