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March 24, 2010 - March 30, 2010

Saturday, Robert Snyder was back for his second trip in two weeks. His daughter came along on the first trip, this time it was his son, Hunter. Not as many fish as their first trip, but we did have more keepers. Most fish were caught on shrimp under a cork. We did catch several bass as well, all on spinner baits.

   Monday I had a couple of guys from Virginia, Jacob and Shawn. Muddy and windy conditions produced a dozen reds and one bass for their effort. Shawn had the largest red of the day at 9lbs. Tight lining shrimp on the bottom was the bait of the day.    

Fishing the past 2 weeks was a little windy to to put it mildly. If it wasn`t gail force winds it was close. Anyway, Capt. Barry had the Steve Haas party and I had Herb Leuthe and his friend John. Between both boats we  did manage to catch one fish short of four limits. A few fish fell to spinner baits, but most were caught on shrimp under a cork or tightlining a 1/4 oz jighead on the bottom. More than even I expected in those conditions. Thanks guys for sticking it out with us.


Benefit raffle for Joey Schwindling was held during the boat show. It was won by Graham Hunt

March 23, 2010

Last weeks trip with Robert Snyder and his daughter Molly. Low tides and muddy water made for some tough fishing conditions, but this father and daughter team still managed to catch a dozen reds. All fish caught tight lining shrimp on the bottom. Robert and his son will be fishing with me this upcoming weekend.

March 15, 2010

Fishing this past weekend was a little windy to to put it mildly. If it wasn`t gail force winds it was close. Anyway, Capt. Barry had the Steve Haas party and I had Herb Leuthe and his friend John. Between both boats we did manage to catch one fish short of four limits. A few fish fell to spinner baits, but most were caught on shrimp under a cork or tightlining a 1/4 oz jighead on the bottom. More than even I expected in those conditions. Thanks guys for sticking it out with us.

February 20-22, 2010

 A break in the weather gave us a chance to get in a few weekend trips.
The trout have been hard to find so we have been chasing reds and bass when we have a chance to get out. I had the Barksdale party on Saturday, Chad Hensley, Mike Kiggins on Sunday and a couple for Capt. Joe on Monday. Most of the fish have been caught in dead end canals on spinnerbaits, blk/char.

You have to do a lot of moving around to find clean water. Looks like another week of cold weather which will make for some tough fishing.

January 9-17, 2010

For the past several years in January John Sprague, Larry Simmons and Eddie Luczynski have come down from New York state to fish with me. This year their friend Karl came along with them.  I look forward to seeing them every year. They have become more like friends instead of clients. They always fish for two days but last year with temps in the 20`s we only got to fish one day due to the airlines losing their luggage.

We fished Thursday and Friday which probably were two of the best weather days, after the cold and before the rain.

 The action wasn't fast but remained steady for both days. A few trout, a dozen or so sheepshead and 50 plus redfish with most of them being keepers.

They kept 5 each day between 16 to 20 inches to eat at Jan`s and released the rest to fight another day. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork.


January 1-7, 2010 - Cold Weather in Lafitte!

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with Dave Payne. Due to the cold temps we left the dock at 8:30 which probably was a good idea. Actually the boat ride back was worst. The trout bite was slow catching only a dozen, but we left the redfish biting. Grubs on the bottom for the trout and shrimp on the bottom for the reds.

 On Saturday Capt. Mike Daigle took out Rick West and his son. They have a very good morning boating 43 solid trout, only keeping 5 for lunch at Jan's. All their fish were caught on curly tail grubs on the bottom.


December 21-25, 2009 - I would like to thank all our clients who fished with us during the Christmas Holidays. Capt. Barry fished the Charles Lee party. I had The Devidts party on Tuesday, and Wednesday. I then fished the Larsen party on Saturday. We averaged about 20 to 25 trout and a few reds on all trips. The conditions were pretty tough with blustery winds, and dirty water. We hit the Canals around Texaco and Clovelly to hide out and found some clean water and some trout that were hungry.  While moving around Tuesday, we got on a school of drum and caught fish for three hours non-stop. Plastic for the trout and shrimp under a cork for the reds and drum. Still not many fish to be had in the normal December spots in Lafitte. The Pen and Lake Salvador have been fairly quiet. But one of these days the fish will show up.

Would like to say Happy Holidays to all of our Clients and Friends. We have had another banner year, and we owe it to all of you. Thanks for letting us share our love for the outdoors with all of you.


