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May 2007

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June 1-2, 2007 - This weekend's action was nothing short of incredible. We had a couple boats out each day, managed to squeeze in some good weather and the fish decided to cooperate. On Saturday morning, my crew literally had one of the best bites we have had in quite some time. Numerous times we had 2, 3, and 4 on at a time. The kicker though, we were not catching trout, we were catching redfish. These were not your normal fish either, we hit a school of all BIG fish. We easily caught our limit of monsters, and let at least 30-40 more go that were over 27 inches. My crew was fishing in a rodeo, and they won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. So congrats to them. I am creating this report from out of town, so when I return on Tuesday, check back to see some outstanding photos. Until then, see ya on the water, Thanks, Capt. EJ



May 30, 2007 - Tuesday's trip was one of those last minute bookings. Gordan, a neighbor of mine had a couple of friends visiting from Tennessee. They had fished yesterday and his boat started giving him motor problems so he gave me a call to set up a trip for today. Once again the wind kept us off any open water so we headed for the ponds some redfish. 15 keepers, mostly 16 to 18 inches with 2 going 5 to 7 lbs, good eating fish. Shrimp under a cork was the bait of the day.

May 24, 2007 - My guest Thursday, Carl and Lisa Reitz from Kansas had fished with me a couple of years ago. Once again the wind was our worst enemy, it kept us in the small bays and duck ponds. Trout fishing wasn't going to be, so red fish turned out to be the fish of the day. Back at the dock at 11:30, a nice limit of reds, a few trout and one flounder only keeping a small red, 1 trout and the flounder for lunch. My kind of trip, catch and release. All fish were caught on smoke/char. cocahoe`s on the bottom.



May 18-21, 2007 - Friday I had Tim Ford and his friend Jamie from Florida, a very windy day. We managed several nice reds and a few trout for our effort. Friday afternoon I had  the Ben Azeredo party turned out similar results tightlining.  Berkley gulps and spinner baits were the bait of the day.
Saturday, Capt. Tony had the Mike Longwell party, this was a great crew that fished in tough conditions to catch 30 plus trout and 2 reds. I had Gary Denson and his friend Debbie. We managed to catch 16 nice trout and 2 reds on a short morning trip.
Sunday, Capt Bobby had Hughes Bourgogne and his two sons. 30 plus trout and a couple of reds was their catch in the stiff winds.
Monday, Capt Bobby had the Clint Boyd party and I had the Patrick Tompson party. We managed 60 plus trout and a couple of reds between both boats.  Bettle`s under a cork and H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom were the bait of the day. Hopefully this is the last front for the year and we can get into our normal summer pattern. The fish are out there if the weather permits





May 9-16, 2007 - Eight boats out this past weekend. Saturday Capt's. Kevin, Raoul, Tommy and myself had the Calvin Champagne party. Capt Kevin also had an afternoon trip with E.O. Dukes and Julian Dority. Sunday Capt mike had the Hilbert`s from Florida. Brenda caught the biggest trout of the day a nice 23 inch 4 pounder. Capt Tommy had  Chris and three of his friends who's names I didn`t get.

I had Michell Ursin, her son and mother for a Mother's Day party. Monday my good friends Bill and Sylvia joined me for some hot trout action. Fishing has been very good in Lafitte with mostly trout being caught. Catches from 30 to 80 trout and a few reds have been hitting the cleaning table. Glow beetle's under a cork and pumpkinseed/ chart. tail on the bottom have been the hot bait for me. Looks like a busy weekend coming up again. Fishing should remain excellent. Capt. E.J.



May 1 - 7, 2007 - My guest Monday, Tim And Sara were a long way from their state of Connecticut. I picked them up at 6 am at The Victoria Inn`s dock and the wind was already blowing. Our first couple of stops didn`t produce one bite and by then the wind was gusting 30mph plus. Another 20 minute boat ride found us some clean water and 10 nice redfish. Sara had the big fish of the day with a nice 9 pounder. All fish were caught on spinner baits, probably the only thing you could cast on a day like this. All fish were released to fight another day.

Over the weekend, Capt. Kevin had Kenny Inman and his wife from Metairie, and Capt. Bobby had Mary and Leo Norris, and Corie & Matthew Heden. Fishing was a little tough for them this weekend with stiff southeast breeze. Both boats ducked into the marsh to fish redfish. Capt. Kevin's crew ended the day with a few redfish and a couple trout, and Capt. Bobby also followed suit. Thanks to the crews that fished with us over the past week, and congrats to the Inman party who came down to stay at the Victoria Inn to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. All fish this weekend were caught on cochahoes with a spinner, gold spoons, and cochahoes tight lined.

Friday`s trip left the dock at 10:30. The weather chased us in
around 2, with only a hand full of fish before the heavy rains came.. Here is Sabrina Hardy with a real nice flounder. All the fish were caught on shrimp under a cork. The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link


April 26-30, 2007 - What a great weekend of fishing in the Lafitte area. Saturday I had Ken Sandberg and his two sons, Jonathan and Stephen. They have fished with me for the last several years, usually around Jazz Fest. We made the run to Barataria Bay to catch a few trout and then it was off to find some redfish, which is what they wanted most of all. They enjoy them on the half shell on the BBQ pit and ended up with 5 gallons of fish to take home. Conditions: light winds and clear. Bait: spinner baits, smoke/char. For the reds, tight lining smoke/char cocahoe's for the trout.

Saturday afternoon trip with Brian Loui and Shy Darnell. They came all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii to fish with us and as hard as it is to believe Shy caught the biggest fish of her life here in Louisiana. The fish were still where I had left them that morning. The trout had shut down but the red fish were still hungry and still smacking that spinner bait.

Capt. Mike`s party for Saturday morning, Dennis and Helen Ownby. They had headed out with us in search of speckled trout, but also returned to the smaller inland bays in search of redfish. Here are a few pictures of some of their catch.

Monday`s trip with Don and Bob here with the insurance convention in New Orleans. The guys didn`t want to leave early so it turned out to be a 10am departure time. It was kind of what I call a picnic trip. Bring some lunch and a few beers or maybe lots of beer. The trout bite was over but the redfish gave us plenty of action. The guys boated over a limit of fish and we were back by 2pm, all catch and release. My kind of trip. Spinner baits have been the hot bait for me the past few days.




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