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Fishing forecast for June

May was a great month for fishing! Many limits of redfish were caught, as well as many limits of speckled trout. The weather in Louisiana was very dry, and for the most parts winds were light. The water clarity has been outstanding, and I think it will continue with the low Mississippi River levels. Summertime southeast winds will push in the pretty green water from the gulf, so speckled trout limits should continue. Fishing strong tides this month should produce nice catches of reds, and specks. The shrimping season is in full swing so its a feeding frenzy out there; be sure to book your trip and get in on the action.

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June 30, 2005 - Every once a a while I have the pleasure of fishing with some very good fisherman , as was the case today. My trip today for the Victoria Inn with the Stevenson`s was as easy as it gets. They boated 50 or so trout but only 17 keepers, 6 nice reds and 1 flounder. The weather chased us in early but still a nice catch for the time we had. I beleive they enjoy fishing as much as I do.  Good fishing and good fisherman , you can`t ask for anything more. Thanks for a great day.



June 29, 2005 - Every year I donate one fishing trip to the Swollfest fishing rodeo which benefits the American Diabetes Association. Jamison Bagwell won this years trip and he brought along three of his friends. With very litle tide movement we managed to put 30 fish in the box with that many throw backs. Here is a picture of the trophy redfish that was caught today or maybe it was the bait was the trophy.



June 26, 2005 - Robert Weinmann, his mother and his son Bobby joined me today. After a late start due to some early morning thunderstorms not many places we tried produced fish. Mom caught the most trout, and of the 15 or so reds we caught we called it a draw. Big fish went to Bobby with a nice 7 lb red.


On Sunday Capt. Mike by request had the Pat McCurnin group. Mike has been fishing the same area the past few days with respectable catches of trout each day. Most of his fish are falling to bayou chub minnows tight lining.



June 25, 2005 - Capt. Mike and I fished the Marla Hony group from Mississippi. Without much help from my boat, Capt. Mike`s crew picked up the slack and the
gang ended the day with enough fish for a family fish fry.


June 24, 2005 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Boyce Davis and Bob Bassett from Prescott Az. They had been wade fishing in Grand Isle for the past three days. Today they wanted to give the red fish a try so thats what we did. Boyce had the big fish of the day with a 10 lb beauty with no spots. We also had three nice flounder.




June 23, 2005 - Our last day with the Reams and the Reese`s. Capt. Bob and I set out to catch red fish.  Between both boats we caught and released over 35 reds The Reams were the champs of the day with a 28 inch red. Not one trout was landed by either boat but the Reese`s did manage to catch two nice flounder. Thanks for three great days of fishing.




June 22, 2005 - Capt. Joe fished the Marjorie Bowen group from Texas, Betty , Virginia , Robert and Marjorie. The first day turned out to be very productive but on day two they worked hard for the fish they caught. The accommodations at the Victoria Inn and the food at Jans was enjoyed by all. The gang will be back in the fall to try again. Thanks a bunch.



Capt. Mike had the pleasure of fishing with Victoria Diebold and Chip Hart from Cincinnati, OH. They caught and released most of their fish but they did keep a few which  Mike and I  had for lunch. Thanks guys, as always it was great.



The Reese`s and the Reams were at it again trying to see who could out do who. Day two turned out to be just like yesterday with the big trout going to the Reams at 16 inches and the big red to the Reese`s at 29 inches and 10 plus pounds.



June 21, 2005 - Capt. Bob and I fished an afternoon trip. He had Bill Reams and his son and I had Donald Reese and his son. It was a battle for biggest trout and biggest red fish . Day one went ot the Reams for a 16 inch trout and the Reese`s took big red at 25 inches. Day 2 tomorrow.



June 20, 2005 - My guest for today were Frank, Darren, Gary, Harvey, and Shane. My 22ft Bay Stealth had its work cut out. These guys knew what they were doing and it made for a very enjoyable day, even with 6 people on the boat. With windy conditions and limited areas to fish we managed over 30 fish. All fish were caught on H & H cocahoe minnows 1/4oz head on the bottom.