December 2009 - Rain, Rain, go away. It has been a tough December in the bayou state. With over 23 inches of rain in the first 14 days of the month. We have had numerous charters rescheduled, and I personally haven't been fishing in over 5 days. The water is finally starting to fall now that a small front has pushed through the coastal regions. The water is most areas has been really dirty, and last time out we were fishing in the dead end canals around Texaco. We were catching some solid trout fishing beetles under a cork. The redfish were also cooperating. The bass bite has also been solid in the Westwego area. I talked to some friends who were catching numbers of solid fish there. No big lunkers, but solid 1-2 pound fish. I have also been spending some time at the family farm in Mississippi trying to get some hunting in while the deluges were going on. Managed to catch some awesome bass in the lake up there, with the biggest going around 7 pounds. Seeing quite a few deer, and the bucks are starting to scrape up the place. We are still about 3 weeks from the rut where we hunt, but the activity is starting. Duck hunting starts again this weekend, and I have been seeing more ducks flying around, so hopefully this split will be better than the first for the folks who hunt the Lafitte area. Got some days between now and New Years open if you would like to get out and make a day fishing trout, reds or bass. We still have our special running, 50 bucks off every trip Monday thru Friday. This price includes everything. Below is the last trip we got out a few days ago.

Here is a picture of Mike DeSoto with his limit of reds from last week. Him and I fished three days. Redfish on the first two days, on the third day we located some trout close to the launch, but after a couple of hours the weather ran us in.


November 14-20, 2009 - Another great weekend of fishing in Lafitte.

The water has been pretty low the last couple of days with the passage of a cold front, and the morning temps have been on the cool side. The redfish have made their way back in to the deeper holes with the lower water, and along the shoreline of the interior bays. The trout have still not made their way into Lafitte just yet, but they are not far away. With good numbers coming from the Little Lake / Bay L'our area on the west side, and the Bay Round area on the east side. They should be in our backyard any day now. On the warmer days you can still catch some redfish in the duck ponds with shrimp under a cork, or spinner baits. The bass fishing has been excellent as well with big numbers coming out of the Westwego area before the opened the David Pond diversion. The next couple weeks should remain strong and steady. Pick your days if you can. The day or two after the fronts are a little tough with the wind, but right after the wind lays down and water clarity is good, the bite picks right back up. Lake Salvador is holding some redfish at present, and I did hear of a couple trout coming out of there, although I haven't fished in there yet.

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Clive and Joanne Tillbrook, all the way from London, England. Clive is a fly fishing instructor and does some guiding in the UK. He has been here in the U.S. several times and has caught redfish on the gulf coast and rock fish on the east coast. This was his first time bass fishing and his first bass. He actually caught a dozen or more and a nice red for a camera. All fish caught on spinner baits and all released to fight another day.

Late report. Saturday I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert Byrum from Va. Beach, Va. It was after 7 before we left the dock, blue bird and not a ripple on the water. We tried the trout for a short while with not much luck so it was off to find some reds. First stop produced one on a spinner bait, but that was it.  He finished his limit and more tight lining shrimp on a jig head, trolling the shoreline.

  We will be running a HOLIDAY SPECIAL in December. Monday thru Friday $50.00 off all charters. This price includes everything, plus drinks and your fishing license. Give me a call if you would like to book a trip. Thanks.


November 1-13, 2009 - Fishing is great after IDA came through. The trout have started showing up in numbers, and the redfish bite is still going strong. The water in Lafitte is low after the passage of IDA and a cold front there after. The water is clear in certain areas, and the trout can be found from Little Lake to Bay Round. Best spots for the redfish have been back in Bayou Dupont areas, but it will be tough to fish back there this weekend with the opener of the Duck Season. November is usually one of the best months of the year to fish, and this year is no exception. The weather is nice, the boat rides are shorter, and the fish are really frisky. All crews that have been out lately have caught really nice messes of fish. Canceled a few days with the approach of Ida, and a vacation to Las Vegas, but the next couple weeks will be busy so check back. Also, we will be running our Holiday Special again this year. $50 off on any trip Monday -Thursday from December 1st through the New Year. If you would like to get in on the action, just give us a call. All trips are still all inclusive, just show up with your ice chest to bring your bagged fish fillets home in.


 October 16-28, 2009 -Its been a busy week for me with fishing trips, trying to get a blind built on our new mud boat and also getting in a couple of deer hunts. Here are some reports from the past week.

I would like to thank the following parties for fishing with us this week. The Snider, Bradley, Cotton, Hall (Came from California to fish for last several years), Canon, Burks, Kible, Ryan, Colby. We really appreciate you.

  Its been good fishing the past week or so as you can see by some of the pictures. We have been fishing mostly duck ponds, but with the duck season opening up in a couple of weeks our time is running out. It will be back to the main lakes and bays and back to the trout. Shrimp under a cork has been producing most of the fish, but a few have been caught on spinner baits. The water still remains fair to good, even with the strong north winds, strong south winds, high water, low water situation. The fish are there, and they are eager to bite.

