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May 2006

In May warmer temperatures are showing up but the fishing is already HOT! Redfish are thick in the ponds and they are very aggressive. And the trout are usually on FIRE!

So give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120 and Let's Go Fishing! Capt. EJ

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May 31, 2006 - My clients for Wednesday Tom and John Timmerman and I left the dock at 5:45. I had to pick them up at a hotel in New orleans so it was an early morning for me. These guys had no intention of keeping any fish so I asked if they didn`t mind I would like to keep a mess for myself. I told the members at the last VFW meeting I would bring them a mess to cook up at next months meeting. The bite was on and after 50 or 60 trout and and 7 or 8 reds, only keeping 25 trout, it was back to the dock for an early morning. Thanks guys for the fish donation. Conditions: sunny
and hot with a falling tide.  Bait: glow/char cocahoe`s on the bottom. Out again tomorrow.


May 30, 2006 -Vince, his son Cody and I left the dock at 5:45 in search for the almighty Mr. redfish. It was not the slam bam we had yesterday but with lots of effort the boys managed to put 13 reds, a few trout and 1 flounder in the boat. All were released except the flounder which will be my dinner tomorrow night. Conditions: sunny and hot, clear water, light winds early. Bait: Spinner baits smoke/char.


May 29, 2006 - Awesome day of catching redfish in Lafitte. Capt. Bob had Dale, Ed, Frank and Jimmy. Capt. Mike had Kim and Kit Kaiser. I had the Knowles family for the second day. We fished trout yesterday and today they wanted to try for reds. 57 reds between the three boats. Bobby`s crew kept 20 and my guys kept 15. Mike had a catch and release crew, lucky him. Conditions: overcast with light winds. Bait; spoons and spinner baits.


SWAMP TOUR - Monday afternoon swamp tour with the Poczik family. Will be fishing with father and son in the morning.

May 28, 2006 - Sunday, a very busy day. Capt. Mike had the Brogdon family and the kids had a ball. They will grow up to be great anglers and outdoorsman. Capt. Tommy's group of Patrick, Bobby and Steven, had a beautiful mess of 15 to 20 inch trout. Capt Joe had the Peter Mikolavich party consisting of 5 guys, he had a crowd on the boat. I had the Knowles family who will be out with me again tomorrow. All of the boats had between 40 & 50 fish. Conditions: sunny and windy. Bait: Cocahoe`s on the bottom, smoke/char, glow/char, beetle's and shrimp under a cork and spinner baits for the reds.



May 27, 2006 - Morning Trip was for the Victoria Inn. Carol , Alvin and I left the dock at 5:45. Its been a couple of years since Carol has been fishing but all the redfish in the picture were caught by her, girls rock. I must say Alvin probably caught most of the trout. Conditions: sunny and hot, light winds. Bait: smoke/char ,glow/char cocahoe`s on the bottom.


Afternoon Trip - This was a wine and cheese party and a little redfish catching to go with it. This group of Savana, Rosa, James and J. left the dock around 3 and by 7 we had a box of reds. Some happy faces in this group picture. J had the big boy of the day a nice 9 pounder. Conditions; windy with rain. Bait; all fish were caught on gold spoons.


May 26, 2006 -  (Morning Trip) I am sitting here and writing this report and my butt is dragging after fishing 2 trips today and having to fish 2 tomorrow. My clients Doug and Iain from New Orleans had fished with me in January and it was all trout. Today they wanted to try for some redfish and that was music to my ears. The first couple of stops produced 6 or 7 fish but the 3rd stop was awesome. It was just like a couple of days ago when I was fly fishing, but today I had witnesses to the hundreds of redfish that were blowing up around the boat. By 11am these guys had sore arms and hands so it was back to the dock to clean some fish. Conditions: sunny and slick as glass. Bait: spoons and spinner baits and and probably the kitchen sink, if you wanted to try it.


Capt. Bobby had Mike MacAuthor, and his son Dwight from Florida. In Florida their redfish limit is only 1 per person. Boy were they in for a surprise. It was redfish slam for them also. They used spinners and gold spoons to catch their fish and had cooked up for lunch at Jan's restaurant.


