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June 2007

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June 29 - July 5, 2007 - Just trying to catch up on some weekend reports. Saturday Capt Tommy fished with the Mike Ducote party and I had the Purvis family from West Monroe. A 65 to 70 mix bag of fish between both boats. Black/ char cocahoe`s on the bottom and glow beetles under a cork both worked about the same. Sunday Capt. Tommy fished the Sean O`Boyle party and I had the Manasco party. Sunday was a much slower day, only catching a little more than half the fish we caught on Saturday. Same pattern we used on Saturday.



June 20-25, 2007 - Saturday, I fished with Steve and Jackie Wiggins from Camden, Alabama. Several redfish and 20 plus beautiful trout. Smoke/char cocahoe`s on the bottom. Sunday, Capt. Kevin had Falon Perrot and Steve Arter. 20 plus redfish, a few trout and a couple of drum. Shrimp on the bottom produced all of their fish. Capt. Tommy had the Oh family, a group of five, good thing he has a 24ft boat. With a late start they managed to put 30 nice trout in the boat. Live poggies under a cork was their bait for the day. Monday, Capt. Mike had Kevin Kupec and Eric Stewart and I had Molly and Shawn Palmer. The bite was off so we had to do a lot of moving picking up one fish here and there. Capt. Mike`s crew had a few trout, one red and a flounder. We had a limit of reds and three trout, making more than 15 stops and traveling more than 70 miles. Smoke/char and black/char cocahoe`s on the bottom. Out again tomorrow, see you on the water



June 19-20, 2007 - Fished the Bill Allen party the past two days. Very windy conditions the first day but we had a little break the second day. All redfish on the first day and mostly trout on the second. Water conditions were not good on both days. Tight lining smoke/char cocahoe`s produced the fish for both days.


June 15-17, 2007 - Friday and Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with the Smith's who were staying at the Victoria Inn. Saturday Capt. Tommy and Capt. Bob had the the Jason Sill group. Bob had the guys and Tommy had the girls. I see in the pictures the girls put it on the boys. Saturday Capt Kevin had Brad Gottsegen and his son 6 year old boy Andrew, and on Sunday he had Philip Giuffre and his son Sean out for a day of Father's day fishing. Trout action has been steady. Lots of fish, just move around until you find some keepers. Redfish are starting to school up under the shad. Glow beetles under a cork for the trout and spinner baits for the reds.

June 14, 2007- Tom, George, Ken and Chad were right on time this morning. The fish were on early but the wind picked up and the bite slowed down. Back at the dock at 11 and a picture of some of the fish they caught. Once again black/char cocahoe`s on the bottom, didn't even think about trying anything else.

June 12, 2007- The Simplex Grinnell Corp. fished with us today. Thirteen boats and lots of anglers. With a 7am start and an early return, due to the heat. The guys had 15 gallons of fillet's , 6 gallons cooked up at Jan`s and the rest for a fish fry another day. Capt. Kory`s boat won the big fish prize and Capt. Mike's boat won the prize for most spots, on a redfish that is. I have no idea what baits the guys used, but everyone caught fish. All our fish were caught on black/ char cocahoe`s on the bottom. I would like to thank Mr. Mike Brant and Mr. David Sisolak for giving us the opportunity to show them a great time on the Louisiana Delta and hopefully they will come and fish with us again. Thanks Capt. E.J.


June 11, 2007- Monday, Capt. Mike and I fished the Cecil Haskins party. David Briggs, J.T. Crawford, Mark Romig, his dad Jerry Romig , the Saints Superdome announcer and Jay not shown who missed a very good fishing trip. 5 redfish and 65 plus trout on a very hot day. Glow beetle's under a cork and Blk/char Cocahoe`s on the bottom, they just keep on catching.



June 6-10, 2007 - Thursday, John Eaton and his grandson with his first redfish ever. The Allen's with some of their catch from Friday. Saturday, the Tierney party with a nice mess of trout and a few small reds. The weather is starting to warm up, so you have to get out ther early. Lots of small trout but if you look around there is some very nice ones to be found. Black and/char cocahoe`s on the bottom continue to be the hot bait, but don't give up on a glow beetle under a cork. Capt. E.J.


June 1-2, 2007 - This weekend's action was nothing short of incredible. We had a couple boats out each day, managed to squeeze in some good weather and the fish decided to cooperate. On Saturday morning, my crew literally had one of the best bites we have had in quite some time. Numerous times we had 2, 3, and 4 on at a time. The kicker though, we were not catching trout, we were catching redfish. These were not your normal fish either, we hit a school of all BIG fish. We easily caught our limit of monsters, and let at least 30-40 more go that were over 27 inches. My crew was fishing in a rodeo, and they won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. So congrats to them. I am creating this report from out of town, so when I return on Tuesday, check back to see some outstanding photos. Until then, see ya on the water, Thanks, Capt. EJ



May 30, 2007 - Tuesday's trip was one of those last minute bookings. Gordan, a neighbor of mine had a couple of friends visiting from Tennessee. They had fished yesterday and his boat started giving him motor problems so he gave me a call to set up a trip for today. Once again the wind kept us off any open water so we headed for the ponds some redfish. 15 keepers, mostly 16 to 18 inches with 2 going 5 to 7 lbs, good eating fish. Shrimp under a cork was the bait of the day.

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