Capt. Barry made a scouting trip to find some trout, and he found them. They are stacked up in numbers just south of Lafitte, and before long they will be in our back yards.

  I like to thank all our clients that fished with us the past week. Hopefully I'll get these reports up a little sooner. It has been an absolute great October for fishing. The weather is nice, and all of our crews have been a pleasure to fish with. To all that tried to book a boat and couldn't, we have some days remaining in November, but you will need to call us soon. October - December is some of the best fishing of the year, and folks know that, and the books fill up fast. To all the folks fishing with us over the next several days, fishing looks to remain constant, with not any serious weather changes, except for a little rain.




October 8 - 15 ,2009 - On Friday we had the Carl Steinkemp party. This was their third Gators vs Tigers fishing trip. All I can say is that the fishing turned out to be the same as the game, with the Gators winning both.

On Saturday I had Kenneth Heintz and his son Keith , Capt. Barry had the Komo party from Baton Rouge. The bait of choice was Spinner baits, tight lining purple/chart and blk/chart cocahoes, and shrimp on a carolina rig or under a cork worked great on both days.

 My party for Sunday canceled, but we will be out for most of this week.

Just finished up 2 great days of fishing with a crew that comes down and fish with Papa Joe Bush every year. The first day we caught 39 reds, and the second day we had over 20, and that was just on my boat. Papa Joe put a spanking on the fish too. Also, this group of guys could really fish. They all showed up with their own tackle, etc, and all I had to do was work the trolling motor. What a treat. Thanks. Strong cold from passing through Louisiana, this will make the fishing tough this weekend.


October 1-7,2009 - Just to catch up on some trips from the past several days. Thursday we had the Pat Mason bachelor party and on Friday it was the Justin Hahn bachelor party. Both days the guys enjoyed some of their catch at Jan's for lunch. Saturday Sunday and Monday I had Cary Reno and his dad Henry, from Georgia. On Sunday Capt Barry had Todd Devidts and his son. The fishing has been awesome the past several days. We have been fishing deep holes when the tide is moving or points and shoreline on slack tide. Some days its more reds, other days its more drum, some days plenty of both. We mostly have been fishing with shrimp, but today most of our reds were caught on black/chart cocahoes on the bottom fishing points out in the lake.   


September 26-28,2009 - Great Fishing Continues

The fishing has been fantastic the past several days. One of my best customers, Mike Desoto and his crew from Marksville, LA fished with Capt. Barry and I on Saturday and Sunday. Monday Capt. Barry had Chris Poche and his son Eli.  I had Mike for the third day and he brought along two friends, Lane and Katie. The first day we caught all our fish in the ponds. The Second day we changed it up and caught all fish from shorelines and canal points of the area bays. Day three with the front coming in, we found a deep hole that produced all our fish. Bait of choice was Shrimp under a cork the first two days,  and shrimp on a Carolina rig on the third day. Want to say thanks for everyone fishing with us, we always appreciate it.


September 25, 2009 -Day 2 with Jim and Kay Crow. Yesterday was stick and move, today it was stick and we were done. Some days it just works out like that. Kay had the hot hand today, she had three reds and a drum in the boat before Jim caught the first fish. They can't wait for the next time. We finished our limit in the first hour or so, and played catch and release with several others. All fish caught on shrimp under a cork. Out again tomorrow with the Desoto party from Marksville, weather permitting.



September 24, 2009 - After a week or so of not being on the water it was back to work. Once again I had the pleasure of fishing with Jim and Kay Crow from Indiana. Left the dock around 6:30 heading south. After a 35 minute boat ride they were ready to put a line in the water. Things started off rather slow but we managed to pick up a few fish here and there, a stick and move morning. The first few fish were caught on spinner baits but shrimp under a cork proved to be the bait of the day. Out again with the Crow's tomorrow


September 8-13, 2009 -Lafitte Weekend Report:

With all of the predicted bad weather, both of my trips for the weekend rescheduled. So when the weather broke around 8am, called up my son and asked if he wanted to go, and by 815 we were on our way. The tide is extremely high so we thought we would try going to the east side and try fishing in the duck ponds that looked like small bays. We worked from the Pen, to Myrtle Grove and caught redfish at every stop, and one lost trout. We must have fished over 10 spots in about 2 hours scouting. The water was CRYSTAL clear in the pen, and kind of an off color back of Bayou DuPont. Tons of mullets and shads all over, and the reds were just cruising the broken up marsh islands eating them up. We made it back to the dock around 11am just before the rain started to come down again. The weather is looking much better this week, and we have some days open, if you would like to get in on the redfish or trout action just give us a call.


