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June 2008

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June 25-30, 2008 - Redfish have been the number one catch the past couple of weeks. David Dean and Tim O`Neill and James Robicheaux, Chris Orth, and Rob Arceneaux fished with us on Friday. Saturday, Capt. Mike had the Jeff Cherry party, I had George Latapie and Rich Wands. I would like to thank the weather for letting us get all these trips in. Thankfully all the bad weather has been in the afternoon. Spinner baits in blk/char still are producing almost all of the fish. Why try to change something that's working so well. Fish have been good size, with most being between 5-10 pounds.



June 24, 2008 - Andrew Grassell from Washington state joined me today. His wife was here for a convention so he followed along to do some Louisiana fishing. I told him to try and find a buddy to cut the cost but he said he was fishing even if it was by himself. The bite today was about as good as it gets. Schools of reds, every time he would hook up I would throw and hook up also. I filmed some awesome footage with his movie camera, him with a red and my rod in the rod holder with another red with the drag screaming. I also have some great still pictures. All fish caught on H&H Blk/chart Baby bull minnows with power pro line. Taking off tomorrow to visit my place in Mississippi, will be back at the end of the week.


June 21-23, 2008 - The last couple of days Capt. Tommy, Dariel, Barry and I had wedding parties from the Victoria Inn, bachelor parties and a couple of just fun groups. Our wedding party Friday afternoon managed only 7 reds. The weather only gave us a couple hours to fish, but Saturday the guys put their limit in the boat. Saturday's bachelor party put a nice mix box together, even with some of the guys not going to bed and taking a nap on the boat. It was amazing they all made it to the dock. Sunday, Capt Barry had the Eric Carter group. They caught reds, flounder, sheepshead, trout and bass off the same point. A couple reds short of their limit, 8 channel cats, 2 sheepshead, 2 bass, 2 trout and 5 flounder. My group, the Carpenter party, had 18 reds. Today our fish were caught on bass asassin opening night on a 1/4 oz jig head,
tight lining. Off tomorrow, back on the water Tuesday.



Here is a cool pic I took off of my back porch on Saturday Night.

June 20, 2008 - The relentless redfish bite continues. The red fishing has been just flat out awesome the past few weeks. My guest today, Robert and Amy Beardsley and their friend Daniel Papp, from Arizona left the dock around 5:45 am. I must say that Amy put it all over the boys today, she put 19 in the boat to be exact. They only kept five small ones out of the 40+ for dinner and released the rest to fight another day.


Capt. Barry and I are out again this evening. Look for the report tomorrow. Thanks!


June 19, 2008 - Robert, Donald and their wives went on a swamp tour with me on Tuesday afternoon. They were back this morning do some redfishing. The bite was slow at first but picked up as the day went on. With a limit of reds early, the guys had enough, and we were back at the dock by 11.

Capt. Barry, Joe, Mike, and Double D had the Toyota group from today with four boats had 15 people. They didn't leave the dock till after 8 and had to be back by 12:45. Over 75 reds between all boats, not bad.


June 18, 2008 - Wednesday, I had the pleasure of fishing with Keith Green and Joy from Florida. Variety was the name of the game today. Shrimp on the bottom, shrimp under a cork and old faithful, the "Spinner Bait". Redfish, croaker, sheepshead, catfish all fell to the shrimp, but the better fish were caught on spinners. Joy caught her first redfish and a plenty more, but Keith landed the biggest fish of the day, a 9 pounder, just before we left for the house. Another great day of fishing. Want to say thanks to my crew, it was a pleasure. Capt. Barry also had a crew out this morning. He also had a great day catching lots and lots of redfish, and a flounder to boot. 5 boats out tomorrow, with 18 customers. Should be another excellent day. Check back to see more great photos.


Below are a few photos from recent trips that I just received. The redfish bite has been incredible.




