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Fishing forecast for July - With Summer in full swing the action will continue to improve almost on a daily basis. Speckled trout will be thick this month, with the increase in all the shrimp and bait inshore. Usually a 40 minute run can put you i the thick of things. Redfish are still plentiful, and they are a very short distance away, in all the duck ponds, and on the edge of bays that has some grass. Call now to get it on some of this great summer time action.

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July 31 2004 -  From Southeast Asia to Barataria Bay. We have come a long way baby. Had the pleasure of fishing with one of my Vietnam buddies Sgt. Don Johnson his wife Susan and their friend Kirk. We made the trip down south early this morning to try for some trout. After trying 3 or 4 places we found some birds behind Grand Isle and managed to catch 28 keepers and plenty throw backs. On our way back we stopped in my redfish spot and boated five 18 to 20 inch reds. Hopefully we will do it again before another 35 years rolls around. Capt. E.J.


July 28, 2004 - Had 2 boats out today, Capt. Joe and myself. Joe ended up with 10 reds and a couple of drum. I had 1 person who wanted to go out for trout but once again they were all small. He did manage to catch 6 keepers and 4 reds on the way back. This front that past through last night shut the fish down. Capt. E.J


July 27, 2004 - Today I had Dale and Roy Ross from the Victoria Inn, their grandson and some friends. Fishing was tough in the areas that we fished but they did manage to catch a few nice reds. Capt. E.J


July 25, 2004 - Another great day with my friends from Folsom Bill and Sylvia Furlong. Little Dustin also came along to reel a few in. Bill had the hot hand for today. August is just around the corner and I still have openings so give us a call. Capt. E.J.


July 24, 2004 - Saturday trip.  Mrs. Paula Campbell and her son joined me for some hot red fishing. We landed 15 or so keepers and had several get away .We made it a short morning and came in early to beat the heat. Anything past 11am is murder. Capt E.J



July 23, 2004 - (Morning) Fished with Mr. Tony Obeto and his son from Maurepas, LA. The bite was on early but around 10am they shut down, but they did end up with a nice limit of reds for the day.

Evening  Trip - Had a real nice gang from Nashville. We managed to boat a few nice reds and variety of other fish.



July 20, 2004 -   Afternoon bass fishing trip produced 14 nice bass. 13 were caught on a 6 grape curly tail worm and 1 on my fly rod. If you would like to book a bass trip give us a call toll free 1-877-689-4120. See you on the water Capt E.J.


July 17, 2004 - Capt Mike had the party of Robert Martell and his girlfriend. They boated 7 or 8 reds and one flounder.

Capt. Tony fished Mr. Mcleod  who fished with me yesterday .They ended up with 6 reds and a flounder.

I had Roxanne Conway, her mother, brother and his son .We managed to catch a dozen nice reds. Roxanne had one over 10lbs

July 17, 2004 Evening Trip

Afternoon trip turned in another limit of reds. Charles McKinney and his wife, from Memphis managed to catch their limit throwing a oz jig head with shrimp on the bottom. Very windy conditions made this our only option


July 16, 2004 - Single person trip today. Mr. Richard Mcleod from Kansas City joined me today. He did most of the fishing boating ten nice reds on spinner baits. Several fish in the 8 to 9lb class. I will have the pictures when he emails them to me



July 12, 2004 - Bertrand Parker and his grandson with their first redfish. We lost more fish today then we boated, but as they say you can only count the ones in the boat. No tide and the north wind shut them down. We can only hope for a better day next time. Capt. E.J


July 11, 2004 - Dennis Laborde and Mike Sparks joined me Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. On Saturday we went after redfish. Fishing was tough the first few hours. They fished hard to boat their limit of reds. Sunday we headed south to do some trout fishing. Very little tide produced only little trout with only 7 keepers out of the 75 or so we caught  We headed back to the redfish hole and managed to pick up 5 before coming in. Dennis had a 12lb red next to the boat but it turned out to be a fish story. Out again tomorrow. Capt.E.J.



July 10, 2004 - Another limit of reds with my crew from Friday. Here is a picture of a few of them.  If you would like to book one of my fishing packages as they did give me a call. Price includes fishing and meals, just bring your self. Capt. E.J

July 10, 2004  Evening Trip

Saturday evening we went after redfish. Fishing was tough the first few hours. Dennis and Mike fished hard to boat their limit of reds.


July 9, 2004 - Our 5:30 take off time was delayed until 8:30 due to some severe early morning showers. Brian ,Edward Rubenstein and William Parrish joined me today for some southern Louisiana red fishing. Even with our late start we ended up with a limit of nice reds. They will be back with me tomorrow. Capt E.J.


July 7, 2004 - Another Lafitte bull red 27lbs and one of the nice trout we caught today. Seems every time we get on some fish the rain runs us off. Hopefully this wet stuff will give us a break for the weekend. I still have open dates in August, just give me a call 1877-689-4120



July 4, 2004 - Mr. Don Harper and his father-in-law from Baton Rouge wanted trout, but after catching lots of little fish and only 8 keepers we headed for my redfish area. They managed to catch their limit using H&H minnows on a spinner. My boat is in the shop so I have to thank my good friend Joe Bush for letting me use his boat. It catches fish also. Till next time see you on the water. Capt. E.J.


July 3, 2004 - Targeted trout early this morning, with the nice weather south, we headed down towards Barataria Bay. We managed to catch 8 keeper, and had plenty throw baks to go with it. Decided to head north and fish some reds. Stopped in Turtle Bay and managed to catch our limit of reds. All fish were caught on artificial today. Back at it again tomorrow.






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