Friday afternoon trip with Philip Federico and his son Torin. This
was my kind of trip, catch and release. Dad caught caught the fish of the day, but Torin had the only bass, a nice 2 pounder. Out again for a double header tomorrow.



May 24, 2006 - Fly Fisherman's Dream. 

Every once and a while on a day off I like to fish reds on a flyrod.
Today was a day like no other. Hundreds of reds were blowing large white shrimp out of the water. Every time I hooked on to a fish 50 or more would swim along side him, just awesome. The water would turn to gold all around the boat. I was using an 8wt Orvis rod and fly reel with a red & gold foil spoon. Get the lure anywhere around the school and hold on. Today even the guide was excited. Capt. E.J



May 22, 2006 - My guest today Paul Krutak from Lincoln, Ne. and I left the dock at 5:45 heading for Barataria Bay with trout on our mind. First stop, mother load. Paul had his limit by 7:15 and we only kept trout over 15 inches. After stoping at four of five other places and catching trout at everyone, it was off to find a redfish. 2 reds was all we could put in the boat so it was back to the dock to clean some fish. Conditions: light winds, clear water, awesome. Bait: cocahoe`s on the bottom, glow/char. Top dog, just about any color.


May 21, 2006 - My clients today, Bruce, Joe and Matt deceided to try for some redfish instead of going after trout. After a 30 minute boat ride and a half dozen cast Bruce put the first fish in the boat and by mornings end we had a limit in the boat. 14 we brought back and one big boy that was caught by Matt that was released till next time. Conditions: sunny with a light breeze. Bait: spoons and spinners.


May 20, 2006 - Kyle, Abby and Sherry joined me today. The girls are attending Southeastern University in Hammond. Today was almost a repeat of yesterday catching a fish here and there. Half the distance that I put on the boat yesterday. 16 that we brought to the dock, lots of throw backs and a 15lb black drum, caught by Sherry that was released to fight another day. Conditions: fair and sunny, extremely low water. Bait: smoke/char. H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. 


Capt. Joe`s crew Dewayne, Donald, Robert and Terry from
Mississippi had a fairly good day on the water. Even with the low water they managed to locate a mess of reds and a dozen trout and a flounder for a kicker. All of their fish were caught under a cork, plastic and shrimp. 

May 19, 2006 - My guest today Jason, Todd and Nick left the dock at 6:30am. Itseems someone has pulled the drain plug in Lafitte. Its hard to believe how low the water is down here. After putting 80 miles on the water we managed to catch 20 fish. That's about 4 miles a fish. It was one here and one there. Conditions: very low water, sunny and mild. Bait: smoke/char. Cocahoe`s on the bottom.


May 15, 2006 -  Today the Banderet family from Metairie joined me. Once again the wind prevented me from going to the area's I wanted to fish, so it was off to try and find some redfish. Today even that didn't work out. 5 reds and a hand full of trout for the day. A couple of good meals is about all they had. Capt. Joe's crew had about the same thing, a couple of reds and a dozen trout. Conditions: very windy. Bait: smoke/char. Cocahoe's on the bottom.


Evening - Mr. Henry with his limit of reds that we caught this afternoon. 2 on a spinner bait and 3 on a gold spoon. It took us all morning to catch 5 and this afternoon it took about an hour to catch a limit. You just never know, that's why they call it fishing.


May 14, 2006 - On Sunday I took the day off and had Capt. Nick take out a group of 4. They had a limit of bull reds and a few smaller ones. They were fishing an area in Little Lake that we all call the Windmill. The group had a great time!

May 13, 2006 - TodayI had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and George from Knoxville, TN. Most of the area's we fished had only small fish but we did manage to catch 9 reds, 2 drum and 33 keeper trout. Very unusual weather conditions the past few days, almost like a front in January, only just not as cold. Cold front conditions with very low water. Bait: cochahoe's, smoke/char. glow/char. on the bottom. Out again tomorrow.


