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July 28, - August 10, 2010 -

Just a quick report from this weekend, and the last couple days. I want to thank Capt. Mike Daigle for helping me out over the weekend. There are only a hand full of guides still fishing in Lafitte. Also a special thanks to our clients for keeping us in business. We only fished for reds in the ponds the past few days. All fished caught on spinner baits, smoke/chart, but the hot bait was purple/chart baby bull minnows on a #4 spinner with a 1/4 oz jighead. We have been fishing from Bay L'ours / Little Lake, all the way to the other side of Lake Hermitage and lots of places in between based on wind, and tide conditions. With the extremely hot weather, we have been trying to leave the dock no later than first light and fish hard till about 11 or so. By that time the bite just turns off, and the heat wave just gets more intense. In the evening I have been catching some bass in the canals around the house, no mules, but some solid ones and two's make it fun. Most of the bass I have been catching have been on dark color worms on the grass beds. Rescheduled the next today and tomorrow due to TD5 that petered out. So got 2 boats open on tomorrow if you want to do some Friday fishing. Weather should be nice with cooler temps and cloudy weather.


July 27, 2010 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Stan Eilers and his two daughters Taylor and Taryn. We left the dock at 5:30 am heading for Little lake. By the time we reached the lake the wind was kicking up pretty good.Our first stop produced no fish so we made a move further south and that put the first fish in the boat, caught by Taryn. It also turned out to be the biggest fish of the day 9 1/2lbs, beating her dad by a 1/4 of a pound.

   It turned out to be a stick and move morning catching one or two here and there, ending with a nice box of fish. All fish caught on Smoke/chart and purple/chart spinnerbaits. 

July 16 - 20, 2010 - This weekend was all about the kids. We catch any big numbers this weekend, but we had full boxes every day and mess of nice fish including a couple of 10 pounders. I would like to thank Mike Fazende and his group and Todd Devidts and his boys. His son had a nice 10 pound beauty caught on a purple /chart spinnerbait, and boy was he thrilled by that Fished the Little Lake area Friday after ditching the trout scene due to the breezy conditions early. Found some really clean water on the west side, and bait, but the fish were never really stacked up. Fished Turtle Bay and Little Lake on Saturday and it was essentially a carbon copy of Friday with a few extra clouds around. Sunday I started off in the Turtle Bay, Bayou St. Denis areas, and ditched early for the east side around Lake Laurie and found some good fish on that side. That is the first time I have been on that side in quite a while with all the closures, and the marsh and lakes look great. Clean water, few birds working the area. Monday I had they day off, so like most folks out there on their day off, I went fishing. Headed towards Westwego and Gulf Canal/Bayou Cuba area. Caught lots of healthy bass, no lunkers, but some solid fish. All fish were caught on a 6" Tequila Sunrise worm with a 3/16 oz sinker. All fish were released  I have lots of open dates and a special price during the week. Give us a call and book a trip.


July 15, 2010 -Today I had the Murphy family in the morning and the Johnson crew in the afternoon. We caught another really nice box of reds in the morning and this evening was better than yesterday evening with 7 or 8 on ice when it was all said and done. We missed a couple fish today, but for the most part my crews did a great job in the sweltering heat. All fish in the afternoon that were caught were released to fight another day. The pattern was very similar to yesterday. Blk/char spinner baits in the morning and purple/chart in the afternoon with a lower tide, and still had very clear oil free water. Out again in the morning with 5 guys on a bachelor party. Check back!

July 14, 2010 - On Wednesday morning I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and Sally Shepherd from Ohio. In the afternoon I had the pleasure of fishing with the Jerry Kurzweg party. This was another group from Little Lake Hunting Club. The morning trip was much better than the evening trip with good tide movement and clear water. The fish were tailing in the morning, but nothing was showing in the afternoon, although fishing from 2pm to 6pm was not the ideal time, the guys had to make an 8pm flight and still managed to catch several nice fish. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart in the morning,purple/chart in the afternoon.  Out the next couple days, so check back for more reports.

July 9-11, 2010 - It was a Redfish weekend here in Lafitte. I would like to thank the Aloi, and Campbell families for fishing with me over the weekend. We really can use, and appreciate your business. Saturday was a little slow, but Sunday the fish were on. Saturday we must have tried a dozen areas, and thrown every type of bait, but it was just one of those days. We ended up with several reds, but we it was definitely the slowest day in a month.  Sunday our first stop was our last, that's fishing. Arrived at spot number one to clean water, and bait popping all around us. Didn't take long to land the first fish, and for the rest of the morning we were casting at schooling redfish that were cruising up and down the shorelines. All fish caught on blk/chart spinner baits working the shoreline. Water is still high ,clear and no signs of oil, hopefully it stays that way. Got plenty of white space on the calendar, give us a call if you would like us to scratch your fishing itch!

