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May 2008

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May  30, 2008 - Day two with Gary and Jon green from Texas. Started in the same area where we had caught our fish yesterday and the pattern was just about the same. Slow for the first hour or so and then things got hot. 40 plus redfish one flounder, and on our way back to the dock at 10:30. I would like to thank the Green's for two enjoyable days of fishing and for bringing me lunch on both days. Good fisherman and good company, it doesn't get any better than that. Gary, when you read this my wife says thanks for her half of the you know what. Will have reports from Capt. Barry and Tommy tomorrow.

May  27 - 29, 2008 - The Green team, Gary and Jon Green fish with us visiting from Texas. We left Victoria Inn at 5:45 sharp. First stop was a bust, not a bite, so it was off to hopefully find something to put in the box. Second stop, same results but on the third stop we struck gold. First two fish in the boat were over 27 inches. Measured 6 more larger than that, all released to fight another day. Kept 10 for their limit out of the 35 plus we caught. Same father and son party for tomorrow and they want redfish. I think we will start at stop number three first. Great Trip, thanks guys!


May  26, 2008 - Fished today with the Victoria Inn party, for day number 2. Today was Scott's birthday and here is with his first redfish, which made for a great gift.Trout fishing has begun to pick up, but with all of the great red fishing, most customers would rather sling some bronze backs over the gunnels and into the box. Out the next few days, check back for some updates.

Capt Barry had Ron and Ron Jr.. They fished with us on Memorial Day. Back to the 90 degree temps once again. A dozen trout and a mess of reds to take back to Marrero. Cocahoess on the bottom and shrimp under a cork produce our fish for today. Points and cuts along the bank with moving water seemed to hold most of the fish. Stick and move was the pattern. Don't spend much time in any one place. When they quit move again.


May  25, 2008 - Sunday Capt. Barry had Gerald and Karen from Tennessee and Roy and Kristina from Texas. I had the Bordelon family from Marksville. The bite wasn't as good as it has been the past couple of days but both boats still managed to catch a nice mess of reds and also a few flounder. Spinner baits in blk/char. seemed to be the hot bait for today. It had to be the lightest winds we have had in several weeks and the hottest day this year. Out again tomorrow with the party I had from Victoria Inn on Saturday.



May  24, 2008 -  Brian and Sheri Wynn from Alabama joined me today. This was their first time fishing with us and the first time red fishing for Sheri and she was not disappointed. They do mostly bass fishing in rivers back home and like to throw spinner baits, boy were they at home. A fine limit of 22 to 26 inch fish and a dozen or so released to fight another day


May  22, 2008 -Today was 4 boats, and 4 easy limits of reds for all of our customers. David and Anna Sawyer fished with Capt. Mike, and Billy and Ethel Prescott joined Capt Joe .  Both parties left Victoria Inn dock at 6am  with redfish on their minds .Nice limits of reds plus a few more, only keeping a few for dinner and releasing the rest to fight another day. Spinner baits and shrimp under a cork produced all of the fish. They are both back on the water with the same parties tomorrow, and hoping for the same results.


Today was Day 2 with the Texas bunch. The guys decided to switch guides from yesterday to mix it up. Today Tom landed his largest redfish ever on the trip. Both groups again ended the day with the easy limits of fish, and kept just a few for dinner and also released the rest for another day. My crew was done at noon and headed to the dock just before the weather broke. Capt. Barry arrived 45 minutes later, only getting a little wet. Two great days of red fishing, what else can you do on these windy days, but that's what they wanted anyway. Spinner baits were the hot bait once again, (purple and chartreuse H&H cocahoes) but we did catch one on topwater. Jan's cooked up some of their catch for dinner last night and the guys said it was awesome. 3 boats out again tomorrow if the weather holds. Thanks everyone, for the fun fishing the last 2 days.





