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July 2006

In August warmer temperatures are in full swing and the bite is not far behind it. Redfish are thick in the ponds and they are very aggressive. And the trout are usually on FIRE!

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July 29, 2006 - Will Gunnels party fishing with Capt Bobby.


July 28, 2006 - Friday Capt. Bob had Ed Scott and his son Graham, and I had day two with the Debeaux `s. 50 plus fish between both boats, 17 redfish, 1 flounder and the rest trout. Conditions: overcast with light winds. Bait: beetle's under a cork for the trout and purple/ char cocahoe`s with a spinner for the reds. Capt. Mike had the Luke Etheredge party, 19 trout and 7 reds. Should have some pictures when I get back from vacation. Capt. Mike and Capt Bobby will be doing trips while I am gone



July 27, 2006 - Thursday, day one, a trip for the Victoria Inn with the Debreaux`s from the Shreveport area. Left the dock at 5:30 a m heading south and by the time we arrived at our destination the wind was already up. With a lot of moving around we managed 20 plus trout and 3 reds with many throw backs. Conditions: windy, overcast, fair water. Bait: glow beetle's under a cork.   Capt. Bobby and Capt. Mike were also out today. They both had very respectable catches of trout and a couple reds thrown in. I'll post the pictures from their trips as soon as they email them to me. 


July 26, 2006 - Donna with a nice drum, Sam and Thomas with a mess of trout, one red and a flounder. The past several days its been a 25 to 30 fish mix bag with most of the fish being caught with glow beetle's under a cork. Rain and thunderstorms have been giving us some problems but it may settle down the next few days.


July 23, 2006 - Sunday, Capt. Mike fished the Draughn family from Mississippi, and I had the John Richbourg party.  37 trout between boats boats. The weather was a real problem this morning, rain, rain everywhere. Fish a few minutes and run, and a wet butt by the time we made it back to the dock. Bait: glow beetle's under a cork.

Capt. Bob`s crew, Graham Ralston, Jack and John Lyons had the best catch of the day, 30 plus fish, mostly all trout. All there fish  were caught under a cork. Glow, purple /char.



July 22, 2006 -On Saturday Capt. Mike fished the Kathy Oquinn party. A mix bag of trout, a few reds and a flounder. Most of their fish were caught under a cork, fishing birds and points with moving water.

I had day two with Wayne and Jon. Jon's largest fish in his life only
lasted one day. Today's fish was a couple of pounds larger. Dad also hada couple of very nice trout. Conditions; hot and muggy. Bait: spinnerbaits glow/char


July 21, 2006 - Today was round one with Wayne and his son Jon. Jon caught his first red fish and also the largest fish he has ever caught. Hopefully tomorrow he will catch a larger one. The guys keep a few for dinner at Jan`s and a few to bring home. Tomorrow will be catch and release except for one or two for dinner. Conditions; sunny and north winds. Bait: glow beetles under a cork and spinners for the reds


Capt Mike fished the John Bergeron party. The guys had a mix bag of fish, trout, reds and one flounder with a 14 pounder for a kicker. Most of their fish were caught on glow/char baits under a cork and on the bottom.


July 19, 2006 - The Verdun's joined me today, Ma and Paw and their grandson. We almost had enough fish to fill the board. Just too many throw backs again today, but to a kid its just another fish. Conditions Sunny and hot. Bait: live shrimp under a cork.

July 18, 2006 - The Whittingham family from Jamacia fished with Capt. Keith. It was a very tough day for finding keepers, but they did manage a few to hang on the board. Their son Spencer did catch a huge black drum and I'll post it when they send it to me.

July 17, 2006 -  My clients today Johnathan, Thomas and Gabriel were in for a very wet morning. Gabriel had fished with me last Monday and was back for round two. We had to spend the first hour on the porch of a camp and shortly after we left there another storm put us parked on the bank. We had just started putting a few keepers in the boat but the rain shut them down. We fished several other places picking up a trout here and there. By then it was off to find a redfish. Two or three stops put 5 reds in the boat to go with the 26 trout and 1 flounder we caught earlier. Gabriel was the big fish winner today with a nice 9 pounder. Conditions: rain and more rain. Bait: glow beetle`s under a cork for the trout and spinner baits for the reds. Also, Pete Carmouche with  29 lb redfish caught with Capt. Mike in June. Fish was released to fight another day. He asked if we could post it on the site

