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June 2009

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June 30, 2009 - July 5, 2009 - WHAT A WEEK!

Fishing over the last week has been nothing short of Fantastic. The temps outside have been soaring to record levels over the last 2 weeks, but if you can deal with the heat, the fish are biting! Still working the Little Lake area as the redfish are still schooled up. Even with the holiday pressure, the fish still remained in nice size schools. Easy limits for all boats over the holiday, including the guides as well as the sports. It was just a great weekend for all folks who journeyed down to the bayou to do some fishing and cooking. The LDWF were out in full force, which kept everyone safe. So big thanks to those guys.

On Friday my neighbor across the canal, Randy, his sister Rachel her two boys Jordan and Dylan left their house at 5:30 sharp. It was a little choppy crossing little lake but once we made it to the other side it was a clam bank, clean water and the fish were waiting for us. Rachael and her two boys are from Arkansas and never had much luck at catching fish, they
said just a few fish would make their day. We did manage to do just a little better than that, a fine mess of reds and a few drum. A few that got away and back at the house by 9:30 to beat the heat. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits. The fish were feeding on shad, so the blk/pearl cocahoe seemed to work the best. The boys have already blown up their pictures, framed them and hung them up on the wall. I know they were happy with their catch.

Below are a few pics from several of the groups over the last couple days. All fish are still being caught on black and chartreuse spinner baits, or gold spoons. Most groups that went out, all requested that we hit the docks before 10 due to the heat. When you catch your fish early, why suffer. Got another really busy week ahead, so be sure to check back for update on the redfish bite in Lafitte.


June 29, 2009 - Monday Capt. Barry fished the Wardlaw party, and I had the Woodcook family. Both boats left the dock around 5:30. When we made it to some open water there was a west, southwest winds at 8 mph, which made for  a light chop. When we arrived at our spot we found clear water and schooling redfish that were waking up and down the banks. The bite for the first couple of hours was strong, but seemed to slow down around 9:30. Capt. Barry`s crew had a box of big reds and, and my crew caught their easy limit of solid 5-7 pound fish of which all were released to fight another day. Bait, same thing we have been throwing the past few weeks, Blk/char on a #4 spinner.


June 22-28, 2009 - Report for last week. Sorry it took me a couple days to catch up. The weather is extremely hot. I have been requesting that all groups make it to the dock at 5am so that as soon as it gets safe light we can get underway to try and beat the intense heat. Most of last week, the winds were very light, with the exception of a day or two. The water has been, and continues to be crystal clear, and the tide continues to be on the low side. Skies have been bright blue, with a stray cloud here and there. Water temps are as warm as your bath water, and the fishing remains very strong. All trips except for one over the past 6 days have caught their limit, and the crew that didn't came very close with 7 keepers, and a couple stories of the ones that got away. We have been targeting redfish, and besides reds, we have been catching some drums, flounder, and a few lost trout. We have still been focusing our efforts from Lake Salvador to Little Lake, with the best areas being on the west and south west sides of Little Lake. The bait of choice over the past week remains a black and chartreuse H&H cocahoe, with a #4 gold spinner fished with Power Pro line. Trust me, it works!

On Saturday Capt. Tommy fished the David Hessel party and I had the Jackson party for their second day.  The bite on Friday was almost too easy, but Saturday they had to work a little harder to fill the box. Tommy's crew didn't keep any fish so that made for an easy day for him, although he did help me out cleaning some of our catch. Bait selection has been pretty much the same for the past several weeks, its hard to change what works. Spinner baits, blk/chart cocahoes and on some days, later in the morning, blue moon is the ticket. We have been fishing Salvador and most of Little Lake for the past month. The redfish are there, if you don't find them in one place, move to another location.

The Coleman`s from Texas are both in the army and are station at FT. Hood, TX. They both have done two tours in Iraq. As a Vietnam Veteran, Army recon platoon forward observor, myself and this country are thankful for their service, welcome home. The fishing was not as hot as the heat in Iraq, but we did manage to box a few nice reds and a few throwbacks, not bad for their first time. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits, blk/chart.

