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May 2009

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May 29-31, 2009 - Weekend Report.

An unusual late May cold front came rolling through the Bayou State last Thursday and made for a really tough weekend for fishing. Although the weather was simply perfect, the tide fell almost 2 feet, and turned the aggressive attitudes of the fish off. Our captains worked really hard, and all of our customers ended their days with limits, or near limits of redfish anyhow. Just not the numbers of fish we caught pre-front. Lake Salvador was off, and most of our fish were all caught south near Little Lake, Plum Point, Turtle Bay, and Bayou St. Denis.

On Friday I had the the Mike Duffy party. They  had fished offshore on Thursday and caught a mess of amberjack. Most of the guys had never caught a redfish and that's what they wanted to do. We had a late start and by the time we made it to our first stop the wind had already picked up, but it did slack off by mid morning. Water conditions were clear, no clouds and a light chop. Reds, flounder and a few blue crabs all caught on H & H spinner baits, Blk/chart and purple/chart .

Saturday I had Dennis and Suzette Hubbel, this trip was for the Victoria Inn. This crew worked hard through a very slow morning bite, and then the action heated up around 9 or so, and then they landed their limit of redfish plus 1/2 dozen throw backs.

Sunday Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike D. had 2 great crews. They met their crews at the dock and headed off to the redfish grounds early to start working their spinner baits and tight lined cochahoes on the bank. The weather was flat calm, and hot, and in short order the guys beat up on the redfish, and finished off their limit.

It was a very enjoyable weekend, and I want to say thanks to everyone who fished with us this weekend, we really appreciate you!


May 28, 2009 - Thursday was ladies day with Mindy and Lynne. The ladies started the day throwing shrimp under a cork to make it easy on them. Once I figured out that they could really fish, it was time to start trolling the banks with spinner baits, and see if they could handle some bigger fish. Well they looked like seasoned vets!  The girls turned out to be some very good fisherman and ended the day catching 30 plus reds and 1/2 dozen bay snappers between the two of them. Another fantastic trip in Lafitte. Weather was great, light winds, and clear water! Going to fish trout in the morning first, so check back for some updates if you have weekend plans in Lafitte.

May 27, 2009 - Day 2 with the boys from Georgia, the Eavenson`s. Left the dock really early this morning. We we greeted with a nice sunrise and flat calm seas as we made the run to Barataria Bay through  Mud Lake on to Manilla Village. The Birds were everywhere, but mostly small school trout. Let the guys pick off a couple keepers and then moved to Hackberry where we found some decent fish. Capt. Barry and his crew fished a little further south and also found some keepers. After a couple of hours of popping corks it was off to find some redfish which were waiting for us. Ended the day with 2 fine boxes of fish. We used Popping corks with glow beetles for the trout and spinner baits blk/chart for the reds. Out the next several days, so check back!

May 26, 2009 - After a mice 4 day memorial day weekend, it was time to get back to business. On tap for today was day one with the Eavenson family. We fished these guys in December of last year and caught trout, so today we thought we would give the reds a try.

After a slow start in the duck ponds we made a move to little lake and found a few fish that were hungry. The guys were pounding the lakeshore as we trolled up and down. They ended the day with 27 nice reds between both boats. Spinner baits and tight lining blk/chart. Cocahoes. Capt. Barry and I are out with the same group tomorrow. If the winds are down we may give the trout a try for a few hours.


May 22, 2009 - This morning we had 2 more boats out fishing. On Capt. Barry's boat we had Jody and Lucy, and Connie and Joe fished on my boat. Both couples were staying at the Victoria Inn. Connie and Joe have fished with me at lease half a dozen times before. (Everyone should remember them, Connie is the gal who throws a baitcaster better than most men).  We picked the couples up early at the Victoria Inn. We knew the weather wasn't looking so great before we left. But with a stiff East Wind, cloudy skies, we made our way over to where the redfish have been at the last several days. As it has been everyday this week, we were there for about 5 minutes with the first redfish of the day turned Joe's one piece rod into a two piece rod. We had our 10 fish limit in the boat before 630, and played catch and release for another 2 hours. The rain came, and we got soaked standing in it, but who cares when you are catching redfish on every single cast. The girls put on a clinic on catching fish. Around 845, and 50 fish later, everyone was soaked and ready to head back to the dock. Capt. Barry stayed a little while longer, but made his way back soon after us.  All fish caught on shrimp on the bottom. The weather is not looking very good for the weekend, may have to cancel what trips we have. Thank you to the 2 crews that fished with us the morning, we appreciate it.