June 19, 2005 - Capt. Joe and I fished a crew from the Victoria Inn. A front had moved in overnight, with strong winds and muddy water both boats had a total of 20 fish. With the bite not so good we made a short day of it to spend the rest of Fathers day with our families.


June 18, 2005 - After a busy weekend its time to get caught up on my fishing reports. I had the pleasure of fishing with John Bergeron and his son John Jr. on Saturday. The first area we fished had several schools of drum swimming by and we managed to hook up 7 or 8 only boating 4, all on plastic. The next few stops produced 6 reds 4 trout, 1 flounder and a bass. The guys left with a nice mess of fish for the grill.


Capt. Tommy fished the Shawn Curtis group, Kelli, Haley, Kevin and Shawn.
They caught over 30 nice trout fishing the reefs with plastic on the bottom.They were here bowling in a tournament in Baton Rouge. Shawn said the fishing went a lot better than the bowling.



June 16, 2005 - Today has to have been one of the hottest days of the year. The fish we caught were not stacked up anywhere. It was two or three fish here and there. My guest Wayne Stogner and his friends Dwight and Tony tried over a dozen places. All fish were caught on H & H minnows purple/char.- smoke/char. off the bottom working points with moving water. By the end of the day we managed to put 29 fish in the box with at least that many throw backs. All in all the guys had a great time and left with a nice mess of fillets for dinner.


June 14, 2005 - Every now and then you have to change tactics, lay your rod down and take care of the kids.  Today was one of those days with the Blakely family, Jamie, Josh, Zack, Devin and Jackson from Baton Rouge.  No matter if its big fish or little fish as long as something is pulling on the line the smile on their faces says it all. The day started off rather slow but after making a dozen stops 15 nice fish made it to the ice chest with many more little ones released to fight another day. We even had a 12lb red fish that everyone had a turn in landing.



June 13, 2005 - Another satisfied group from the Victoria Inn with a nice mix bag of reds trout and flounder. Capt. Mike also had a couple from Cody, Wy. and they managed to catch 7 nice reds.



June 10 - 11, 2005 - Friday and Saturday the Waller`s, Karen, Kyle and Gene from Heber Springs, Arkansas joined me on one of my 2 day fishing packages. With a tropical storm close by in the gulf only Friday turned out to be a fair day. Saturday the fish pretty much shut down, although Karen manage to catch the two largest fish of the day. The company was great and the food was also.  You cannot control mother nature. Once again a close call for southern Louisiana. I will have some other reports from Capt. Mike as soom as his guest emails me the pictures.









June 9, 2005 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Pat Randall and his dad. They usually fish on the east side of the river but today they decided to give the west side a try. The redfish did not co-operate  catching only three but we did manage to catch over 25 nice trout and one flounder. All fish were caught tight lining smoke/char. cocahoe minnows with a 1/4 oz.jig head.



June 8, 2005 - Today I fished a group for the Victoria Inn,  Clent, Shana, Josh and Danielle visiting here from Georgia. We left the dock at 6:30 in search of red fish. After a dozen were in the boat it was off to hopefully find a few trout ending the day with 25 in the ice chest. Reds and trout for dinner at the Victoria Inn and a couple of bags of fillets to bring back home.



June 7, 2005 - Vacation is over and its time to get back to the business and hand, catching fish that is and today was a good example of that. My clients David Lee and Kenny Zediker from Georgia boated over 20 reds and 13 keeper trout. Due to the  bad weather we had overnight we waited till morning to decide on a departure time which ended up being 7am. Even with a late start they ended up with a nice mess of fish and a few of them went to Jans for lunch.



June 1 - 6, 2005 - Captain EJ is on Vacation, please check back.



To read more reports from May 2005 and other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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