July 16, 2006 -My clients today Charles Linsey and his son Charles Jr. left thedock at 5:20 trying to get a jump on sunrise. The first stop didn't putmany keepers in the boat but our next stop was mostly all keepers. Wefinished their limit at stop number three and it was off to find somereds, putting 4 in the boat by the time we left for the cleaning table.It was Charles Jr.`s first redfish, a 29 inch 9 plus pounder. Conditions: light winds and too hot to handle by 11am. Bait: glow beetle's under a cork for the trout and spinner baits for the reds. Back at it again tomorrow and everyday for the next 2 weeks!


July 15, 2006 - Jay, Jerry & Mark Romig, David Briggs, James Crawford & Cecil Haskins joined Capt. Mike and I for some Lafitte trout action. The action was hot and heavy at several locations, just too many 113/4 inch fish. Cecil had fished with us several weeks ago in the afternoon, and between three boats we had a dozen or so fish. Today there was a little improvement, The rain ran us in but we did manage to catch 59 trout, 3 reds with more than a hundred throw backs. Conditions: overcast with lots of rain around. Bait: glow beetles under a cork.

Capt. Bob's crew for the morning, Beth & Chris Fontan and Kathy & Jeremy O'Quinn with a few of the fish they caught today. 2 reds, 2 flounder and 20 or so trout. They also had the little syndrome today, lots and lots of throwbacks.

July 14, 2006 - Morning trip for my good friend Joe Bush, 45 trout and 6 reds. Trout were caught with glow beetles under a cork and the reds, spinner baits & glow/ char cocahoes on the bottom

Afternoon trip. Awesome afternoon on the water. My clients Beau and Ken from the East bank wanted to try some bass fishing. Here is the guys with a few of the beauties from the  two limits they caught. Conditions: overcast and very light winds. Bait: Curly tail worms, spinner baits.


July 13, 2006 - Just received my boat back today from the dealership. Took the first trip out this morning. Well, let's just say it did not last long. Motor broke down after a 5 minute ride from the marina. Good thing Capt. Joe was standing by to take the trip. They ended up leaving by 9am and finished the day with a real nice catch of trout and a few reds. Back out again. 24 trips over the next 17 days. Come back and view all of the reports.

July 10, 2006 -  Monday morning trip with the Gabriel Davis gang. The second time in the last two months. We were very lucky today. Heavy rain and lightning around us all morning and we didn`t have to get out the rain suits. 38 trout, 4 reds and a lot of throw backs. Bait: glow beetle's under a cork and glow/char. cocahoe`s on the bottom.

July 8, 2006 - Morning -  Saturday morning trip with the U.S. Environmental Services gang, including my son who also works for them. I brought him along just to give me a hand, baiting hooks and taking off fish. We brought along a couple hundred live shrimp and that was the ticket. Small fish did give us fits but we did manage to catch 54 nice trout and 3 reds. Conditions: overcast with light winds. Bait: live shrimp and H & H cocahoe`s on the bottom.

Evening - Saturday afternoon trip with the Alan Hubbard party. Very toughfishing conditions, raining, rough and windy . 3 reds, 3 trout and 1 drum, just enough fillets for dinner.

July 3, 2006 - Two boats out Monday, Capt. Bob and myself. I had the Furlong group and Bob had the King group. The morning started out fairly well until the rains came. Almost three hours on the porch of a camp just about killed most of the morning. Here is a couple of pictures of some of the fish both boats caught. Bob`s guys with a couple of redfish and Bill with a mess of trout and a cold one. Conditions: rain and more rain. Bait: glow beetle`s under a cork, cocahoe`s on the bottom.


 July 1-2, 2006 - The Eric Benoit party joined me for the past two days. Accommodations at the Victoria Inn and enjoying some of the fine food at Jan`s Cajun Resturant. Lots of fish were caught between both days, just too many small ones, mostly on the first day. Anyway they got eat some and take a mess back home to Lafayette. Conditions: hot and muggy. Bait: cocahoe`s on the bottom and glow beetles under a cork.


Jeannie with her first redfish. Turned out she caught a bigger one later in the day.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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