On a side note, Our Saints looked fantastic, could this be the year? We'll see.


As Always, Thanks!


Capt. EJ

September 2-7, 2009 - Fishing Getting better by the day!

The fishing has been strong over the past several days with the redfish, and drum stacking up in the deeper holes. Trout are starting to migrate further north towards Lafitte from the Gulf, and the bass fishing has been good, if you can pick your days.

 Capt. Mike fished the Rafferty family on Monday, Kim, Danielle and Mike. They almost had to tie Kim down when she caught her first fish, that's how excited she was. All fish caught on shrimp on the bottom fishing holes around the Little Lake area.


September 1, 2009 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Bill Yarborough and his two sons from Texas. Left the dock around 6am, got halfway to where I was going and realized that I forgot the bait at the house. No harm done, we still got there early enough to put a spanking on those redfish. Our first stop was our last stop. A few for lunch at Jan's, some for the pit at the house and bunch released to fight another day. All fish caught on shrimp and live pogies on the bottom.


August 27 - 31, 2009 - A couple of trips from this past weekend. Bob Boudreaux and his wife on Friday , Carl and Joanna on Sunday. Friday it was mostly all redfish, but on Sunday we picked up a dozen or so small trout where I have been catching only redfish. It looks like they may be starting to move in. We should have some great fall fishing. All fish caught on shrimp on the bottom, shrimp under a cork and gulp shrimp on the bottom for the trout.


August 26, 2009 - Today was one of those days when I wanted to try another area different from where I fished yesterday, even though the fish were on the surface and biting. Wrong move, not a fish in the boat for the first two hours, tried plastic and shrimp. Moved to where I was yesterday and it was too late, windy and no visible fish on the surface. Kicked myself a few times for not going their first. One thing I learned from bass fishing, never leave biting fish to look for something else. Headed for a couple of holes that were productive last week and that proved to be the answer. A box of fish and several bull reds caught and released to fight another day. All fish caught on shrimp on a Carolina rig.


August 25 2009- Left the dock with the Rick Rodriguez party at 6 am. The weekend hadn't been that great with the trout so redfish would be our target. First area had stained water a produce only one keeper redfish, so it was off to find better water and hopefully more fish. On our next stop we found what we were looking for, clean water and redfish on the surface. Today you had to make the right cast, three feet in front and over the fish, than reel it in on his nose. Anything else would spook the fish and they were gone. Problem today we had too many catch and release, that is before we wanted to. All fish today caught on spinner baits with smoke/chart tail cocahoe`s on 30# power pro. Back at it tomorrow



August 24 2009- To all that have written and called, everything is fine on the bayou, just been behind in the reports. With an action packed, extremely busy summer, August is usually a slow month in the fishing business since schools are going back in session, and the vacation season is over. We have been running several trips, but we have been enjoying some down time, and working on other projects coming up for the winter time. I really didn't realize how many folks read our reports on a daily basis, and for that I apologize and will get back to posting reports, conditions, and catches.

We've fished several days this month. After a strong summertime redfish bite, the publicity and pressure put a hurting on the fish in the Little Lake, Turtle Bay area. There were many days with heavy rain, and wet customers, and a below average tide for the majority of the month, it was tough to fish the usually higher water marsh areas, and we had to focus mainly on the bays. Best spots for us over the last 2 weeks have been in the Myrtle Grove areas fishing near Bay Round, Lake Laurie, Jefferson Canal. We have also had some ok days in Lake Salvador which is really hit or miss, and on the north side of Turtle Bay. On Thursday, 8/20, the tide finally came up to one of the highest levels of the summer, and we caught several really nice bass in the Westwego area. Then, a rare cold front came blowing through the Bayou state and now the tide has dropped very low again, and muddied the water in lots of places, but on the positive side, what nice weather. The winds are back slack so the water clarity should rebound very quickly. Out several days this week, check back for updates.


July 28, 2009 - Fishing rebounded today.

Had the pleasure of fishing with Claude Smith and his two sons Cameron and Gentry from Jackson, Mississippi. Today was a much better day than the last couple of days. The bite was good early, then tapered off, but started up again just before the rain started. We were close, but they needed one more fish for their limit, but a severe thunderstorm was just about on top of us. It chased us all the way back to the marina. Out with the same crew tomorrow.

July 25-27, 2009 - Tough weekend in Lafitte.

This weekend I had the Gregg Harvey, and Frank Wiliford party. All I can say is that both parties really worked hard for what they caught. With light winds, high temps, and very little, if any tide movement, the fish just weren't biting.

