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Fishing forecast for April -  Inconsistent weather patterns made March difficult for fishing in our area. Everyone worked hard for the fish they caught. Now that we are in April, let the fun begin! The temperatures are heating up and so will the fishing. Big Bull Reds will be caught close to the coast and the speckled trout will soon begin their spawning. The next 6 months will make for fabulous fishing in Southeast Louisiana. Don't wait, call now!

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April 30, 2005 - My clients Keith and Elizabeth from St. Joseph Mo. battled stong winds and by 10:30 lots of rain. We tried to wait it out but when lightning hit about a 100 feet from the boat it was time to run for the border. They did manage a nice mess of reds and a half dozen bass. Liz had the fish of the day with a 15 pounder.


April 29, 2005 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with David and Nancy Smith from Tennesee on their first red fishing trip. Even with the strong winds it turned out to be a very good day boating over a dozen with 10 making the trip back home. All fish were caught on spinner baits, junebug/ char, tried the spoon with no sucess. (David Smith's Testomonial)


April 26, 2005 - The Bryan Patterson group from Texas fishing with Capt. Joe, Capt Mike and I had a very late start. Due to the weather concerns we waited till this morning to set a time for todays trip. Leaving the dock at 8:30 in some very strong winds made for some tough fishing but all boats managed to catch a mess of reds only keeping enough for lunch at Jans Cajun restaurant. Here are the guys with a few of the fish we caught today.




April 25, 2005 - My last day with the guys from Illinois, John. Jacob, Bruce and Elmer. Today these yankees from up north wanted a shot at some rod benders so with 50lb test line and a bucket of crabs, black drum here we come. Jacob had the fish of the day with a 40 pounder. John landing a 35 pounder for second and Bruce and Elmer with a couple of 25 pounders. We also had 6 or 8 in the 8 to 20 lb range. Here are some pictures of the guys on their last day. They can`t wait till next year and neither can I.


April 24, 2005 - Today the John Olivet group and I headed south in search of trout. With live bait and lots of hope we arrived at our first spot. 4 trout and not another one after that even after trying a half dozen places.We headed back to where we had caught the reds yesterday and boated three and one flounder. Out
again with these guys tomorrow. Here is Bruce with big fish of the day.


April 23, 2005 - The John Olivet group, Bruce, Elmer, Jacob and John gave it our best shot. Fishing in 25mph winds with white caps, we managed to catch 8 reds and one bass for a great dinner at Jans. All fish were caught on spinner baits.




April 22, 2005 - When  Scott Christian arrived at the dock he told me that he had never caught a redfish but he had done a bit of bass fishing on the federation level. After a 20 minute ride we arrived at the first spot. I handed him a baitcasting rig with a spinner bait and told him to pretend he was bass fishing. It did not take him long for the first fish and we stopped counting after 12. Here is a picture of the top dog for the day. All fish were released to fight again.Capt. E.J. Plaisance

Hello E.J.
You set my friend Mark and I up with Mike and he took us out 04/22/05.We had an outstanding day of fishing with more than enough hits and fish to keep anyone entertained.When making the reservation I was concerned about a Front moving in but as you predicted, four days ahead of time, we had a perfect day.
Everything that you folks arranged was excellent.  The gentleman that drove us, Van, gave us a relaxed and corteous ride to and from the boat.  When we arrived at the dock our Captain, Mike,  was set and ready to go.  He had an outstanding boat and was a great guy to spend fishing with.I have attached a few photos of the festivities.  Thank you for a great day of fishing and we look forward to chartering with you Gentlemen again.

Afternoon Trip - The Terry McCarthy group left the dock at 3:45 with very little fishing time. After a 15 minute run we stopped in some duck ponds. These guys were all good fisherman and with strong west winds and little time they boated 8 nice reds. All fish were caught on spinner baits. Here comes another front and there goes our water once again.


April 21, 2005 - Todays trip for the Victoria Inn with their guest Tom and Kirsten Culmsee started off with a bang. A half dozen cast and Kirsten lands a nice 8 pounder which turned out to be the largest fish of the day. Then Tom nails one on a spoon and his turns out to be dinner at Victoria Inn restaurant. Today was another day of to many that got away. In two days I`ve lost two spoons and six spinner baits, will be changing that 10lb test line today. We ended up boating 9 fish,  not counting the ones with half my tackle, most on spinner baits.Out again tomorrow.


April 20, 2005 - My last day with Joe Fineza and Jim McGaha. The day  was almost  as good as yesterday, one fish short of a limit, just could not put the big ones in the boat. I had spooled several reels with 10lb test line for trout and using that was a mistake. 3 spinner baits and 1 spoon are still swimming. Here is a couple of pictures of the guys on their last day. Jim offered me $20 to put his picture on the web with the big fish of the day, but I told him I would do it for free. Most of the fish fell to spinner baits with only a few caught on spoons. Capt.E.J.

Capt. Joe gave the Moritz`s who were staying at the Victoria Inn a taste of Louisiana fishing , redfish style. Here is a picture of the happy couple with a few fish from their limit. Spoons and H&H minnows on the bottom were their baits of the day.


