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March 2009

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March 27-29, 2009 - Lafitte Weekend Report!

What a great weekend of fishing down here on the bayou. Last weeks blustery south winds, and rains made for an extremely high tide, crystal clear water, and a fantastic redfish bite. All parties this weekend caught limits of fish, and played catch and release for the remainder of the day.

Coming off a stellar fishing day last Thursday, we kept the momentum heading into the weekend. Capt. Barry started it off on Friday landing over 40 Redfish and hitting the dock with their crews easy limit. Saturday, We had 4 boats out. Capt. Barry, Capt. Tommy, Capt. Mike, and myself all headed for the high water duck ponds early. Despite the blustery conditions, we all hammered the redfish. All crews came back to the dock with ice chest full of some really nice reds. Sunday, I was the only boat out, and needless to say, the bite in the area we were fishing slowed. All of the fish probably had sore mouths since we hooked everything for miles the 3 prior days. Add on the fact that the tide took a plunge the night before from a passing cold front, and dirtied the water. We still managed to end up with a really nice mess of reds. Just a great weekend weather wise with the sunny skies, and comfortable temps. If we could have shaken the winds, it would have been perfect conditions. At least the strong redfish bite made it enjoyable. Most fish this weekend were caught on Black and Chartreuse, or Purple and Chartreuse cocahoes fished with gold spinners. Some fish caught on spoons as well. Got another busy week this week, so check back later for updates.

I would like to that the Howard, Leonard, Reeves and  Powers party for fishing with us. Hope to have all of you back soon.




March 23-26, 2009 - Bad Weather most of the week, but the fish are still biting.

Everyday this week the winds have been 20+ mph. Coastal Louisiana has been under a coastal flood watch most of the week, and the tide is extremely high. Had to cancel Tuesday and Wednesday, but today, I had a crew that was determined to fish, rain or shine, and I was ready to go!

Things weren't looking good when I awoke this morning. Rain, rain everywhere. My clients Sheila and Grant Copple were staying at the Victoria Inn. No way we could leave the dock at 7 as we had planned. Tried for 8:15, that didn't work. It was after 10am before we could leave the dock. Fished an hour or so and the rain came again. Headed to a friends camp and watched it rain for 40 minutes. Finally it came to an end and the fishing was back on. With the water so high we fished places I usually can't fish. We ended the day with a  couple of trout and an easy  limit of reds, plus an additional 15 reds  released for kicks. The crew had a blast, even though they fished through the rain. All fish were caught on Spinner baits blk/chart. Should be a great weekend to fish, if the rain stays away. Forget about the wind, the water is high enough for you to hide out easily and catch some fish. Good Luck all.


March 19-22, 2009 - Weekend Report (Tough and Windy)

Sunday - Capt. Barry has another great crew this morning, and when they hit the marina, the winds were blowing 20+ stiff. The flags at the marina looked at though they were going to tear apart. He headed south, slowly and made his way back to some ponds. His crew started pitching spinner baits and spoons, and ended the day with several reds, and a few trout.

Saturday - I had the same crew that fished with me on Friday, and Capt. Barry had another crew. We both left good and early and headed south towards Myrtle Grove. The wind was blowing all night long, and was continuing to blow. The water was rising fast, even with the low tide that was predicted on Saturday. We started working some ponds and small bays, catching a few small trout, and a few keeper trout, but the wind made it difficult to fish. We decided to run and duck out of the wind and headed for some canals and interior marsh spots. We started throwing spinner baits along the banks, and managed to catch a few reds. Both boats ended the day with a really nice mess of fish, given the conditions.

Friday - Two boats out, Capt. Barry and I. We left the dock at sunrise and headed south in search of trout. Well, we found them, but there were lots of small trout. After catching 3 throwbacks for every keeper fish, we finally boxed 20 plus keepers, and dozen keeper reds between both boats. The water was a little low, we need about another 6 or 8 inches of water to get back on the redfish, a couple days of southeast winds should do it. Glow beetles under a cork for the trout and spinner baits for the reds

Here are a few more pics of the parties over the weekend. The Dale Fitterling and Ken Cumbus



March 18, 2009 - What a beautiful bluebird morning. Left the dock 15 minutes before sunrise and after a 25 minute boat ride we hit several groups of birds diving on shrimp. Most of the trout were small but we managed to box a dozen or so keepers. Kendall had some trouble working the cork for the trout, but Chris was a natural. It was another story with the redfish. Kendall didn't have any problems working a spinner bait. She was the Queen of the reds, catching most of the dozen are so that were landed.

March 16, 2009 - At 10 o'clock last night I didn't think we had much of a chance of getting on the water today. Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike's parties were ready to go at 7am. My crew wanted to leave at 8. Hopefully with a little luck we would get a couple hours in before the rain started. I had two couples on my boat, so I stayed close and started working the ponds with all the high water. The ladies had enough by 12 after fighting some really nice reds all morning. The other two boats didn't get back until after one since they decided to make a little further run. They had two beautiful boxes of reds, and lucky for me all of ours were released to fight another day. All fish caught on H&H spinner baits. Conditions: Windy, Cloudy, light rain, clean water, and lots of smiles!



March 14 -15, 2009 - Lafitte Weekend Report

This is second time in the last four weeks that Charles Davison and a group of his co-workers have fished with us. They are all from out of state, but are now living and working in the Baton Rouge area. Capt. Barry had took out half the crew, and I took the other half. The wind didn't do us any favors, but at least we did find some clean water in the ponds. Not a bad catch for the conditions. All fish were caught on spinner baits, blk/char and blk/pearl. We fished the Bay Round area that had a really high tide and clear water. Had to cancel Sunday with some Texas customers who didn't wanted to gamble with the weather, so we got them reschedule. Monday isn't looking good, so let's hope the weather holds for our three groups, I hope we can get it in.

March 13, 2009 - Billy Gatlin, Joe Paul and Chad Madenwald and I left the dock around 6:45 am. Water was very dirty at the first couple of stops, and no fish and no bites were to be found. We were on the west side of the waterway working our way from Little Lake through Turtle Bay, then on to Bay Long, 3 Bayou Bay. As the wind picked up it was time to head over to the east side towards Texaco. There we found some clean water in the ponds and a caught a nice mixed bag of reds, specks and bass. The guys left with 3 bags of fillets to grill up for dinner. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart. Out again tomorrow with two boats.


March 9, 2009 - Several of my neighbors got in on the hot bass action. They didn't catch any really big fish, but they did have a few 3lb plus. All their fish were caught on worms.


 March 8, 2009 - Evening Trip. Great afternoon to be out on the water. Papa Joe and I hadn't been bass fishing together since last year. Today had to be the day. It started off very slow due to the full moon we had last night. Around 9 things started to happen. Boated 12 to 14 in the 2 lb class with a 5 and 6 pounder for a picture. Lizards and 6 inch curly tail worms were the baits of the day. 


March 3, 2009 - Hello Everyone. I would like to apologize for the lack of reports here lately. We have been trying to develop a more robust, and more attractive reports page, so we have been working hard on that. We have also been doing lots of fishing when the weather permits. If you can fish 3-5 days after a cold front, the fishing has been great. We have been catching lots of big, beautiful redfish on the interior bays, and canals. The trout have been a little scattered, but with a little warmer weather, that should improve. We have been catching lots of bass here lately too. But, like all other fish, you need the right day weather wise to catch them. Nothing is better than a warm, muggy, overcast day! Which we should have towards Thursday and Friday of this week. We have lots of trips on the book for this month and next, so the reports will start coming almost everyday. If you have any questions, just let me know. Here are a few pics from some recent trips.



To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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