May  21, 2008 - The Schill group from Texas, James, Bob, George, Bill, Jim and Tom joined Capt. Barry and I for some Louisiana redfishing. These guys do a lot of bass fishing, {my kind of sport}. They are true fisherman and only wanted to use artificial lures, spinner baits, black/char, purple/char and pearl/OD green H&H cocahoes were the only colors we used. Both boats ended the day with a nice mess of reds, some for dinner at Jan's and some to take back to Texas, that's after we fish them again tomorrow. Would be nice if the wind would give us a break. But as long as the reds are biting, we'll take it. All fish were caught on the N/NE side of Barataria Bay towards the river.

May 12 - 19, 2008 - Saturday I had the Schepens party and Capt. Tommy had the Barrios party. Monday I had the the Furlong party. On both days we traveled more than 70 miles to put a mix bag of fish in the box. Today the water in Barataria Bay was as dirty as it gets. You have to move around to find clean water. Beetles under a cork and purple/char cocahoes on the bottom. I also forgot to post a trip from last week. Capt. Barry had the Jermaine Page party from Mississippi. They caught their limit of reds. Shrimp under a cork was the bait of the day for them.


May 10 - 11, 2008 - We had our limit of reds Saturday plus about 20 more smaller ones and 12 keeper trout. Sunday was slower with 2 keeper reds and about 6 throw backs with 10 trout added to the ice chest. The crew had a great time both days, and had plenty of fish to take with them for dinner.

April 29- May 7, 2008 - I have been is Mississippi for the past few days, so I`am just catching up on some of our recent trips. I had the Diller party out on Friday. Once again very windy. A few trout and 9 reds for our effort.  Capt. Barry had the Minkoff family, a limit of reds on Saturday, rough weather and all. Sunday they tried the trout with not much luck, so it was back on the reds only catching 5 or 6.  Sunday Capt. Tommy had the Cook party 30 plus trout with only 9 keepers and 1 drum. Monday Capt. Barry had Jeff Comer and Terry King. A bag of trout brought home for dinner.  Tuesday Capt Mike had Bill and Rob from New York. No fish were kept but several nice reds were caught and released. Hopefully the wind will give us a break and allow us to fish our trout areas. See you on the water, Capt. E.J.

April 21-28, 2008 - Great Fishing and Great Weather was the theme this week.

This week the fishing continued to be real strong for us. With most boats targeting trout early in the week, and redfish the last couple of days. Trout have been caught early in the morning, and usually fast. Guides and customers leave the dock at safe light, and usually after a 25 minute ride, the anglers are slinging trout over the side an onto ice. We have been fishing around Barataria Bay, as well as to the north east side of the Barataria Bay. Been seeing loads of shrimp popping all over the surface, and nice groups of birds working the school trout. We have been fishing with glow beetles under a popping cork, and the trout have been hammering them. Low tide this week has been in the early morning hours, so we have been fishing an incoming tide most of the week. Towards the latter part of the week, the redfish bite had taken off. With schools of baby mullet cruising up and down the banks of area bays, the redfish are finally out of the ponds and gorging themselves on the mullets. We have been fishing the areas around Lake Salvador, Rigolets, and the shores of Turtle Bay and Little Lake. Capt. Kevin got on an insane redfish bite on Saturday morning, and the fish would only take the purple and chartreuse cocahoe with a spinner. He said he tried the Baby one minus, the new Berkley Mullet and gulp shrimp, gold spoons, and the fish were reluctant to hit anything but the spinner bait. The redfish have been quality fish as well, with most fish going between 25-30 inches.

On Thursday I had Chuck Sharamataro and his son Kyle back for their yearly Jazz Fest trip. 15 trout and 10 plus reds for their effort. All fish caught tight lining. On Saturday Capt. Tommy, Barry and myself had the Mike Witte bachelor party. We had set 8:30 as a departure time, too many Coors, a flat tire, getting lost and the guys showed at 11:30. With only a couple hours to fish we put a few trout and 1 keeper drum in the boat, enough to send them to Jan's for lunch. Everything caught on beetles under a cork.

Got some boats open this week with some nice weather, if you want to take advantage of our all inclusive trips, please call. You will not be disappointed.


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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