Both days we moved all morning long and worked as hard as we could to make it happen, but they never turned on for us. We fished with spinner baits, tight lined, shrimp on the bottom, and a naked female redfish, and nothing would bite. Both days we started off in the Little Lake area. We fished it from one side to the other, we fished in Bay L'ours, Brussels, Plum Point, Coffee Bay, nodda. On Sunday after not having much luck, I decided it was off to fine greener pastures. I left Little Lake and made my way towards Bayou St. Denis to go and fish on the East side. I usually don't fish on the East side when the tide is low, but I figured it couldn't be any worse. While I was running across Little Lake, just south of the "Y", the water went from a gorgeous dark clear color, to instant chocolate milk. The water in Turtle Bay, Harvey Cut, South Side of the Rigolets, and Bayou Perot is destroyed. There is a huge dredge in the area that is making the water bad. As I continued to the East side, I went into Airplane Bay, Bay Round and on through the Texaco canals. It was really hard to find any decent water, much less fishable water. So my crews just kept on pounding. Each day the final tally was between 6-10 keeper reds, a few drum, 1-2 flounders, and a couple trout. Hopefully we will get a good south wind soon to bring the water up to a normal summertime level. Can't get in any of the duck ponds. With some high water all the fish should be in there. On a positive note, the bass fishing has been pretty good in the evenings. Out every day this week, so check back for updates.


July 24, 2009 - After a couple well deserved days off, it was back to work this morning, and to begin gearing up for a big weekend. The fishing the last week has been off compared to the last month in general. But, with high hopes we left the dock nice and early to see if we could make it happen. Fished today with Jon Gillespie and his friend. He had fished with me several times before Katrina and has been trying to find time to plan a trip back to New Orleans. The bite was very good early, 15 beautiful keeper reds hit the floor of the boat before 9am, then the bite slowed down considerably and it was one here and there. All fish caught today tight lining blk/chart cocahoes on a 1/4oz unpainted jig head. We only kept a few for lunch at Jan's and released the rest to fight another day. Excellent weather, great crew, and good fishing. Can't ask for more than that!

July 21, 2009 - Capt. Mike had fished a couple of  these guys from this crew a little over a week ago, but the results today was nothing like then. Only 6 reds and a couple bass, all caught on blt/chart spinner baits. The water was low, and the not much tide. Just an overall tough day.

July 18-19, 2009 -

A late report from Friday the 17th. Capt. Mike had the pleasure of fishing with the Selman family. This was a great family trip, and the girls both caught their first redfish ever with us. The youngest one ended up catching the biggest, which happens all the time. The smallest person catches the biggest fish.

On Saturday Capt. Mike had the Darren Wilson party. Darren Jr, Thomas and Gilbert from Alabama. I had David Cohn, Guy Cook and Fernando Martins from Superior Energy. Sunday Capt. Barry took my place with Pierre Legrand and his two boys. Another injector is out on my engine, so its back to the shop for the third time in the last 4 months. Evinrude E-Tec, the last white motor I will ever own.

  As for the fishing this weekend, it pretty much went down hill starting early Saturday. All crews caught lots of fish, but it was by no means as good as it has been. The fishing wasn't bad on Saturday, but difficult on Sunday, lots of small fish. Spinner baits, shrimp under a cork, shrimp on the bottom. A fish here and there, and no schools to be found. Covered the east and west side of the Barataria waterway from Little Lake to Turtle Bay, Bay Long and even back to the Pen.


July 17, 2009 - My clients today were David Dunlap from Baton Rouge and Mark Fountain from Florida. We left the dock early with the approaching weather on the horizon. Cloudy skies and light winds to start off the morning. We had only a couple of hours of fishing before the weather moved in on us, and ran us off the water to seek shelter at a near by camp. We waited the rain out, but the fish seemed to have shut off by them. They did manage to put their limit in the box before the rain delay. We were still fishing in the Little Lake area, and we were throwing blk/chart cocahoes  tight lined on a 1/4 oz jighead. I want to say thanks to these gentleman for fishing with me today, it was certainly my pleasure. Out all weekend, so check back for updates.

July 16, 2009 - Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Peter Guerra , his friends Martin, Johnny and Miguel. They drove here yesterday from Miami to do some red fishing with me today and are going to Venice tomorrow to do an offshore trip for tuna and snapper. It was a little wet the first part of the morning, no tide and the water was a little cloudy from yesterday`s thunderstorms. The first several hours produced only a handful of fish, plastics were not doing their job today so we went to plan B. Shrimp on the bottom, finished off their limit and more. Back to the dock to clean some fish and lunch at Jan's.