June 17, 2008 - Back at again this morning after a great, and much needed day of rest yesterday. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Joe Oliverio and Tim Gabel. These gentleman had in interesting start to their morning, as they had trouble getting their rental car our of their hotel parking lot. This little dilemma put them almost an hour late to getting down to the marina. When we arrived at our first spot, the bite wasn't as good as its been the past few days, but they still managed to land their easy limit of reds. For the rest of the trip we played catch and release with many more fish. The guys ended the day with perfect size reds for the grill, with most to take home to their families and a few to be grilled up for lunch at Jan's. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/char.

June 14-15, 2008 - Saturday was ladies day, Aura, Tracie and Ann, who was the birthday girl, joined me this morning. They only wanted to do a four hour trip, so it was off at 6am and back at 10am. We caught fish the entire time we were out there, and only brought back a dozen reds for dinner. We had plenty throwbacks as well. The girls had a ball and can't wait to do it again. We had a 10 minute instruction period on casting, and by then, the girls were throwing spinner baits like the pros.  Sunday,  I had the Dodd party. The outlook didn't look very good when we left the dock. After 4 hours of fishing and running from the rain it was time to call it quits. 11 reds, all caught on spinner baits.  Saturday Capt. Barry had the Tarski from the Victoria Inn, they also had their limit of reds. Sunday he had the Stevenson party, 3 reds in for the short time they fished. They were also chased in by the rain. Hopefully we will have better weather for this week.




June 11-13, 2008 - Thursday I had the Polk party, John and Jon. Not much tide movement today, and the bite was slower than the past few days. But the crew fished hard a put together a great box of reds. On Friday the 13th, maybe not the best day to be on the water, but the redfish didn't mind. Back to where we left them off at the beginning of the week. My guest today Connie and Joe Smith, who have fished with several times before, were back to try their hand at more redfish action.  Joe said he had taught Connie everything she knows, but today, the student put it all over the teacher. Over 50 reds were landed, with 60% or more going to Connie. What cay you say when a lady throws a bait casting rig? All fish caught on spinner baits blk/char, what else.



June 10, 2008 - Day two with the Hall's, and Ray. Just about a repeat of day one, only 50 plus redfish for today. Spinner baits was the killer bait once again. I would like to thank them for fishing with us again. Two days of great fishing, great weather and great company.


June 9, 2008 - Day one with the Hall`s, Terry and Barbara and their friend Ray Nicolai. Left the dock at the Victoria Inn around 6am in search of Mr. redfish, too many hits and misses with the trout on these windy days. Redfish have been the money fish the past several days. We started off by throwing shrimp on the bottom and then switched to spinner baits which seemed to produce better than bait. Another 30 plus day. Out again tomorrow with the same party.


June 3-8, 2008 - A great week of red fishing in Lafitte. We Had the Matzke, Herzog, Weltlich, Jewin, Gray, Michel, McGary, Zuno, and Mayo parties. Some groups having two or more boats. Just about all of the fish this past week were caught on spinner bait, blk/char. 2 days over the weekend the wind decided to blow 20+ mph and made the fishing a little tough, but on the good weather days, we have been absolutely hammering the redfish. Easy limits are common, and fast. Fish have been ranging from 4-14 pounds. The trout are still a little inconsistent at present, but, who cares. Redfish is the ticket! Sorry for the delayed report. My son does the website and he was out of town fishing the Swollfest Rodeo in Grand Isle, LA this week. MANY THANKS to all of our customers who fished with us. Hope you all return to enjoy some more great action.







June 2, 2008 - Today was another great day on the water. Craig Binder and Joe Walker from Tennessee joined me for some great fishing action. They had fished off the Mississippi coast for bull reds the other day and caught their limit, which is one per person. Today they wanted to try some light tackle inland fishing. We didn't have any fish over 26 inches today. Craig had the best fish of the day, but when I handed it to him to take a picture the fish jumped, hit the top rail and fell into the water. He just didn't want his picture taken. We kept 10, 16 to 18 inch great eating fish, out of the 40 plus they caught. Spinner baits, blk/char still producing all the fish. Good job guys, hope to see you again soon.


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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