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July 2007

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July 27 - August 7, 2007 -  The last week has been pretty great for fishing, as long as you get out there early. With soaring temps in the mid to upper 90's, anything after 12 noon is brutal. The morning bite has been great on reds and specks. The red fishing  has been stealing the show lately with some really nice fish being landed around the Lafitte area. We have been fishing the banks of the area lake and bays throwing spinner baits and spoons. When the water temps soar in the evening the bite slows down a bit until the evening bite kicks in. The best period to fish has been on the incoming tide. The moving water helps to get the bait fish in action, and the red fish follow suit. The trout are still plentiful, and there are some keepers out there. Best baits of late have been the DOA fished under a cork, and cocahoes tight lined. Once again, you need to get on the bite early and fast, especially on the falling or rising tide. Mostly small fish have been coming under the birds, most anglers should concentrate their effort on broken islands, and reef in about 3-8 feet of water. Also, the past several days have been producing some awesome evening bass fishing. Everything has been in the one or two pound class with an occasional three pounder. The ribbit frog has been the hot bait. Here are my neighbors Don and Henry showing off a couple of nice fish.

July 26, 2007 - The Robert Estes party joined me today. They wanted to catch redfish so it was off to find a mess for dinner and a few for the freezer. After several stops with no luck we found what we were looking for. Wow! Sara's first redfish and awesome 30 inch beauty. Robert and Deeann aslo got into the action with a couple of their own. Bait; smoke/char and black/char cocahoes on the bottom. Tried spinner baits with no luck. Conditions: overcast and light winds, couldn't have a better morning.


July 25, 2007 - This morning I had the Brian Miller group with kids day. I couldn't get to the coast due to the weather. Just couldn't take a chance with all the youngsters in the boat. We fished several spots just off Barataria Bay, not any big fish but the numbers were there and the kids had a ball. 50 plus keepers and a ton of throw backs, with a few redfish for a kicker. Bait: beetles and cocahoes under a cork, color didn't matter. Conditions: overcast with thunderstorms all around, with clean water and  a light breeze when not near thunderstorms. Out again tomorrow, Capt. E.J.

July 24, 2007 -The Donnie Dean party, Bob, John, David and Donnie. Left the dock at 5:30 am heading for the area where I had caught them the last couple of trip. Unfortunately fish have fins and tails and they were nowhere to be found. Tried several other spots with no luck. Time to change area`s, plan B proved to be the ticket. Our next stop gave us our 20 fish limit. All of the fish in the pictures were released to fight another day. The guys brought a mess to Jan`s for lunch and a couple of bags made the journey back to Texas. Bait: Black/char and smoke/char cocahoes on the
bottom. Tomorrow we will be searching for trout. Capt. E.J



July 16-22, 2007 - It has been another outstanding week of fishing. Dodging thunderstorms, and making nice 20-30 minute runs, had been the norm. Still catching a bunch of redfish in Salvador. Water has been clean, and we have been using mostly cocahoes with and without spinners, and gold spoons. Most of the fish have been in the 4-10 pound range. Friday I had the pleasure of with Mike Campbell and his family. We left the dock at 5:30 am sharp. After a 25 minute boat ride we arrived at our first stop. The redfish were cruising the bank in search of finger mullet and schools of shad. The bite only lasted an hour or so boating 7 or 8 reds. Stop number two produced no fish so it was off in search of new water. Our third stop finished their limit. They called it a day and we returned to the dock. Conditions: overcast with light winds, perfect morning for fishing. Bait; tight lining black/char and smoke/char cocahoes.

July 6 - July 15, 2007 - Phew! Where do I even begin. The last 2 weeks have been an absolute blur. The fishing has been great, the weather has been great, besides the rain the last couple days, and all of the customers are going home everyday smiling, and have bags of filets. I have been trying my best to keep up with the reports, but fishing everyday, and running several boats on some days, there hasn't been much time. We have been fishing lots of redfish as of late. The fish have just been stacked up, and the customers just love fighting those bronze beauties. The trout are biting on the beaches, the best baits have been live shrimp and croakers, and plastics fished under a cork. The reds, when schooling, have been hitting any lure you throw at them. We have been mainly fishing with cocahoes tight lines, and from time to time, have been catching plenty on spinner baits, and spoons. The average size red has been a solid 5 pounds, with a few smaller, and many much bigger. Good average though. The next few days, I think we will be chasing trout, but if you want to catch some reds, head to Lake Salvador, and fish any shoreline that the weather will allow, and you will do just fine. Also, Bayou Rigolets, Perot, and Little Lake has been money also, so if you want to focus on that area, you can catch some trout while you are down there. Below are photos from the last several trips. Fished a few trips for my good friend Capt. Joe last week, and wanted to say thanks to Capt. Mike, Capt. Bobby, Capt. Tommy, and Capt. Kevin for picking up all of our extra trips. These guys have been working hard all summer, and I appreciate it. Thanks to all of our customers as well Willie Woodrick, Dr. Bill Deschner,  Scott Olson party, Woorell Party and the many, many others.




June 29 - July 5, 2007 - Just trying to catch up on some weekend reports. Saturday Capt Tommy fished with the Mike Ducote party and I had the Purvis family from West Monroe. A 65 to 70 mix bag of fish between both boats. Black/ char cocahoe`s on the bottom and glow beetles under a cork both worked about the same. Sunday Capt. Tommy fished the Sean O`Boyle party and I had the Manasco party. Sunday was a much slower day, only catching a little more than half the fish we caught on Saturday. Same pattern we used on Saturday.



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