July 15, 2009 -The only thing that went right this morning was the fishing. Left the house on the way to the marina, forgot my hat and camera. Went back to the house to retrieve them. Made my way back to the marina to pick up my clients David Lanier and his grandson Cole, then I realize I forgot their licenses. So I had to go back to the house to get those. Then it took me 10 minutes just to remember where I put them. By the time I got my brain in check it was almost 6am and we finally got to leave the dock. The bite today was much better than yesterday. Only had to fish one area to catch their easy limit and release a dozen more. By 10am, they had enough of the redfish hurting their backs, and we made our way  back to the dock. Today's bait of choice was  Black/chart cocahoes with spinners early,  and then we switched to tight lining blue moon cocahoes on the bottom once the sun came up. Out again tomorrow, so check back!

July 14, 2009 -Steve Haas, his wife and another couple had fished with me just over a month ago. Today his son Garrett and cousin Colby made the trip with him from Texas.

We Left the dock a 5:25 headed south to Little Lake. When we arrived at our first stop shortly after daybreak. I didn't see  much activity on the water, so we made a short move and found only a few fish wanting to play. So we moved around a few more times with not much luck. Ended up back where we originally started and the fish turned on. When it was all said and done, we almost had a limit of redfish, but we had a few too many small ones today.

If Steve was a baseball player he would have hit for the cycle. He had a sheepshead, flounder, bass and several reds. Today bait of choice was a Blue Moon cocahoe, with or without a spinner. Out again tomorrow, as long as the weather holds. So please check back for more updates.

July 13, 2009 - After a scheduled, and thankful weekend off , it was back to business this morning. My clients today Tanya and Shawn had never caught a redfish before. After just a couple minutes of fishing, the first redfish was hooked, and landed. A solid 10 pounds. The only problem everything else was down hill, size wise for the remainder of the morning. We did catch several limits of fish, but none as big as the first one. All fish were released to fight another day. Best bait today was the infamous Blk/char, blk/pearl belly and blue moon when the sun was high in the sky. All fish came from the Little Lake, Turtle Bay area. The heat is back on, and we are out all week, so check back for updates. Thanks!


July 10, 2009 - This morning was day two with Richard and Bobo from Monroe, La. This morning turned out to be just a repeat of day one. Limit of Redfish, and fast. We arrived about 15 minutes earlier than we did yesterday and the fish were waiting for us. Water was nice, seas were calm, and my crew was ready to lay into some big reds. Well they did exactly that. We were done by 6:30 .  Purple/white tail baby bull minnow on a #4 gold spinner put most of the fish in the boat. Played catch and release for two more hours and the guys had enough. I am writing this report and its 10 am. Can't beat those hours. Got boats out all weekend, so check back for more updates. The fishing should continue to be off the charts this weekend. My best tip, get there early.


July 9, 2009 - Yesterday's trip canceled, but today we were back out, and boy was the fishing good. We had 2 boats out this morning. Capt. Joe had Tony Battalio and his daughter Tammy and I had Richard Davis and his friend BoBo. We left the dock at 5:30, but will leave even earlier tomorrow to beat the heat. The bite was very strong early, than shut down. We made a move and found the  fish feeding once again, but by that time it was only catch and release because their limit was already chilling in the box. Capt. Joe also had their easy limit of reds, and Tammy looked like a seasoned veteran by the end of the day. Still throwing spinner baits and more spinner baits, blk/chart. Out again tomorrow with my same guys. Hopefully for a repeat of the action we had today. What a nice stretch of fishing this has been over the last 2 months.



July 7, 2009 - Pictured below is R.J. with his 15 minutes of fame. That's about all the time we had to fish before the sky opened up on us. We spent over an hour or so at a  run down camp and decided to give it up, and head back to the dock. Probably was not the right decision because the rain quit 30 minutes after I got home, and remained nice through the lunchtime hour. Their crew will try to do it again next week.

   Capt Mike had the Nagle party, and they  waited out the rain and it paid off for them. The fish turned on after the rain and it didn't take them long to put their limit in the boat. Blk/chart cocahoes with a # 4 gold spinner was the only bait we used. All of the fish came from the Little Lake area once again. We canceled Wednesday, but I think we could have gotten it in. Out again tomorrow with two boats. Check back for another update on the Lafitte area fishing.


June 30, 2009 - July 5, 2009 - WHAT A WEEK!

