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Fishing forecast for January -  After an exciting December, which had some outstanding catches, January is shaping up very nicely. To be successful this month, it will take mother nature on our side. This time of year cold fronts blast the bayou state. Fishing will be fantastic before fronts, and tough several days after. Trout are thick in the Barataria Estuary right now. Catches of 40+ a day are not uncommon. The reds are biting again, and we have been catching them on bad weather days. Still got some dates open this month. If you would like to get in on some of the hot fishing gives us a call @ 1-877-689-4120. Capt. EJ

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January 30, 2005 - After a few days of some bad weather, decided to go on a bass fishing trip today with another outstanding fisherman, my brother Barry. Looks like the next several weeks may produce some excellent bass fishing. My last couple of trips have produced some healthy tournament class fish.  Here is Barry and I with a few of the fish that we caught today . Spinner bait, lizards and f rench fry worms were the bait of the day. It doesn't seem if the bass have made it on their nest just yet. The first warm spell we get, should make the water temps right where the bass like them Capt. E.J.


January 26, 2005 - A short afternoon trip before the front produced a dozen nice bass. These two smiled for the camera, before being released to fight another day.  I also had one 7lb red fish for a kicker. Capt. E.J.


January 24, 2005- Terry Milks, Allan Meyer and I left Victoria Inn`s dock at 8:30 and it still was a very cold 30 minute boat ride. After trying two places wi th no luck the third place was the charm. Them Iowa boys landed over 40 reds and 1 bass with ten making the trip back home. All fish were caught tight lining glow and salt/pepper beetle with a shrimp teaser. Capt. E.J


January 22, 2005 - After catching a lot of red f ish the past few days it was tough to catch just one, but we did catch a limit of nice trout. My guest from Illinois , Dean and Christina Clark caught over 60 trout, 8 were kept for my dinner (thanks guys) which we enjoyed very much . Most fish were caught with a glow beetle under a cork and a few tight lining with black/char. H&H minnow. Capt. E.J.


January 21, 2005 - Things slowed down today after that furious redfish bite yesterday. My clients Charlie and Jasmin Thorp from Colorado and I had to move around to catch fish today. The fish were not as big as yesterday, most in the 16 to 20 inch range. 26 reds and a handful of trout, drum and bay snappers. All fish were released to fight another day, you gotta love it. Capt. E.J.


January 20, 2005 - Thursday afternoon trip with Dale and Roy from the Victoria Inn and their friend Allen Maki and his kids Olivia and Spenser. Olivia took big fish for the evening with dad coming in a close second. Spencer picked up the slack with a few nice trout. This was just a short trip to hopefully catch dinner and take a little boat ride. Hope you enjoyed the meal guys. Capt. E.J.


January 19, 2005 - Morning Trip - Doing two trips in one day can make for a long day. My clients this morning Bill Leblond and Tammi Jamison from Florida kicked some redfish butt. It was a trip for Bill`s birthday and what a trip it was. Over 50 reds were caught and released, and all were 16 inches and over. Bill, I would not expect those numbers on your next birthday, although we could try. Thanks! Capt. E.J.

Evening Trip - A short evening trip produced 15 reds and 8 trout which were kept for dinner at the Victoria Inn. A report and some pictures tomorrow. Capt. E.J.


January 13, 2005 - The Metzner`s who were staying at the Victoria Inn joined me today. It was not as easy as the past few days . A stiff south wind made fishing difficult but we did end up with 37 trout from 13 to 16 inches and one flounder. Looks like this weather change is going to affect the area I have been catching trout. May b e we can get back on some redfish .  Capt. E.J.


January 10, 2005 - My clients LeeRoy & Cheryl Kennedy, Richard & Barbara McCormic k left Victoria Inn dock at 7am. The fog was very heavy , but after taking our time we made it to the first fishing spot.   20 minutes of fishing produced only 1 trout so we headed to spot number two and we hit silver , trout that is . The bite was on till the sun burned the fog away so we headed in with 75 nice trout in the box. A great day of fishing with great clients. Capt E.J.


January 7, 2005 - Rusty Gowan from Orlando and James Sayers from St. Louis cau g ht a fine limit of trout with me today. It was James first time speck fishing and what a great day it turned out to be. The last two weeks have been to good to be true, lets hope it continues. Capt. E.J.


January 5-6, 2005 - I helped my good friend Capt. Joe with some of his clients the past two days .  With five people fishing we boated over 200 trout and a handful of reds. We had 10 gallons of fillets for them to take back to Georgia. Fish were caught tight lining and under a cork . Capt. E.J.


January 3, 2005 - We had two boats out today , Capt. Joe and I . He had Dan and Kevin White from Nashville, Tn. And I had the Clearman ` s from Mississippi again. Both boats turned in a fine mess of trout which were brought to Jan`s and fried up fo r lunch . Good fishing and great food, what a combination. Capt. E.J.


January 2, 2005

Morning Trip - Sugar Bowl fans from Lynchburg, Va. Robert Headley and Tom Warwick joined me this morning. The reds were on early but the bite slowed down by 10am so we gave the trout a try and put 20 or so nice ones in the boat . Kept 6 for dinner and released th e rest.

Evening Trip - The Clearman family from Merid i an Ms. joined me this afternoon. Tried several spots for reds without a bite so it was back to the trout and a wise choi c e it was . Finished the day with 62 nice trout. Salt & pepper beetle under a cork. Out with the Clearman`s  again tomorrow.



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