Fishing all week long, so check back for updates.


June 20-21, 2009 - Another Great Weekend in Lafitte

We ran 5 trips this weekend. On Friday we had the Thomas party, Saturday we had the Williams and Younger party, and Sunday we had the Legndre in the morning and a group from Victoria Inn in the afternoon. The redfish bite continues to be hot even with temps approaching 100 degrees. We fished Sunday afternoon from 2 to 6 and still managed to catch a fine mess of reds. With the light winds we have been having the water remains clear. Not much cloud cover which turns the heat on by 10am, don't forget the sunscreen. Most fish caught on spinner baits but some were caught tight lining dead shrimp on the bottom. All trips fished the same area around Bay L'Ours, Little Lake, and Turtle Bay. All fish have been in schools from 5-25 fish. As soon as you hook up to one fish, instantly one or two others get hooked up which make things very exciting on the boat for the customers. The fantastic fishing should remain all this week as no real weather changes are on the horizon.


June 19, 2009 - Fished today with the Kitchen brothers. The guys wanted to fish redfish,  so with an early start it didn't take long before we arrived on scene and started catching fish. They had their limit in the boat in no time again today. The bite wasn't as fast as yesterday, but it was still as good as you could ask for. Light winds, clear water, lots of bait which seem to be where the fish are holding. All fish caught on H&H cocahoes, Blk/chart with a #4 spinner gold spinners. All fish still coming from the Turtle Bay, Bayou Perot, and Little Lake areas. Basically caught fish at all stops. We were back at the dock early, and now it is time to get ready for LSU. GEAUX TIGERS!


June 17-18, 2009 - Fished the last 2 days for my good friend Papa Joe Bush. He had a 2 boat crew that fishes with him every year from Baton Rouge. Yesterday's trip, we actually had to do a little work for the fish. By work I mean the limit maker didn't land in the box until about 10am. By this time the bite had picked up significantly, and the guys played catch and release for a while until it was time to take a nice boat ride in to dry off the sweat beads. When the day was done, 30 beautiful reds were on the dock for their photo op.


Today, totally different story. We headed out a couple minutes after 5. We arrived at the fishing grounds around 525 or so, and had our limit polished off by 7am. The guys played catch and release the rest of the morning, and then around 9 the guys looked at each other and said, we have had enough. So, we packed up shop, and headed in. Both boats again limited out in a matter of minutes. 2 day catch was 60 gorgeous reds, and several larger throwbacks.


Saw a ton of boats out this morning, I was fishing a bank solo for a while, then the boats moved in. When they have schooling redfish in groups of 10-50 swimming up and down the bank, there is plenty of fish to go around for everyone. The trout bite is still good south towards the gulf. Luckily all of our customers have wanted to get in on the insane redfish bite that is taken place within 25 minutes of the marinas.


All fish this morning was caught on H&H Black/Chart on a gold spinner. And boy were they eating it up.


Conditions this morning, HOT, Calm on the lee shores we were fishing, crystal clear water, low tide (be careful near the shores).


For all the anglers fishing this weekend, remember lots and lots of sunscreen and water. Tried to get out as early as possible as the mornings are very pleasant. Around 10 or so, the mercury starts to shoot straight up. Good Luck to everyone.


June 16, 2009 -  Another great day to be on the water this morning. My clients today the Lindsly family, Stephanie, Randall and their daughter Casie, enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, and gentle boat ride out. I must say that the Stephanie doesn't let any handicap stop her from enjoying a fun day of fishing. They needed a little help getting around the boat, but that wasn't any problem, nor did they have any problems casting and reeling those redfish in. Fished the same area I have been working for the last several days. Crystal clear water, good tide, plenty of bait around. Got warm really quick, but wasn't as hot as the bite this morning. This crew polished off their limit, and released a few others to fight another day. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart early, blue moon later in the morning



June 10-14, 2009 - Finally a chance to catch up on some reports. We have been super busy with multiple boats out everyday. The fishing continues to be phenomenal, with clear water, warm temps, and very light winds. The redfish have been stacked up on the area bays, and the morning bite has just been great with all of early morning tide movement.