Fishing over the last week has been nothing short of Fantastic. The temps outside have been soaring to record levels over the last 2 weeks, but if you can deal with the heat, the fish are biting! Still working the Little Lake area as the redfish are still schooled up. Even with the holiday pressure, the fish still remained in nice size schools. Easy limits for all boats over the holiday, including the guides as well as the sports. It was just a great weekend for all folks who journeyed down to the bayou to do some fishing and cooking. The LDWF were out in full force, which kept everyone safe. So big thanks to those guys.

On Friday my neighbor across the canal, Randy, his sister Rachel her two boys Jordan and Dylan left their house at 5:30 sharp. It was a little choppy crossing little lake but once we made it to the other side it was a clam bank, clean water and the fish were waiting for us. Rachael and her two boys are from Arkansas and never had much luck at catching fish, they
said just a few fish would make their day. We did manage to do just a little better than that, a fine mess of reds and a few drum. A few that got away and back at the house by 9:30 to beat the heat. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits. The fish were feeding on shad, so the blk/pearl cocahoe seemed to work the best. The boys have already blown up their pictures, framed them and hung them up on the wall. I know they were happy with their catch.

Below are a few pics from several of the groups over the last couple days. All fish are still being caught on black and chartreuse spinner baits, or gold spoons. Most groups that went out, all requested that we hit the docks before 10 due to the heat. When you catch your fish early, why suffer. Got another really busy week ahead, so be sure to check back for update on the redfish bite in Lafitte.


June 29, 2009 - Monday Capt. Barry fished the Wardlaw party, and I had the Woodcook family. Both boats left the dock around 5:30. When we made it to some open water there was a west, southwest winds at 8 mph, which made for  a light chop. When we arrived at our spot we found clear water and schooling redfish that were waking up and down the banks. The bite for the first couple of hours was strong, but seemed to slow down around 9:30. Capt. Barry`s crew had a box of big reds and, and my crew caught their easy limit of solid 5-7 pound fish of which all were released to fight another day. Bait, same thing we have been throwing the past few weeks, Blk/char on a #4 spinner.


June 22-28, 2009 - Report for last week. Sorry it took me a couple days to catch up. The weather is extremely hot. I have been requesting that all groups make it to the dock at 5am so that as soon as it gets safe light we can get underway to try and beat the intense heat. Most of last week, the winds were very light, with the exception of a day or two. The water has been, and continues to be crystal clear, and the tide continues to be on the low side. Skies have been bright blue, with a stray cloud here and there. Water temps are as warm as your bath water, and the fishing remains very strong. All trips except for one over the past 6 days have caught their limit, and the crew that didn't came very close with 7 keepers, and a couple stories of the ones that got away. We have been targeting redfish, and besides reds, we have been catching some drums, flounder, and a few lost trout. We have still been focusing our efforts from Lake Salvador to Little Lake, with the best areas being on the west and south west sides of Little Lake. The bait of choice over the past week remains a black and chartreuse H&H cocahoe, with a #4 gold spinner fished with Power Pro line. Trust me, it works!

On Saturday Capt. Tommy fished the David Hessel party and I had the Jackson party for their second day.  The bite on Friday was almost too easy, but Saturday they had to work a little harder to fill the box. Tommy's crew didn't keep any fish so that made for an easy day for him, although he did help me out cleaning some of our catch. Bait selection has been pretty much the same for the past several weeks, its hard to change what works. Spinner baits, blk/chart cocahoes and on some days, later in the morning, blue moon is the ticket. We have been fishing Salvador and most of Little Lake for the past month. The redfish are there, if you don't find them in one place, move to another location.

The Coleman`s from Texas are both in the army and are station at FT. Hood, TX. They both have done two tours in Iraq. As a Vietnam Veteran, Army recon platoon forward observor, myself and this country are thankful for their service, welcome home. The fishing was not as hot as the heat in Iraq, but we did manage to box a few nice reds and a few throwbacks, not bad for their first time. All fish caught on spoons and spinner baits, blk/chart.

Fishing all week long, so check back for updates.


June 20-21, 2009 - Another Great Weekend in Lafitte

We ran 5 trips this weekend. On Friday we had the Thomas party, Saturday we had the Williams and Younger party, and Sunday we had the Legndre in the morning and a group from Victoria Inn in the afternoon. The redfish bite continues to be hot even with temps approaching 100 degrees. We fished Sunday afternoon from 2 to 6 and still managed to catch a fine mess of reds. With the light winds we have been having the water remains clear. Not much cloud cover which turns the heat on by 10am, don't forget the sunscreen. Most fish caught on spinner baits but some were caught tight lining dead shrimp on the bottom. All trips fished the same area around Bay L'Ours, Little Lake, and Turtle Bay. All fish have been in schools from 5-25 fish. As soon as you hook up to one fish, instantly one or two others get hooked up which make things very exciting on the boat for the customers. The fantastic fishing should remain all this week as no real weather changes are on the horizon.


