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New Orleans Fishing forecast for June 2012 - With Summer in full swing the action will continue to improve almost on a daily basis. Speckled trout will be thick this month, with the increase in all the shrimp and bait inshore. Usually a 40 minute run can put you i the thick of things. Redfish are still plentiful, and they are a very short distance away, in all the duck ponds, and on the edge of bays that has some grass. Call now to get it on some of this great summer time action.

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June 30, 2012

Today we had Cheryl and Steve from Oklahoma and the Blake Couch party from New Orleans. Both groups had their limit by 7:30 and it was a catch and release frenzy for the next couple of hours. All fish caught on spoons, it was the hot bait today.


June 29,2012

Day two with Ian Simmers. A little slower than day one, but he still
managed to catch a dozen reds.

Also Capt. Barry had Randy, Greg and David. They caught a bunch of BIG redfish and released them all. Only keeping some of the smaller ones for the grill.

All Fish we caught on Falcon Volt Reels and Falcon Coastal Rods using H&H minnows with an H&H #4 Spinner.



June 28,2012

Out with a single today, Ian Simmers from New York. Capt. Barry had  Randall from Whales, Nick from Britain and Barry from Scotland. 2 of the guys from overseas never fished before but after about 30 minutes of training and fish catching it didn't take them long to become pro's. Everyone caught plenty fish again today on the boats, releasing way more than the limits they kept. Spinner baits and spoons filled were the baits that filled the chest once again. Sautéed redfish at Jan's Cajun Restaurant for lunch and some bagged filets to take home for the freezer.


June 27,2012

Day two with the Smith's, Al, Debbie and Ken was just about a carbon copy of yesterday. Capt. Barry had the Womac party again from yesterday as they called us to book a follow-up trip and just like yesterday, it was a total red fish slam. All fish caught on spinner baits and spoons.


June 26, 2012

Redfish slam with the Smith family from Hammond, La. Capt. Barry Had the Womac Party and Capt. Dave had the Jimmy Chambers party. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits on Falcon Coastal rods and Volt reels. Out again tomorrow with the same party.


June 14th-25th, 2012

This week has been crazy. Tropical Storm Debby abruptly cancelled 5 trips by our customers with its uncertain forecasted tracks which turned out to be great days to fish. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to get on the water but it happens. However, the winds decided to pick up over the weekend forcing me to cancel Sunday's trip. Its crazy how all that works out.

But, when the wind wasn't blowing the red fishing has been awesome! Even in the blustery wind, we found clean water in the duck ponds and was able to put a lot of nice fish in the boat.

Today (June 25th) was an Awesome day of red fishing out of Lafitte. My clients, Sue Ann and Mark Santoro from California finished with a nice limit of red fish and a couple of 10 pounders that were released to fight another day.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with Don Michel from Parks, LA. With 20 mph plus winds the fishing area was very limited. As mentioned above, small bays and duck ponds were the only place we found fish. Spoons and spinner baits produced all the fish. He was able to catch a nice mess of redfish and took his limit back to the dock.

Also Saturday, Capt. Barry had Les, Jerry and Charles. Same story with the wind but Capt. Barry put the guys on a great shoreline and they finished off a nice limit in tough conditions.

All fish caught on spinner baits and spoons with Falcon Coastal rods and Volt reels.


June 13, 2012

Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeremy and Mike from Canada. The guys only kept a few for lunch at Jan's Cajun Restaurant. Jeremy and Mike ended up with 15 redfish, 15 trout and 1 flounder.  All fish caught on spinner baits, black/chart and tight lining black/chart cocahoes on the bottom.


June 6th-12th, 2012

The fishing has been very good for redfish the past few days, although Saturday turned out to be the slowest day in a while.

I would like to thank our clients the Mazur family, the Jim McAdam family and the Ryan Ferrel party for fishing with us. All fish the past few days have been caught on Shrimp on the bottom and spinner baits, blk/chart. Our clients LOVE using the Falcon Coastal Rods and Falcon Volt 2500 Series reels. Get yours today by clicking here.

Bryan, Wike and Jim brought their buddy Justin fishing for his last day as a single man. Justin got married Friday night in New Orleans at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and they caught their limit of fish. They then headed off for a nice lunch at Jan's Cajun Restaurant.


June 5, 2012

The action was so fast this morning I believe we had our limit on 20 casts between 3 people. It was day 2 with Barbara, Ray and Terry. They are taking a day off tomorrow, but its back on the water Thursday. All fish caught on shrimp on the bottom, blk/chart spinnerbaits, spoons using Falcon Coastal Rods and Falcon Volt 2500 spinning reels.


June 4, 2012

Three boats out today. Capt. Barry had the J.R. Cobos family, Capt. Dave and Stefan van Velsen from Switzerland and I had the Hall party for their first of three days. The only thing I can say about today is that it doesn't get any better, all boats with limits of reds and many more released to fight another day. Shrimp on the bottom, spoons and spinner baits Red fish was even caught with blank single white lead Jig heads. All fish caught on Falcon coastal rods and Volt 2500 reels.


June 3, 2012

Today Capt. Barry had Jennifer, her dad Gary and her husband Jim. The fishing was good again today and they finished the day with their limit of 15 redfish. Good Job!


June 2, 2012

Today Capt. Barry had Mark and Eliza from Maryland. They had a great day and ended up keeping a few fish for lunch at Jan's Cajun Restaurant.

Also today, My clients Kevin and Faith Bierig didn't arrive at the dock until 7:30. They still managed to catch their limit on black/chart spinnerbaits. All fish caught on Falcon rods and reels


June 1, 2012

Today I had the Matt Graham party from Texas. Matt, Dave, Robin and Neal, their first red fishing trip in Louisiana. All fish caught on spinner baits black/chart.

I would also like to thank Falcon Rods for allowing me to join their pro staff. All fish today caught on Falcon Coastal rods and Volt reels, an awesome combination.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page. Our Archived Reports run from 2004 -  April 2012



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