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June 2006

In June warmer temperatures are showing up but the fishing is already HOT! Redfish are thick in the ponds and they are very aggressive. And the trout are usually on FIRE!

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 June 30, 2006 - Capt. Mike had the L.J. Fernandez group and I had the Pat Thompson group. A very tough day on the bayou, 33 fish between both boats. This north wind has made for winter like conditions, low muddy water. The fish that were caught today wanted glow beetle`s under a cork only. Hopefully things will improve for tomorrow.

 June 23 - 26, 2006 - Capt. Mike, Capt. Bob and myself fished several groups over the weekend. Friday ,the Tyrone Hughes party. Saturday a m with the Hendersons. Saturday with a group for the Victoria Inn which turned out to be an adventure with all the bad weather we had. Sunday am with George and Jo Lods. The front we had slowed down the bite considerably. Most of our weekend trips produced a mix bag of 12 to 15 fish with Friday being the best catch of 30 trout and a few reds. Conditions: high
pressure, clear and windy, low water. Bait: spinners and glow/char
cocahoe`s on the bottom.

 June 22, 2006 - Day two with James and Luckett was just about a repeat of Tuesday. The bite was not as steady but with a little moving around we found the reds they were looking for. They also had a few trout for a kicker. Most of the fish were caught around points and pockets with moving water. For having only one hand and a hook this man can fish. This is what I call a built on boga grip. Conditions: sunny and hot, light winds, clean water. Bait: glow/char, pumpkin seed/char cocahoes with spinners and on the bottom.

June 21, 2006 - The Harold Foss party joined me today. Today was another one of those too many throw back days. Had to move around a lot, catching most of our fish on points and underwater reefs. Still ended the day with a great catch. 25 or so keeper trout (bunch of throwbacks), 6 reds, and 5 flounders. Conditions : light winds, hot, clear water. Bait: glow/char cocahoes on the bottom. Out again tomorrow with the same clients I had Tuesday.


June 20, 2006 - James and Luckett from Arkansas joined me today for day one. They will be back for day two Thursday. Left the dock ay 5:30 sharp, hoping that the trout would be where I had left them yesterday and they were. The only problem, more throw backs than keepers, but we did manage 20 or so that went into the chest. After the bite slowed down it was off to find some reds, today that wasn`t a problem. Conditions: overcast with light winds, clear water. Bait: glow/char. Cocahoes on the bottom or with a spinner.

June 19, 2006 - Today I had the pleasure once again of fishing with my good friends Sylvia and  Bill Furlong from Folsom, La. At our first stop we found trout blowing shrimp out of the water. It didn`t matter what bait or what color, it was as good as it gets for an hour or so until things slowed down. After limit of trout,  it was off to find a few reds. Sylvia had the fish of the day, a 12lb plus which we released to fight another day. Conditions:as good as it gets early, back to the dock by 11, so the heat wasn`t that bad.Bait: anything early, glow/char cocahoe's for the reds. Out again tomorrow. 


June 18, 2006 -  My guest today Ray Savage and Mike Drobnick left the dock at 5:30 am heading south. The trout bite didn't last very long so it was off to find some redfish. It was one of those too many big fish, too many misses and broken lines. Like I told the guys, some days some get away, some days none get away. Conditions: overcast and windy. Bait: glow/char cocahoe`s for the trout and spinner baits for the reds. Out again tomorrow.


June 17, 2006 -  Three boats out today, Capt. Joe, Capt. Chris and myself. Capt. Joe had the Cagnina party, Juan, Dyke, Cody and Mike. They fished the Barataria Bay area catching a mess of trout and several reds. Capt. Chris had the Swinford party, Brian, Mike and Chris. They fished in the ponds , catching all redfish. I had my neighbors from across the bayou, Don and Kent. We fished the Little Lake area catching redfish and trout. Capt. Joe picked up his group at C&M marina so I didn`t get any pictures of their catch. The pictures I have are from Capt. Chris`s group and my group out of Cochiara`s marina. Conditions: overcast and a little windy, clean water. Bait: shrimp, popping corks, cocahoe`s on the bottom, spinner baits and whatever else worked. Out again tomorrow.



June 14, 2006 - Wednesday June 14th.  William Rapp & Jason McGrath fished with Capt. Joe today. They managed to catch a mess of trout early, but the bite completely shut down for them also. The rest of the day it was redfish and a couple of awesome drum and a gar. All caught on spinner baits. They had a great time with Capt. Joe and can't wait to get back.