May 21, 2009 - Day 2 with the Jim Schill group was just about a repeat of yesterday. The only difference was that the guys changed boats. After a trophy bluegill yesterday George wasn't going to be outdone landing an awesome 5 inch goggle eye. The guys once again caught redfish all morning long. With multiple double and triple hookups, it was just a short while before the guys caught their easy limits once again. For the next 5 hours, both boats, caught and released dozens of great redfish to fight another day. All fish were caught on shrimp on the bottom. I would like to thank this crew for fishing with us once again, it was definitely our pleasure, and hope to have everyone back soon. Out tomorrow if the weather holds.


May 20, 2009 - After two hard earned days off, I was back out on Wednesday's  with the Jim Schill party. The sad thing is Jim got a phone call at 1 AM that morning from his wife with terrible news that his mother had passed away. The crew had drove here from Texas, and he didn't want Bob, Jimmy, Tom, Karl and George to miss the trip, so they brought Jim to the airport early this morning to catch a flight back to Dallas. Our sincere condolences go out to Jim and his family. The guys had a great trip on day one, and was wishing Jim could have been there with them. After 2 days of letting the water settle down, I headed back to the redfish hotspot early. When we arrived on site, we found the water to be fair, but saw schools of redfish on the surface. It was a matter of making of couple cast to find out where to drop anchor and set up shop. Once we did it was on. The guys on my boat, as well as Capt. Barry's boat limited out in an hour, and for the rest of the morning we released redfish after redfish until the guys had enough and we returned to the docks. Once again we had to land over 100 redfish between both boats, easy! The feeding frenzy was so strong, that even a small little bluegill decided he needed to get in on the action, and inhaled a shrimp. I would have to say after all of my years fishing, I have never caught a bluegill while fishing for redfish. Baits of the days were spinner baits and shrimp on the bottom.


May 18, 2009 - Monday afternoon trip with Mike Vissichelli and Andrew Dangler. What can I say, conditions were as bad as they can get. Thought things wouldn't be terrible since the wind was better in the evening that they were in the morning. That Cold Front (yes Front in Mid May) killed the fishing.  Left from Cocharia's around 2:30. When I left the dock the water was terrible all the way to Little Lake, Bay Round, Bay Long, Three Bayou Bay. Back thru Texaco, found one spot with some clean water. So that is where we set up shop, and the crew worked hard for their 4 keeper reds and 3 bass. All fish were caught on Spinner baits, blk/chart, what else. Can't win everyday. The fishing will be back off the charts once the tide comes up, and the water settles down.

Still have a boat open for Saturday due to a late cancellation, give us a call if you would like to get in on some of the great Louisiana Fishing that we are spoiled too!



May 15-17, 2009 - Another weekend bachelor party. The Scott Steenrod bachelor party, Scott, Joe, Wes, Jon, Richard, Allen, Troy, Scott, and Jeff were in town to have a good time and enjoy some good food. Capt. Tommy, Barry and I provided the good time with the guys catching over 100 redfish between the three boats. We kept enough fish for Jan's to provide the good food. Shrimp on the bottom, under a cork, but the better fish were caught on spinner baits and top dogs.

Capt. Mike fished the Sawyer's, David & Anna. They  fished for 2 days catching over 44 keeper reds. Great folks to fish with. Thanks to all our customers that fished with us this past week. Out all week so check back.


May 14, 2009 -

Another 40+ Redfish Day!

We all know the trout are out there, but when you can catch all the reds you want up to 9 pounds, what do you do? My customers today said they wanted to get in on the fantastic redfish bite, so off we went. Capt. Mike D. had David and Anna Sawyer who have fished with him the last couple of years. I had Jeff  Mackert and Donna Catapano. Both couples were staying at the Victoria Inn. We left the dock early and made our way to the redfish hotspot, and it was only a couple casts until the first fish decided to show these folks was sheer power is all about. For the rest of the morning, we caught and released these bronze beauties..  All fish caught on spinner baits. They kept 2 and we kept 4 for dinner. I had problems with my motor on the way in ,its running on 5 cylinders , so I'll keep this short. I've got to get old Nellie Belle, my back up boat, ready for the next couple of days. Pics to come.

May 12, 2009 - The Onslaught Continues!

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with John Devites and Don Carter. When I am telling you we caught fish all day, we caught fish all day! Left the dock early to flat calm conditions. Made for a great ride out. Arrived on scence to find decent water, and lots of bait. Started trolling, and before long, wham, a big red decided he was ready to meet his making. For the remainder of the morning, it was same ole, same ole. Throw in a dozen nice trout and it would have been a topped off box. But, at the customers request we only kept 6 reds, and 6 trout for lunch again at Jan's. All in all, we probably caught and released 6 limits of redfish to fight another day. Just a perfect day to be on the water!


