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March 2008

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April Fool's Day, 2008 - Mr. Larry Stephenson is an artist. He had been at an art show in Houston and was traveling to Atlanta for another art show there. He usually does several shows a year and always makes it his business to do a little fishing on the way. We left the dock at 6:30am. Weather was nice with light winds at the time of our departure with some increase shortly there after. Easy redfish limit for him,  as he ended up catching  dozen or so, 1 nice trout, 1 nice flounder, {which will be dinner} and 2 catfish. Most fish caught on spinner baits, H&H Cocahoes, Purple/char and smoke/char, with gold spinners. Thanks for fishing with us Larry!


March 31, 2008 - This evening, Ed, Brent and Wayne were in town for a conference and could only do a short afternoon trip. Asked them to meet me at the dock at 1245pm, and we left the dock at 1pmand headed out for a very brief 4 hour trip. With limited time, strong winds, and high tide, I knew where I need to go. Off to the ponds. We made our way through the winding marsh, then I ducked off on a canal that usually holds some deeper water. About 500 yards down the canal they had a cut dumping gorgeous pond water into the canal. Pulled up, set anchor, and out the baits went. Within seconds, the first cork dunked, and it was fish on. Nice 5 pound red. For the next 3 hours we were on a nice bite of easy, relaxing fishing. Ended the short trip with 18 reds, 3 sheepshead, 3 drum and 1 catfish. Not a bad trip fishing that time span, plus 20mph winds. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork at anchor. Out again tomorrow.


March 23-30, 2008 - Just trying to get caught up on some of my past trips, Have been busy with my place in Mississippi getting an AC system put in.   Minola and Emmanuel  fished with me on Friday, this was a birthday trip for Emmanuel. We ended up with a nice mess of trout to take home for dinner. Bait of the day was tight lining H&H cocahoes on the bottom. On Saturday, Phil and Julie fished with Capt. Joe, they caught a mix bag of reds and trout and a lone bass as a kicker. We also had a wedding party that was staying at the Victoria Inn fish with Capt. Barry, they had reds, trout and a mess of drum. Sunday Capt. Barry and I had the Hasse Party, the wind and muddy water made for some tough fishing. Thankfully the ones we did catch were nice. Spinner baits was the only bait used. Also on Sunday, Capt. Kevin took out the Rouyea crew from St. Amant. They wanted to get on some good bass fishing, so off they went. The fishing was great for the first 3 hours, then the wind picked up to 20+. They ended the day releasing over 25 nice bass. The wind has been blowing for a month straight, will it ever give us a break? The fish are there, but the conditions have been really difficult to deal with, and require so hard fishing.   






March 19, 2008 - Sandra Seelig and her son Michael and I left the dock at 7am. The only difference from the last two days was about 30 degrees, colder that is. Water quality was the worst I`ve seen. 10 keeper trout and 1 catfish for our effort, a nice mess for dinner. Beetles under a cork was the bait of the day.

March 18, 2008 - Tuesday 3/18, what a day on the water. Capt Barry had the Barrero family, Capt. Bobby had the Trammell family and I had the Beck family. Conditions were just about as bad as it can get. Winds gusting 35mph plus, white caps even in the ponds. Dirty water everywhere, and a very limited fishing area. We caught 17 fish total between three boats, and given the conditions, I didn't think we would catch that many. Thankfully they were only keeping enough fish for lunch at Jan's. The dirty water should be around for the next several days after the week straight blow, so we have canceled the next 2 days to hopefully let things settle down. The weekend is looking better with much lighter winds, so hopefully that pans out.


March 15 -16, 2008 - My clients for Saturday, Beth and Tom and I made the decision not to chase trout. The ride out there would have been painful. Bass fishing, bird watching and maybe an alligator or two was what they were interested in.  We fished 4 or 5 dead end canals, 17 bass, 1-8lb catfish, 3 bald eagles, 2 horned owls, several ospreys, and 2 gators they got to pet. Beth put the two largest bass in the boat, a 2lb and a 2 1/2 lb. All fish caught on spinner baits. Capt. Kevin had one person also interested in Bass Fishing. Another wise decision since that was one of the only games in town with the wind blowing 25+. Kevin and Edward Diaz left the dock a few minutes before 7, and by 1130 they were back at the dock after releasing over 35 bass. Sunday, Capt. Mike's crew braved the elements, strong winds, rough water and 70 miles of running for 17 trout. Just a tough day on the water with the high winds and dirty water. He fished in the clovely canals to try and dodge the wind.