July 8, 2010 - Had the pleasure of fishing the Guy Cook party on an afternoon trip. Picked the guys up around 4:15 at Little Lake Hunting Club. We only fished for three hours or so and managed a nice mess of reds. We caught lots of redfish over 27 inches. Pictured below is a gorgeous 10 pounder that was released to fight another day. All fish caught on purple/chart spinner baits. No oil to be found in the area that we fished whatsoever. The tide was extremely high, very clean and falling. I have plenty dates open due to cancellations, so give us a call if you would like to get out and enjoy a wonderful day on the water with family and friends. Don't forget to ask about our weekday special. Out the next 3 days, so check back for more reports.

Capt. E.J.

June 16- July 5, 2010 -

Its been awhile since I have posted any fishing trips. Now that we have a much larger area of water to fish than we had last week things have really picked up. The red fishing has been awesome the past several days and once this storm is over things should pick up even more. Everything has been caught on spinner baits, blk/chart and the really hot color has been purple/chart. Due to cancellations we have plenty of open dates. We supply everything, so give us a call to book a trip. Thanks Capt. E.J.  


June 7- June 15, 2010 -

Hello all. First I would like to thank everyone for all of the good wishes, and friendly phone calls and email through this tough time, but let me reassure everyone we are still open for business, and we are still catching fish. Although our area to fish is limited, for redfish, it is the best areas we got, so come on down and spend some money and support the local businesses down here, we could all use the help.

Today John and Don back again for another trip. We didn't quite have the fishing area we had the last time they were here, but they did manage to put a few fish in the boat before the rain ran us in. It was a quick morning, with clear water, light winds. All fish caught on Blk/chart spinner baits.

Just a few pictures from my last few fishing trips. Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing with some of my best customers, Connie and Joe Smith from Monroe. LA, these folks fish with me several times a year and it is always a pleasure to take them. We also had the Chris Reitz party and Rafael Castoriano and his son. As our fishing area is reduced to just about nothing we have still managed to put a few redfish in the boat. There is no area where we can catch trout. I have, as of now no trips booked in July and if any more of our area is closed its pretty much over anyway. I have just returned from a tour  to Queen Bess Island with some students from ULL. Five workers cleaning oil around the rocks, looks like a never ending job. I must say, we there for about an hour and I didn't see them take one break, good for them.


May 27-30, 2010 -

Even with only a small area left to fish we managed to get several trips in last week. Beardsley party, Dorochoff party, Adams party, Young party and McGarry party. A mix bag of fish with most being reds and a catch of 10 to

15 fish per boat. Shrimp under a cork, shrimp on the bottom and spinner baits have produced all of the fish. As of now I don`t fish again until the middle of the month. Hopefully someone will call, providing there is still someplace to fish.

May 16-23, 2010 -Wednesday trip with Bob and John. The first couple of hours was very tough. We were after reds and all we could catch were a few small trout.After trying a half dozen places we finally found an area that was holding some fish. The guys caught their limit and also a few nice trout. All fished released to fight another day and all caught on blk/chart cocahoes on a #4 spinner. We also had a few weekend trips, Gary Odell party, the Pat Robinson party and the Guy Cook party. Mostly all redfish on the weekend trips since we couldn't get outside to fish trout. I have a few more trips on my calendar and we are trying to get them in. Hopefully we have a few more days.

May 8-15, 2010 - Capt. Barry and I both had trips booked for Sunday. His group cancelled so I let him take my group, the Tishman party. They fished most of the morning and then the rains came. After spending a couple of hours at one of the many camps in the area they headed back to the dock. A nice mess of reds and a few trout, all caught on spinner baits. As of today I have had a least14 canceled trips. The phone has just about stopped ringing and very few emails are coming in. After being in this
business for 16 years, my three best months are always May, June and July of every year. And this year is turning out to be the worst ever. I hope I can get in what few trips I have on my calendar. Hopefully the fitted pipe in the well is a means to an end. We have lots of boats ready to take you out, give us a call.


May 7, 2010 - My clients today  were Paulette and Hershall Barron from Corinth, Mississippi. Left the dock around 6:15, headed to the area were we caught our fish yesterday. First couple of points produced only one trout. Probably ran 60 miles fishing from point to point, one fish here and one there. Last stop made our day hooking up five fish in 10 minutes. We boated three of the five and headed to the dock. 12 reds and 1 trout for the day. All fish caught on smoke/chart cocahoes on a #4 spinner blade.

