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April 2006

In April warmer temperatures are showing up but the fishing is already HOT! Redfish are thick in the ponds and they are very aggressive.

So give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120 and Let's Go Fishing! Capt. EJ

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May 1,  2006 - The Mississippi gang out with me again today. Jude, Edward, Daniel and Kevin who has fished with me many times before headed out early in search of trout. The first few areas had dirty water, no bait and no bird activity. It was off to the east side of Barataria bay, the water cleaned up and we found the fish. The action was HOT,  but it took 150 or more to put 48 keepers in the box. 3 reds and one drum also made it to the cleaning table. Conditions: light winds, stained water. Bait: glow beetle`s under a cork, Cocahoe`s on the bottom for the reds.

April 29, 2006 -  On Saturday we fished the Coe Solutions fishing rodeo. Capt. Mike, Capt. Bobby and myself and the gang headed out at 6:30 am. With the winds howling by 7am,  our only chance was protected ponds and canals. By 10am many boats were returning to the dock,  but we stuck it out catching a total of 40 fish between the 3 boats, with most of the fish beings reds. Conditions: as tough as it gets, winds 30mph plus. Bait: spoons and spinner baits. A big thanks to the guys for sticking it out with us. They worked hard for their catch.

Also on Saturday Capt. Keith had Chuck, Kyle, Blake and Thomas . They were here enjoying Jazz Fest and getting in some Louisiana fishing. A catch of 14 reds for a very windy day was about as good as it gets. Good job guys.


April 28, 2006 - A little friendly competition among friends. Like Keith told me when we were leaving the dock, David was the pro on the boat. The pictures say it all. This is what you call saving the best for last. A beautiful 12 pounder for the last fish of the day. Conditions: calm early turning very windy by 9am. Bait: Cocahoe`s on the bottom for the trout. Spinners baits for the reds. My kind of trip. All fish released to fight another day.

April 25, 2006 - Paul, Claire, James and I left the dock at 6:15 am with the wind already at 15 mph. Anywhere south was out of the question, so it was off to the ponds to hopefully catch a few reds. At lease the day turned out to be better than yesterday. 11 trout and 10 reds in some really tough conditions, very windy. Bait: Spinner baits and gold spoons.

April 24, 2006

Morning Trip: Kent and Esteban from Tennessee joined me this morning. Leaving the dock at 8am made for a difficult morning. The reds were nowhere to be found. 4 reds and 8 keeper trout. Bait: beetle's under a cork and spinners with smoke/char. Cocahoe`s.

Evening Trip: This afternoon I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve Stricker who is down here playing in the Zurich Classic Of New Orleans. The reds were hard to come by this afternoon as was the case this morning. One short of a limit, a beautiful 9 pounder and a hand full of nice trout in the short time that we fished. All fish released to fight another day. Conditions: Sunny and windy. Bait: spinners with smoke/char. Cocahoe`s.

April 23, 2006 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Malcom and Laura Miller from Gulfport Ms. This was Laura's first time hooking into a redfish a she quickly found out that its really a battle. Our first stop put 15 very nice trout and a couple of reds in the boat. Once that played out it was off to spot number two, to finish off their limit of reds. Conditions: light winds and clean water. Bait: O/D green cocahoe`s on the bottom for the trout, spinners for the reds. Out again tomorrow, Capt. E.J. 


April 22, 2006 - On Saturday Michael, Ed, Malvin, Greg and I left the dock at 6am. By the time we were south of Hackberry the wind had kicked up and the water was not very good, although we found some fairly clean places, it was nothing but small trout. 25 keepers out of the 80 or more we caught. Not having much luck with the trout it was off to the ponds, hopefully to put a few reds in the boat. In the last two hours we we managed to catch 14. Not bad for all the trout chasing we did. Conditions: windy and dirty water but clean in the ponds. Bait: beetle's under a cork for the trout and spinner baits for the reds.

April 15, 2006 - Saturday Capt. Bobby had the Rayan family from New Jersey and I had Russ Semler for day two. Capt. Bob and his group had 7 reds, 1 bass and a couple of trout. We had 6 reds and a couple of trout. The old saying, west is best and east is least is B S for Lafitte. A hard west, southwest wind made Saturday difficult, but we a did manage a few fish for dinner. Bait Spinners and gold spoons. Capt. E.J.

April 14, 2006 - Russ and I have fished together several times before. He is from New York and usually visits here every other year for work and pleasure. The water was low this morning but we worked some of the deeper ponds with spinner baits. 15 reds and a half dozen trout, all keeper fish with two reds over 10lbs. My kind  of trip. All fished released to fight another day. Out with Russ again tomorrow. Capt. E.J.


April 13, 2006 - My clients today Casey, John, Darion and Caleb left the dock at 6:15. Just a perfect Spring morning. We found birds diving but more than half the trout were to small so it was off we go to hopefully find some bigger fish. The boys had 2 bull reds on at the same time and manager to put both in the boat. Not bad for first timers. 8 reds, 24 trout and a flounder. The kids had a great time and can`t wait for dad to take them again. As always, remember to take a kid fishing. Conditions: sunny with light winds. Bait: O/D green pearl belly cocahoe`s have been smokin'!! Capt.  E.J


April 12, 2006 - Ned wanted to ckeck out some knew bass waters and that's mostly what we did today. From the Tank Pond to Mecom canal to the Servicecanal and back to Blue Point. 60 miles of searching only produced 6 bass but as an added bonus, 2 reds, 1 flounder and 5 very nice trout. Conditions: cloudy and windy. Bait: French fry worms with garlic spray, go figure.