Want to say thanks to the David Hastings, Frank Liller, Peter Marijanovic, Curtis Leoni parties for fishing with us. We know you all enjoyed your days of fish catching of hope you return in the future.

The Curtis Leoni party wanted me to mention that they actually had blisters on their hands for catching so many redfish.

All of our fish were caught on spinner baits, with the best colors being black and chartreuse cocahoes, and one of my new favorite colors, the blue moon, with a #4 gold spinner. All fished caught while trolling the areas bays in 1-4 feet of water. Out the rest of the week so check back.


June 9, 2009 - Morning Trip

Fished today with the Sabens, Alison and Jerry from Alabama. Left the dock around 5:45 headed south. Sunny, light chop and clean water which made for a great day of fishing. Caught fish at every placed we stopped and left them biting. All fish caught on spinner baits, and once again, blue moon was the hot bait. Going back out this afternoon, hope the bite is half as good as this morning.

Here are a few more pictures from the last several trips.


Evening Trip -

Fished this evening with the nephew of my neighbor Don Boudreaux. Jim Smith was a fly fishing guide in Montana. He now lives on a sailboat in Maryland, and is down here visiting his uncle and had never caught a redfish, so I took them out on a short afternoon trip. The bite was nowhere as good as this morning but we did manage 9 very nice ones. Everything on blk/chart this afternoon


June 6-7, 2009 - A box shot of reds and a few lost trout we caught on Saturday. I have to respect my clients wishes not to have any pictures taken of them, due to the nature of their jobs. All fish caught on spinner baits, once again blue moon was the hot bait of the day. All fish were caught in the Little Lake area again. Out again all week log.

June 1-5, 2009 - Sorry for the lack of reports but my Wife and I went on vacation this last week and I just returned yesterday. While I was gone Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike held down the fort running all of the trips. I got a few pics from their trips already, but once I get the reports I will post them here on our site.

Back to business this morning, and was I ever ready to hit the bayou early. Capt. Barry had Ben Creel and his son Alex and I had Steve Haas, his wife Sherry, Ronnie Delavan and his wife Chris. Barry fished on the east side of the barataria waterway, and I fished the west side. Both areas produced limits of redfish. The one double hookup we had was a contrast in sizes. Steve gets the trophy for smallest redfish. Overcast, windy and cool for a June morning, water falling and very clean. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart, and blue moon which has been a very hot color lately. If the wind lays down, will give the trout a try tomorrow.


May 29-31, 2009 - Weekend Report.

An unusual late May cold front came rolling through the Bayou State last Thursday and made for a really tough weekend for fishing. Although the weather was simply perfect, the tide fell almost 2 feet, and turned the aggressive attitudes of the fish off. Our captains worked really hard, and all of our customers ended their days with limits, or near limits of redfish anyhow. Just not the numbers of fish we caught pre-front. Lake Salvador was off, and most of our fish were all caught south near Little Lake, Plum Point, Turtle Bay, and Bayou St. Denis.

On Friday I had the the Mike Duffy party. They  had fished offshore on Thursday and caught a mess of amberjack. Most of the guys had never caught a redfish and that's what they wanted to do. We had a late start and by the time we made it to our first stop the wind had already picked up, but it did slack off by mid morning. Water conditions were clear, no clouds and a light chop. Reds, flounder and a few blue crabs all caught on H & H spinner baits, Blk/chart and purple/chart .

Saturday I had Dennis and Suzette Hubbel, this trip was for the Victoria Inn. This crew worked hard through a very slow morning bite, and then the action heated up around 9 or so, and then they landed their limit of redfish plus 1/2 dozen throw backs.

Sunday Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike D. had 2 great crews. They met their crews at the dock and headed off to the redfish grounds early to start working their spinner baits and tight lined cochahoes on the bank. The weather was flat calm, and hot, and in short order the guys beat up on the redfish, and finished off their limit.

It was a very enjoyable weekend, and I want to say thanks to everyone who fished with us this weekend, we really appreciate you!


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


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