May 6, 2010 - Day two with the Texas crew. It was basically  a carbon copy of yesterday, easy limits, and lots of big redfish. We met up with the crews around 6am at that dock, and headed south. We fished most of the same areas that we have been fishing the last couple days and had the same results. My crew  had to catch somewhere around 25 BIG reds, and few trout, and Barry's crew was was fishing a couple miles from us and had about the same results. Tom had the big fish of the day with a 33 inch beauty. Capt. Barry's crew caught their fish on gulps under a cork and blk/chart spinner baits. All of our fish caught on smoke /chart spinner baits. I would like to thank this crew for fishing with us, they were a lot of fun to be on the boat with, and we really appreciate you coming down to enjoy some cajun red fishing. Hope to see ya'll back next year. Out again the next several days, check back for updates.

May 5, 2010 -Wednesday trip with the Texas boys, Bill, Bob, Jimmy, Tom, George and Jim.

These guys had fished with Capt. Barry and I last year and they were back this year for another round with big reds. Today was probably one of the best weather days we have had in a long time, with calm conditions, and clean water.

 Fishing was slow for the first couple of hours due to a slack tide, but when the tide turned and started coming in, it was on. Jim won the money pot for largest fish with a 16 lb beauty, and we also had several fish over 12 lbs that we released to fight another day. We also ended the day with  11 trout between both boats as a nice side item. All fish caught on spinner baits smoke/ chart fishing southwest of Lafitte. Out again tomorrow with the same group, Check Back!


May 4, 2010 - Tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Kathy and Harry Sarles from Garland, Tx. The water level was 10 inches lower than yesterday and the fish had moved out of the ponds where we were fishing. Today was a stick and move day, picking up one fish here and there. Harry put most of the fish in the boat,  but Kathy managed to boat the lunker of the day, a nice 29 inch beauty. All fish today caught on spinner baits, purple/chart. Out again tomorrow with another crew from Texas.


May 3, 2010 - After a very rough weekend it was nice to have a calm day. It did get a little breezy till  around noon, but by then the fish were already in the boat.  Capt. Barry had Chris and Carl and I had the Fanning Group, Melinda and Lloyd. Capt. Barry's crew caught most of their fish on spinner baits on the east side of the Barataria Waterway, and my crew caught their fish on shrimp under a cork in the ponds south of Bayou Dupont. Both crews finished the day with full boxes of redfish and a few small puppy drum. The tide was still extremely high, but it is now falling at a good clip. Water in the ponds was very clean and clear. Fishing should remain great through the end of the week.


May 1-2, 2010 - The Dan Weidle party were in store for some wild windy conditions. The guys proved to be some very good fisherman considering what they had to put up with. It was like trying to fish off of a sailboat. 12 reds, 2 trout and 1 bass, not bad at all. All fish caught on spinner baits, electric chicken and purple /chart.

April 24-26, 2010 - This weekend was about as rough as it gets. Capt. Barry had Jonathan Hacker and his son and I had the Dale Fitterling party. Due to the high winds our options were very limited. We did find one area that was holding a few reds and we pretty much pounded it to death. After some tough fishing we did manage to boat 1/2 dozen reds, one 40# gar and and several that just didn't make it to the boat.  All fish caught on blk/chart and purple /chart spinner baits.


April 22, 2010 -Every year during Jazzfest Chuck Shamitaro does his yearly fishing trip with us. His son Kyle, and friend Greg, also come along. Today it was time to try a different area, so to the west side of the Barataria Waterway we went. We found out that the fish are just as big or bigger on that side also. The guys brought their own equipment and their reels were spooled with mono. It makes it really tough to land those big reds with that type of line. We had a couple fish that were too big to keep and several more that broke off. We still ended the day with a full box of fish. Everything was caught on electric chicken cocahoe on the bottom.



April 20, 2010 - Tuesday I had the Ken Kreterfield party that wanted to fish bass. We managed a few but it looks like post spawn stress and pressure has finally got to the fish. After a few hours of hit and miss we decided to give the redfish a try. We ended up boating  7 or 8 nice redfish and 3 trout. All fish were released to fight another day. Humdinger spinner baits for the bass and blk/chart cocahoes on a #4 spinner for the reds.

April 19, 2010 -The Shiran Frenando party with Paul, Curtis and Peter arrived at the dock at 9am. The guys didn't have much time to fish so it was a very short trip. We were back at the dock shortly after twelve. They were here on a convention and had afternoon meetings. Even with our late start everyone was able to catch 3 or 4 reds. We had somewhere around a dozen gorgeous reds total. All fish caught on spinner baits and all released to fight another day.