April 11, 2006 - Can't really call my guest today clients, because really they are friends. Bill and Sylvia have fished with me many times before. Dale and Roy are owners of the Victoria Inn here in Lafitte. Today was one of those no pressure fishing trips, slow and easy. They just enjoy being out here and if we bag a few fish that's great.  Roy was the "man" for today and he even had a bigger fish break off at boat. 5 reds, 25 awesome trout and great friends. It doesn't get any better than that. Conditions: sunny and windy. Bait: spinners and O/D green pearl belly cocahoe`s on the bottom.


April 10, 2006 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with the Cartwright family from Virginia. It was their first time fishing in Louisiana and what a day it turned out to be. We had 27 inch reds on two at a time, lines crossed, reels screaming. By their own words it was the best fishing trip they ever had. Conditions: perfect, Bait: O/D green pearl belly Cocahoe`s on the bottom, its their time of the year. Capt. E.J.


April 9, 2006 - On Sunday Capt. Joe had Pete, Corey, J.R.and Curtis. The water had dropped considerably since Saturday which left very few ponds deep enough to fish in, but Joe did find one that was holding some fish. 13 reds and 20 trout put a smile on their faces. Cocahoe`s on the bottom and beetle`s under a cork was the bait for the day. Capt. E.J.

April 7, 2006 - The boys from Mississippi, Shelton, Thomas, Philip and Jeremy joined me today. Jeremy had fished with me before and today brought a new group along with him. With the wind blowing hard out of the south open water was not an option, so it was off to protected water in the duck ponds. It wasn`t easy but 14 reds, 13 trout, 5 bass and 1 flounder made it in the boat. Jeremy was the big fish winner with a 29 inch 10 pounder. Conditions: sailing and kite flying weather. Bait: H&H spinners with Smoke/char cocahoe`s.


April 6, 2006 - Day two with the Worley`s. With the wind blowing all night I knew that the trout we caught yesterday would be long gone and I was right, they were. Time for plan two so we were off to find some redfish. Yesterday no big fish were put in the boat but today was a different story. Today they caught the big fish they came here to catch. Two beautiful days of fishing with great clients,it doesn`t get any better than that. Conditions: sunny and windy, clean water. Bait: H&H spinners with Pearl O/D green cocahoe`s.


April 5, 2006 - The Worley`s from Monroe, La were my clients for today. We left the dock at 6:45 and headed to the place I had fished last yesterday. We never left spending all morning fishing a quarter mile of bank. The first three big reds never made it to the boat, kind of a catch and release start. As the morning passed we did manage to boat a mess of smaller ones, better eating anyway. 9 reds, 40 trout, a couple of bass and a nice catfish. Conditions : perfect and not many gnats, thanks Victoria`s Secret amber romance. Bait: smoke \char. H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. Out again tomorrow with the same crew.


April 4, 2006 - Round two with the Efird`s turned out to work as compared to the easy day we had yesterday. Yesterday we pounded the reds so today we headed south in search of trout and all we found was muddy water and wind. Spent most of the day in canals, 17 trout, 2 bass and 3 reds. Mr.Harris put it on the young boys today catching the most and the biggest red of both days. Conditions: windy, clean water in the canals. Bait; beetles under a cork, H&H cocahoes on the bottom.



April 3, 2006 - My clients for today the Efird`s, Jeff, Harold, Harris and Nick left the dock at 6:45, due to the time change we can sleep in a little longer. The bite was slow the first couple of hours but things picked up and another limit of fish was put in the box. Conditions: light winds and gnats, gnats , gnats. Bait: Spinner baits O/D green pearl belly cocahoe`s. Out again tomorrow with the same crew.



April 2, 2006 - Sunday , Donnie and Deryk from Folsom, La. Joined me for another trip in the marsh. The red fishing has been on fire and these guy were looking for some rod benders. Even with a late start the fish were still hungry. Conditions; sunny and breezy. Bait: spinner baits.




Capt. Mike`s crew from Sunday. Nolan and James had booked this trip on Saturday and with the conditions we have been having it didn`t take Capt. Mike to put these guys on the fish. A limit of reds and a mess of trout for the frying pan. All of there fish fell to spinner baits.


April 1, 2006 - My clients for Saturday were the Sandberg`s Ken and his two sons Jonathan and Stephen. We left the dock at 6am in search for redfish and redfish we found. This family had fished with me before and had planed to return last fall but due to he storms they put it off until now. Sometimes things work out for the best. Limits of reds and a few other fish for lagniappe. Conditions : light winds, sunny and lots of gnats. Bait; Spinner baits.



March 26, 2006 - Darrell, John ,Gaylin and I left the dock at 6:30. With the high winds the past few days our only option was to fish the canals. 24 trout, 3 bass, 1 flounder and 3 reds was the catch for the day. Most of the trout were caught under a cork. The bass and redfish on H&H smoke/char. Cocahoe`s on the bottom.


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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