June 13, 2006 - A pair of 10`s. Mary and Robert fished with me today. Our first stop produced one small keeper redfish, a couple of crokers, a bream, a catfish and then it was time to go. The trout bite today for us was nowhere. Three trout for 60 miles of running. Thank god for redfish. Conditions: light winds, hot. Bait: clear/glitter char/back cocahoe`s on the bottom, its been a great bait here lately.


June 12, 2006 - Monday Capt. Keith and I fished a group of guys from Georgia. Matthew, Daniel, Shane, David and Ben were canceled on an offshore trip due to the tropical storm. No tuna were caught today but the guys had a beautiful mess of reds and a mix bag of other fish. Conditions; sunny and windy. Bait: spinner baits and shrimp.


 June 11, 2006 -Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with the Brogdon family again. Left the dock at 5:30 with the intention of going after redfish but instead we headed south in search of trout. The bite was slow but steady, 35 very nice trout and 15 reds and a kid with a big smile on his face. Condtions: sunny with light winds. Bait: Glow/char. And the hot bait of the day clear/glitter, char. back cocahoes.


 Also on Sunday Capt. Bob had the Ganucheau party. They ended the day with a nice mess of reds. Fish were caught on spoons and spinner baits.

June 10, 2006 - Bill Cormier and I fished together Saturday. Three of the other guys that didn`t make the boat missed a hell of a time. Reason, New Orleans nightlife and too many cold ones. Bill just wanted the guys to see what they missed. Back at the house at 9am, my kind of trip. Conditions; light winds and clear water. Bait: spinners: O/D green pearl belly cocahoes.

 June 8, 2006 - Two boats out today, Capt. Mike and I. Mike had a crew from the Baton Rouge area, Scott, Kace, Lee, and Todd. They fished around  Barataria Bay, lots of fish, just not enough over 12 inches. My gang, The Brooke Conroy party, with Barrett, Steve and Mike  fished the Little lake area and had the same problem. We found many places with bait, but with no tide movement the fish just didn`t bite. 60 fish between the two boats. A mix bag of trout reds and flounder. Miss. Brooke had the biggest fish of the day. a 9 pound beauty. Conditions: breezy and hot. Bait; smoke/char cocahoe`s on the bottom


June 6, 2006 - The Burn family fishing trip. These guys wanted redfish and as you can see in the picture redfish is what they got. Left the dock at 5:45 and didn't go any further than our first stop. By the third or fourth cast we had the first fish on. Conditions: sunny and breezy, low water but clear. Bait: the OD green pearl belly cocahoe on a spinner was a killer today.


June 3, 2006 - Just catching up on a few of the trips I had the past few days. The Bruce Germer group managed to catch a fine mix box of fish Saturday morning, even though we had more throw backs than keepers. Lots of moving around to catch these fish. Conditions: sunny and windy, with low water. Bait: cocahoe`s on the bottom, glow/char.

Evening Trip

Saturday afternoon trip for my friend Capt. Parker Rogers. His brother Van is in the hospital on life support,  our prayers go out to him. Capt. Joe and I was lending him a helping hand. 20 reds between both boats in a 3 hour very warm afternoon . All fish were caught on spinner baits and  gold spoons. One of my guys with the big boy of the day.

June 2, 2006 - Malclom Bryant his son Harrison and a friend Ben were here on a mission. They are from Kentucky and drove down to New Orleans to deliver a Ryder truck full of donated, restored computers to a group of kids at Grace King High School. Our thanks go out to them and the many people that made it possible. I guess the fishing trip became secondary, anyway the boys hade a great time catching 50 or 60 fish, only a handful were kept for lunch at Jan's Restaurant. Conditions: northwest wind which wasn't predicted, sunny and hot. Bait; clear/glitter/char. Back cocahoe`s on the bottom. Out again tomorrow.


June 1, 2006 - Francis Conrad from Algiers joined me today. He book this trip only last night waiting to see what kind of weather conditions that we would have, and what a beautiful morning it turned out to be. The fish made for an early morning, Francis had his limit of trout early and after a few reds he had enough and it was off to the dock. Conditions: awesome early with a falling tide. Bait: clear/glitter/char back, a new bait and it kicked butt.


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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