April 17-18, 2010 - Weekend Report 

Lot's of Redfish

After a great weekend of fishing I would like to thank all of our clients for fishing with us we really appreciate you. Thanks to Frank Williford and his party from Louisiana, Randy Wolsey party from Texas, Seth Oufnac from Louisiana,  Tom Lackovic party from  California. Capt. Mike, Capt. Barry and I had some great catches due to light winds and nice weather. All fish caught on plastics, some tight lining, but most on spinner baits. Blk/chart, smoke/chart and purple/chart, cocahoes and baby bull minnows, it didn't matter. Saturday we came back to the dock with 47 gorgeous redfish, and released a few that were over 27 inches. Sunday was just as good with 40 + reds brought back to the dock.


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April 16, 2010 - Friday trip with Rachel, Danny, Clay and Carlos. Today the wind gave us an early break and even by noon it was still not that bad. Problem today was too many big fish, I guess that's a good problem to have. Same old bait, blk/chart spinner baits. Why change if it works. Out again tomorrow with three boats.


April 13-15, 2010 - WINDY!

Although the winds have been anywhere from steady 15-20 with higher gusts, this is actually helping. We are transitioning from our winter patterns into our spring patterns nicely. Finally getting some high water this week. Water in the ponds, and back in the marsh has been extra clean, and with a good mix of clean water and scattered grass, the redfish are making their ways out of the duck ponds and on to the shorelines of the area bays. The trick this week is simple, with the water about 6-8 inches over the grass, when you throw your spinner bait, make sure your cranking your reel as soon as your bait hits the water. The reds have been coming up and destroying your lures. Lots of pretty fish out there right now. Winds should remain up for today, then slack a little for Saturday, then blow again. Concentrate your efforts on the East side of the Barataria Waterway this weekend if you want to catch a nice box of fish. We have managed to catch 3 lost trout this week. One each day. So hopefully it will not be long before we start getting a few numbers. Best bait this week has been a black/chartreuse H&H cocahoe on a Gold Spinner fished on power pro line.

Below is a pic from today's trip with Don, John, and Rob. Once again, we could have spent all day flying a kite or sailing with the blustery conditions. Given the conditions, the guys did great coming home with a full ice chest of big reds, and then we headed over to Jan's for a wonderful lunch as always. We got several boats out over the next week, so check back for updates. Good luck this weekend to everyone, be safe, and take a kid fishing with you.

April 8-12, 2010 -

    On Saturday Tony Battalio and I decided to chase some bass. He wanted me to show his a few places to fish, so we didn't spend much time in one place. We fished from the Tank Pond in Westwego to Texaco south of Lafitte. It was great to get out there and scout that many areas in one day. For the most part it was really clean water just about everywhere we fished, and we picked up some fish in most places.

 On Sunday Phil and his sons Justin, Jeff and Jason head south in search of a few redfish. We caught a few early and then they decided to shut down. Fishing hard, my crew was rewarded around noon when we ran across a small school and put 8 or 10 quick ones in the boat ending the day with a nice box of fish. All fish caught on blk/chart spinner baits. Thanks everyone for fishing with us.


April 1-7, 2010 -

The last week the fish has really turned on in our area. With the water steadily rising, and the temps steadily warming, the fish are starting to get more aggressive as they feeds on the thousands of bait fish that are swimming everywhere. We have been catching lots of redfish in the ponds from Bayou Dupont to Myrtle Grove. Cocahoes with a spinner in Black and Chartreuse has been the hot bait of choice. Although shrimp under a cork, or titlelined on the edges has been pretty good as well. We have also been catching lots of bass in Service Canal, Stump Canal, Pen, Blue Point, Gulf Canal areas. The fish have been very solid with many bass over 2 Pounds. The bass have been falling to a white/chart spinner bait with the willow leaf blades, and also on black beetles on an H&H round spinners. The water looks great just about everywhere. This weekend we pretty much made the rounds from the west side, all the way to the east side and the water was good in 80 percent of the places.


Easter Sunday Capt. Barry had a great group that was a pleasure to deal with. They made their way back to Myrtle Grove and put the easy 10 fish limit of reds in the box, and released at least a dozen more. All of their fish were caught on spinner baits, and spoons.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Art Farley from Houston, TX. He made a few wrong turns on his way from New Orleans and was 30 minutes late arriving at the dock. Mapquest directions seem to be sometimes confusing and customers, and they end up on the wrong side of the bridge. After a 30 minute boat ride we found a couple of small ponds that were holding fish. The water was not very clear but the fish were hungry. All fish caught on blk/chart baby bull minnows on a #4 spinner.


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As Always, Thanks!


Capt. EJ




To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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