March 14, 2008 -  My trip for this morning had canceled, so when I walked out the back door and saw the cloud cover, I knew where I had to be. Left the house around 7:45 with the intention of trying a couple of different places. First two canals produced 9 fish so I moved to another canal that I haven't fished since last year. Water was clear with grass along the banks. First cast, bass on, boated 22 more for a total of 31. The clouds moved off around 11:30, the sun came out and it was over. All fished released to fight another day. The fish weren't as large as last time, but fun just the same. Char/wht spinner bait and 6" cotton candy lizard was the only thing I used. Capt. Barry fished a great group this morning, and there hard worked paid off with 80 gorgeous trout, and a redfish. They were fishing with glow beetles under a cork. Back to the specks tomorrow

March 13, 2008 - Day two with John and Larry. Not the size and numbers we had yesterday but the guys still managed to put their limit in the boat. I counted 14 fish over 16 inches with only 1 going 20. The great thing about today we were only keeping enough for dinner tonight at Jan's. After two days of fish catching the guys were worn out and called it an early day. Glow beetles under a cork but the bigger fish on H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. My trip for tomorrow just canceled so if you are looking for a trip give me a call

March 12, 2008 - Perfect Day in Lafitte

The last time John and Larry were here was in January when we had the coldest two days that we have had in 5 years. The first day we couldn't even fish because they didn't have enough clothes, and that is saying something with two guys coming from New York. Today that wasn't the problem. We left the dock at Victoria Inn just a little before 7am. The only thing I was worried about was finding clean water. The first area was ok, and fishable, but only produced small fish. Our second stop was the gold mine, or should I say silver mine. The trout today were the largest I've seen in a while. They had their easy limit of 50 fish from 15 to 21 inches and more. By the time we quit we were releasing quality keeper trout for tomorrow, hopefully they will still be around. Bait of the day was glow beetles under a cork, but the bigger fish were caught on H&H cocahoes on the bottom. Out again tomorrow with the same guys.


March 9-10, 2008 - This weekend we had a little bit of good, and some bad with the tough weather conditions. On Saturday we had the Nathan Diller party and the Chris Sisson party. I knew that the fishing would be tough after 45 mph winds and a 30 degree drop in temperature late Friday, but off we went. The crews fished really hard in the tough conditions and we finished the day with 70 trout between three boats, and caught everything under a cork. On Sunday I had my last day with Tim and Bill from Canada. These were some nice guys that really know how to fish. The first 2 days we spanked the trout, and then on the final day, they realized how bad fishing can be when mother nature is not on your side. We traveled over 100 miles and found no clean water on either side of the Barataria waterway. We ended up fishing a couple of dead ends in Texaco that had fair water, only catching a couple of trout, a couple of bass and one red. Its great when we can write reports about all the fish we catch, but no matter what you know, or how good of a fisherman you think you are, we all know that days like today, make you really appreciate the good days. The guys did have two out of three good days and are looking forward to their next trip. Got plenty trips this week, with improving weather, so the trout should be right where we left them, so check back for updates. See you on the water.


March 7, 2008 - Canceled Today due to weather. Out the next few days, so check back for the happenings. Thanks!

March 6, 2008 - Another great day on the water. We fished two groups out of the Victoria Inn, Capt. Barry had the Tutt party and I had Bill and Tim for their second day. Both boats easily limited out on trout again, and a couple reds thrown in. Capt. Barry's group only kept enough for lunch for them, him, and I. We counted 50 keepers on the clicker at 9:30 and headed out to find a couple of reds. Bill and Tim have been here for 4 days eating nothing but seafood. Today they wanted a burger so all our trout were released, keeping the two keeper reds for the couple on Barry's boat. Bait of the day, glow beetles under a cork, what else. After two great days of fishing the next couple of days aren't looking good, but we'll be out Saturday and Sunday making the best of it. With the change in wind direction, strength, and temps,  the NW'er is gonna kill the area we have been fishing. Got some other spots that have been holding fish, so we will see what happens. Capt. E.J.


March 5, 2008 - Trout slam and I mean a slam, today was just one of those days. Three boats out today, Capt. Mike, Capt. Barry and I. They left the dock around 7:15, I was 30 minutes behind. Barry and Mike had the David Wells party of 7 guys. I had Tim and Bill from Canada who are fishing with me tomorrow and Sunday. The fishing today was as good as it gets, they had a 175 trout limit early, and my guys only kept 5 of the 60 plus they caught. Just enough for lunch at Jan's. By the time I returned they had cleaned probably half of their fish so this picture is short of those numbers. Beetles under a cork was the killer bait for the day. Out again tomorrow.

February 28 - March 2, 2008 - What a weekend down in Lafitte. Had the girls from Acme Lock Co. again, they were back for their third trip. The wind was steady with a good chop, but it didn't prevent the girls from catching a box of trout. 76 nice trout and back to the dock before noon. Saturday we had the Bond Phillips party from New Orleans, and the Dr. Badi Asbahi party from Baton Rouge. Total was 90 trout and 3 reds between both boats. Glow beetles under a cork and curly tail grubs on the bottom. With a busy week ahead the weather doesn't look good for the next few days but hopefully will improve by midweek.