May 10, 2006 - My clients today Gabriel and Don left the dock at 5:45. Just like yesterday the winds were howling out of the south. Today it was off to try something different. We headed to the southern side off Little Lake to see if we could put a few trout in the boat. Working the shoreline and cuts along the bank we managed to put 22 trout and 7 reds in the boat. 2 of the reds were 30 inches and were released to fight another day. Most of the trout were 15 to 17 inches. Conditions: cloudy and 20 mph plus winds. Bait: H&H cocahoe's smoke/char. On the bottom. I would like to thank the guys for putting the big fish back. They are fun to catch but are not the best ones to eat.


May 9, 2006 - With the winds howling before daybreak, Capt Joe and I had no other options of where to fish. So it was off to the protected ponds to chase redfish. Claire and Wayne fished with Capt. Joe,  and Joe and Malcolm, back for a second time, fished with me. 18 reds between both boats with a few quick releases, fish spit out the hook, line cut on the prop, hung up in the duck blind. Those usual excuses that us fisherman make. Anyway considering the conditions things worked out very well. Conditions: cloudy and very windy. Bait: Spinners with cocahoe's minnows, is there anything else.


May 7, 2006 -The Brogdon family fishing trip. J. Westley, at the young age of 75 was the man of the day with a 30 inch 12 pounder. I guess the boys will here about it all the way back home. Conditions: windy Bait: glow beetle's under a cork, H&H cocahoe`s , smoke/char fished  on the bottom. Fishing is doing great, as long as the weather conditions don't call for sailing.. May is one of out better months. Call now to reserve your day.


May 5, 2006 - Bill and Scott joined me today. They are staying at the Victoria Inn with their wives. The girls just love this place. Anyway, with all the trawling going on it was off to the ponds to find some redfish and it didn`t take long to put a limit in the boat with several over 27 inches that we released to fight another day. Even people from California can catch them. Conditions; Sunny with light winds. Bait Spinners with smoke/char Cocahoes


May 3, 2006 - My neighbor Henry and I left the house at 4pm on a short afternoon adventure to catch a few reds for his dad. We were back at 6 with his limit of reds and one 12 pounder that we released to fight another day. My kind of trip, Henry gets to clean the fish. Spinners with smoke/char. Cocahoe`s was the bait of the evening. The water was clean and the tide was high and there was no place in the ponds that you couldn't go. A very short productive trip.

May 1,  2006 - The Mississippi gang out with me again today. Jude, Edward, Daniel and Kevin who has fished with me many times before headed out early in search of trout. The first few areas had dirty water, no bait and no bird activity. It was off to the east side of Barataria bay, the water cleaned up and we found the fish. The action was HOT,  but it took 150 or more to put 48 keepers in the box. 3 reds and one drum also made it to the cleaning table. Conditions: light winds, stained water. Bait: glow beetle`s under a cork, Cocahoe`s on the bottom for the reds.

April 29, 2006 -  On Saturday we fished the Coe Solutions fishing rodeo. Capt. Mike, Capt. Bobby and myself and the gang headed out at 6:30 am. With the winds howling by 7am,  our only chance was protected ponds and canals. By 10am many boats were returning to the dock,  but we stuck it out catching a total of 40 fish between the 3 boats, with most of the fish beings reds. Conditions: as tough as it gets, winds 30mph plus. Bait: spoons and spinner baits. A big thanks to the guys for sticking it out with us. They worked hard for their catch.

Also on Saturday Capt. Keith had Chuck, Kyle, Blake and Thomas . They were here enjoying Jazz Fest and getting in some Louisiana fishing. A catch of 14 reds for a very windy day was about as good as it gets. Good job guys.


April 28, 2006 - A little friendly competition among friends. Like Keith told me when we were leaving the dock, David was the pro on the boat. The pictures say it all. This is what you call saving the best for last. A beautiful 12 pounder for the last fish of the day. Conditions: calm early turning very windy by 9am. Bait: Cocahoe`s on the bottom for the trout. Spinners baits for the reds. My kind of trip. All fish released to fight another day.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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