April 19, 2005 - Joe and Jim sitting on Victoria Inn`s dock with a limit of redfish. With the wind already blowing and no tide to speak of ( no trout bite)  we gave the reds a shot this morning and it paid off. A limit of reds, six bass and one trout. Spinner baits and gold spoons were the bait of the day with most fish falling to the spoon. Joe was the man today catching seven reds. Out with them again tomorrow.


April 18, 2005 - Joe, Jim and I had a very late start, 9:30 to be exact. By the time we got to where were going the wind had kicked up to 20mph. We fished hard for the few fish we had, 2 reds, 3 bass, 2 trout and 1 drum. Out with the same guys tomorrow, hopefully it will be better.


April 17, 2005

  • The Mark Cavalier group from Baton Rouge fish with me on Saturday and Sunday. His father in law Mr. Eric J. Kidder caught the biggest fish that he has ever caught in his life and the boys are going to get it mounted for him for Father's Day. Most of the fish were caught on spinner baits and a few tightlining.

  • Capt. Joe`s group also caught a mess of trout and broke off several redfish.

  • Capt. Keith who fished the longest ended the day with a mess of reds.

  • Capt. Mike had Dan and Pat Spaulding. They managed to catch a fine mess of trout tightlining with glow/char. minnows.






April 16, 2005 - The Mark Cavalier group from Baton Rouge fish with me on Saturday and Sunday. His father in law Mr. Eric J. Kidder caught the biggest fish that he has ever caught in his life and the boys are going to get it mounted for him for Father's Day. Most of the fish were caught on spinner baits and a few tightlining.

Capt Mike had Don and April Moon.They managed to catch a fine mess of trout tightlining with glow/char. minnows. (Don Moon's Testomonial)


April 15, 2005 - The guys from Baltimore, Tim ,Tom, Mike and Tom spending a little vacation
time in New Orleans joined me for some Louisana red fishing. The weather today was as good as its gets. With light winds and clean water these guys boated a mess of red fish. All fish were caught on spinner baits except for the first one which was caught on a spoon. Here is a picture of a few of  the fish we caught, its all my livewells would hold. All fished were realeased to fight another day.


April 13, 2005
The wind gave us a break for 3 to 4  hours. My clients Karl Vanvalkenburg and his stepson from New York
on their first redfish trip proved to be very good fisherman landing a limit of redfish and several nice bass.
All fish were caught on spinner baits in shallow water. Capt. E.J
Capt. Mike had Joey and John from Louisiana and Robert and Robert Jr. from Ohio.They fished the ponds
early catching several nice reds and a few small ones.When the wind started blowing they moved to the canals 
catching some trout and bass.Most of their fish were caught on gold spoons.
April 12, 2005 - Ed ,  Cynthia,  Mckenzie Toll and Susan and Jennifer Roth and I all on one boat. The girls learned quickly and it did not take long to put several nice reds in the boat. Mckenzie was the winner of the day landing the most and also the biggest. Most of the fish were released but the few in the picture were kept for lunch at Jans. All fish were caught on spinner baits with H&H cocahoe purple/ char minnows.


April 11, 2005 - Even on windy days if you know where to look you can catch some nice bass like these. I left the dock at 7:45 with light winds and a light chop across the lake but by the time I arrived at my spot the wind had kicked up to 25mph or more. I fished the calmer side of the pond along a solid grassline landing 8 hefty bass, half on spinner baits and the other half on a 6" curly tail grape worm These guys smiled for a picture and are still swimming to fight  another day.


April 10, 2005 - After a couple of days off, its back to business. With low water and very windy conditions my clients Charles and Debra Fritts and I started the morning trying some dead end canals. After catching a few trout it was off to find some redfish. Here are a few nice ones that they brought home with them. Call now to get in on the action! Capt. E.J.


April 7, 2005 -  Scott, Brian and the boys with a nice a nice mess of fish they managed to catch on a very windy morning .  All fish were caught on spinner baits in shallow water.  The fishing is heating up, so book your trip now. 1-877-689-4120


April 6, 2005 - Due to the weather factor my clients Jim and Kay Crow and I decided to play it safe and stay close to the marina as possible. We decided to try an area where if the redfish did not bite we maybe could catch a few bass. By 8:45 the sky began to fall and with tornados in the area  we headed back to the dock with a few nice bass for lunch at Jans (only kept what we needed ) and the rest released to fight again.


April 5, 2005 - Jim and Kay Crow with a nice 7lb red fish that they kept for lunch at Jans
Cajun restaurant. Out again with the Crow`s tomorrow providing the weather
holds out.


April 3, 2005 - Jim Ferguson and his son Ryan joined me today . A nice mess of reds for lunch was all these guys wanted so we returned to the dock making a short day of it. At last a day of light winds and beautiful weather.


April 2, 2005 - A couple of New Yorkers, Sam and Dave with a couple of nice trout that we kept for dinner.



March 28, 2005 - My last day with the guys from Kansas. Dave, Tim, Steve, and Ron will be heading home tomorrow with three tough days of fishing behind them. We just did not get any cooperation from the weather or the fish, but once again I enjoyed the pleasure of their company. Thanks again guys. Here are a few pictures of the fish we caught today, a real mix bag.  Capt. E.J.






To read more reports from March 2005 and other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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