February 25, 2008 - At 6:30am I walked out on the back porch and I just knew that this morning was the morning. My two neighbors Don and Henry had caught two small bass yesterday afternoon so I knew they would be in for a kick butt bass trip. We left the house around 7:30 in Henry's boat, giving mine a break. 30 bass and back at the house at 10:45. It wasn't the big fish like I caught the other day, but it was just as fun. Spinner baits, and only spinner baits were the ticket today. The next few days should be down the toilet, but when it warms up again, look out. Capt. E.J.

February 19 - 22, 2008 - The last few days the fishing has been great. Been playing weatherman and trying to judge the gaps in between all of the storms, and knock on wood, we haven't got wet yet. This morning was a great morning. Got a little bit of a late start watching the weather, but when I left the dock at 630 with John, Leonard, J.B. and Francis from Georgia, we headed south towards the trout grounds looking for clean water. The water was dirty throughout the whole boat ride, then I ended up in a protected pocket that actually had clean water. We stopped there, dropped the trolling motor and began throwing glow H&H Beetles under a cork. After 2 casts, bam, fish on! For the next 3 hours we were in a very consistent bite, but the only problem was small fish. We were boxing one fish for every throw back. Got a phone call and heard the rain was on it's way, so we decided to run close to the marina and try for a few reds, nodda! Made it back to the dock as soon as the sky fell out. Great morning though.

Yesterday, Capt. Joe Bush and I headed off to where I have been catching plenty of sac-a-lait and bass. When we got there, the sun poked it head out, and we only managed to catch 2 crappie, but the bass decided they wanted to cooperate. Caught quite a few, with a couple 3+ pound beauties thrown in. Wednesday, I smoked the sac-a-lait on my day off, keeping a dozen or so for dinner. Boy are they good.

Out again tomorrow with the same crew from today! Fishing is good, especially with the warmer temps. Gentleman, It's Time! Give us a call!



February 18, 2008 - Today Dr. Dan Brown, and his son Gabriel joined me on a windy, cold, and muddy water day. We left the marina around 630am and headed towards Little Lake, Bay L'ours area. Needless to say, I knew where some fish were, but with the conditions, those spots were unfishable and the search began for clean water. When I say that every place in Lafitte had dirty water, I mean every place. Ended up ducking in to the Cloverly canals back of Bay L'ours in search of reds and trout in some deeper water, but even those canals had dirty water and a slack tide. The Dr. and son fished hard, and were rewarded with a decent catch of trout and reds given the conditions. Jan's was closed, so we released all fish to fight another day. The end of the week is looking good with warmer temps on the way, amen!


February 17, 2008 - Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with my son, Capt. Kevin. We don't get to fish much together anymore, usually just see him cruising by in his boat. We left the house around 1pm and headed for an area where I found some nice fish over the last few days. When I made the call to him early on Saturday morning, skies were cloudy, and the wind was slack. By the time he made it to the house, the skies were beginning to clear, and the wind was picking up, not good for open water bass fishing. As we made our way in to the lake, the water was a clear brown, and the air temperature dropped. It was obvious that the siphon was open, and pumping full steam. Once we made it to the west side of the lake, the water cleared up, and was crystal clear with a falling tide. The only problem was it was now a blue bird sky. We started working the edge of some grass beds, and picked up two quality fish, both around 2 pounds, then made our way over to the other side. We worked up and down the bank for about 3 hours and caught a dozen more and then made the call to see if there were any trout in Salvador. When we got there, the water was good, tide was slack and didn't even get a bump. Caught one lost redfish half a mile from the shore and called it a day. All is all, was a fun little trip.

February 10, 2008 - Newbold family with 55 trout. Nice box of fish on a gorgeous weather day.

February 8, 2008 - Friday Capt. Joe had the Kevin O`Brian party, Capt. Barry had P.J. Westbrook and Phelicia Hughes, I had a single, Stuart Bourne. The trout were plenty but the keepers were not,  75 or 80 keepers between three boats. It was almost like fishing school trout in the summer. Glow beetles under a cork was the hot bait. Joe, Stuart and myself enjoyed some of the catch at Jan's for lunch.


February 5, 2008 - Now that deer season is over its time to get back to fishing. The past few days we fished trips with the Jeff Barry party, George Santiago party and the Jim Labauve party. We also had a great fresh water sacalait slam, or crappie as some people call them. We have been catching a mix bag of fish, mostly small trout, with a few reds, drum and sheepshead thrown in. Glow beetles under a cork, shrimp under a cork and spinner baits in purple/char, smoke/char have been catching most of the fish. Good fishing is just around the corner, so give us a call to book your trip.  Thanks Capt.  E.J.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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