May 8-10, 2009 - Lafitte Weekend Report

Needless to say, the winds decided to start laying down, and as we have been saying for the last 2 months, as soon as the winds quit, the fishing was going to bust loose. The shrimp and baitfish are everywhere and the speckled trout bite, as well as the redfish bite has now topped the charts. The water everywhere is finally starting to settle and get clearer by the day. We fished all weekend, and just about all boats put a dent in the fish population. We caught plenty of redfish, and trout.

Friday, Capt. Mike, Barry and I had the Nick Swyka bachelor party. Friday was on the breezy side. We caught  lots of reds,  and we all went and had a great lunch at Jan's. Saturday Capt. Tommy had a couple for the Victoria Inn. He picked up where we left off, and easily nailed over 30 redfish. Sunday Capt. Barry had a group of northern boys and once again it was only redfish, plenty of them! Spinner baits for most of the fish, but some did fall to gulp shrimp under a cork. I have to admit, and I am willing to bet that if you are reading this report you feel the same way, there is nothing like a big red nailing your spinner bait. The thrill of that first mad dash for freedom, the rod doubled over, and to hear that high pitch squeal of your power pro braided line stretched to the max, there is just nothing like it. Well, if you are one of the many whose charter is coming up, get ready, because it is on!



May 7, 2009 - Today was my last day with Mr. Jessie after 3 great days of fishing. I hope I can do the things he does when I am 80. He gave it hell for three straight days. Today was the best of the three days. With light winds and clear water, he ended up catching his limit of reds and trout. He even had several battles with three big bull reds. He said next time he wants a broomstick for those guys. Salt & pepper beetles under a cork for the trout and blk/char spinner baits for the reds. Thanks for fishing with us Mr. Jessie, hope to join you again in the future. Out with a bachelor party tomorrow, should be fun.



May 6, 2009 - Day 2 with Mr. Jessie didn't turn out like I would have hoped, no fishing for trout today, it was redfish once again. We may try again tomorrow if the winds are down. Capt. Barry had a couple of local guys who were playing hooky from work, so no names are going to be written. He had a dozen fish, reds and trout and Mr. Jessie had his limit, mine and maybe a dozen more.

All fish caught on H&H spinner baits with blk/char.cocahoes




May 1-5, 2009 - Friday: I had the Jeremy Shows party from Hattiesburg, MS.  Conditions that day were the same that they were for the 2 weeks prior. Windy. So off to the ponds we went. Armed with Spinner baits and shrimp, we went to trolling the banks on the east side of the bayou. The water clarity was good, and the fish were feeding. We ended the day with a nice box of reds, and trout. The guys had a great time, and went home wind burnt.
Saturday and Sunday:Capt. Tommy and I had the Mike Desoto party from Marksville, La. and Capt. Barry had the Omar Zelaya party. Saturday was by far the best day as far as the weather was concerned, because Sunday we had to be approaching gale force. Our crews were determined to get out there and catch fish, and so were we. All boats tooks of towards Myrtle Grove to again fish in the high water duck ponds. With just enough grass, and clear water, all boats caught beautiful boxes of fish. Most fish were caught on spinner baits, gold spoons, and dead shrimp under a cork.
Yesterday Capt. Mike D. and I had the Mike Desoto group for day number 3. I have to really thank this crew, they always fish with us, several times a year, and really are good friends, and great fisherman. The winds weren't terrible yesterday, but we had greener pastures in mine. We headed to our new secret redfish hotspot, and started catching fish right away. In 3 hours both boats were almost to our limits, when we got the phone call that we had so serious weather on the way. So I advised my crew, that it was time to go, and they were ready. We made it back to the dock, got the fish cleaned, right before the rain let loose.
Today I had one man crew,  Jesse Mafuild. Jesse is 80 years young, and is from Cambridge, MA. He is an excellent fisherman, and a very interesting man. With very light winds, Yes, I said light winds, we went after redfish. Would have given the trout a try, but I know the water will be chocolate milk for the next couple days. We ended the day with a very easy limit of reds, and several good keeper size trout. Tomorrow, I am going to make the run for trout, and do a check it out kind of thing, since I know where the redfish are. Will be a nice break, and a nice change of scenery for me.
We are booked up pretty good the rest of the month. If you are looking for any weekend dates, you need to call today if you would like a boat. Also, we have a few days remaining during the middle of the week on my boat, so if you want to go, just let me know. We are all inclusive, every detail is taken care of for one price. From Licenses, drinks, to the fish cleaning on ice on your way home, and every detail in between. Let me do the work while you enjoy. You will not be disappointed. Hope to fish with you soon. Check back tomorrow on the Barataria Bay, Little Lake, Hackberry Scouting report.


As Always, Thanks!


Capt. EJ




To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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