June 19, 2009 - Fished today with the Kitchen brothers. The guys wanted to fish redfish,  so with an early start it didn't take long before we arrived on scene and started catching fish. They had their limit in the boat in no time again today. The bite wasn't as fast as yesterday, but it was still as good as you could ask for. Light winds, clear water, lots of bait which seem to be where the fish are holding. All fish caught on H&H cocahoes, Blk/chart with a #4 spinner gold spinners. All fish still coming from the Turtle Bay, Bayou Perot, and Little Lake areas. Basically caught fish at all stops. We were back at the dock early, and now it is time to get ready for LSU. GEAUX TIGERS!


June 17-18, 2009 - Fished the last 2 days for my good friend Papa Joe Bush. He had a 2 boat crew that fishes with him every year from Baton Rouge. Yesterday's trip, we actually had to do a little work for the fish. By work I mean the limit maker didn't land in the box until about 10am. By this time the bite had picked up significantly, and the guys played catch and release for a while until it was time to take a nice boat ride in to dry off the sweat beads. When the day was done, 30 beautiful reds were on the dock for their photo op.


Today, totally different story. We headed out a couple minutes after 5. We arrived at the fishing grounds around 525 or so, and had our limit polished off by 7am. The guys played catch and release the rest of the morning, and then around 9 the guys looked at each other and said, we have had enough. So, we packed up shop, and headed in. Both boats again limited out in a matter of minutes. 2 day catch was 60 gorgeous reds, and several larger throwbacks.


Saw a ton of boats out this morning, I was fishing a bank solo for a while, then the boats moved in. When they have schooling redfish in groups of 10-50 swimming up and down the bank, there is plenty of fish to go around for everyone. The trout bite is still good south towards the gulf. Luckily all of our customers have wanted to get in on the insane redfish bite that is taken place within 25 minutes of the marinas.


All fish this morning was caught on H&H Black/Chart on a gold spinner. And boy were they eating it up.


Conditions this morning, HOT, Calm on the lee shores we were fishing, crystal clear water, low tide (be careful near the shores).


For all the anglers fishing this weekend, remember lots and lots of sunscreen and water. Tried to get out as early as possible as the mornings are very pleasant. Around 10 or so, the mercury starts to shoot straight up. Good Luck to everyone.


June 16, 2009 -  Another great day to be on the water this morning. My clients today the Lindsly family, Stephanie, Randall and their daughter Casie, enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, and gentle boat ride out. I must say that the Stephanie doesn't let any handicap stop her from enjoying a fun day of fishing. They needed a little help getting around the boat, but that wasn't any problem, nor did they have any problems casting and reeling those redfish in. Fished the same area I have been working for the last several days. Crystal clear water, good tide, plenty of bait around. Got warm really quick, but wasn't as hot as the bite this morning. This crew polished off their limit, and released a few others to fight another day. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart early, blue moon later in the morning



June 10-14, 2009 - Finally a chance to catch up on some reports. We have been super busy with multiple boats out everyday. The fishing continues to be phenomenal, with clear water, warm temps, and very light winds. The redfish have been stacked up on the area bays, and the morning bite has just been great with all of early morning tide movement.

Want to say thanks to the David Hastings, Frank Liller, Peter Marijanovic, Curtis Leoni parties for fishing with us. We know you all enjoyed your days of fish catching of hope you return in the future.

The Curtis Leoni party wanted me to mention that they actually had blisters on their hands for catching so many redfish.

All of our fish were caught on spinner baits, with the best colors being black and chartreuse cocahoes, and one of my new favorite colors, the blue moon, with a #4 gold spinner. All fished caught while trolling the areas bays in 1-4 feet of water. Out the rest of the week so check back.


June 9, 2009 - Morning Trip

Fished today with the Sabens, Alison and Jerry from Alabama. Left the dock around 5:45 headed south. Sunny, light chop and clean water which made for a great day of fishing. Caught fish at every placed we stopped and left them biting. All fish caught on spinner baits, and once again, blue moon was the hot bait. Going back out this afternoon, hope the bite is half as good as this morning.

Here are a few more pictures from the last several trips.


Evening Trip -

Fished this evening with the nephew of my neighbor Don Boudreaux. Jim Smith was a fly fishing guide in Montana. He now lives on a sailboat in Maryland, and is down here visiting his uncle and had never caught a redfish, so I took them out on a short afternoon trip. The bite was nowhere as good as this morning but we did manage 9 very nice ones. Everything on blk/chart this afternoon


June 6-7, 2009 - A box shot of reds and a few lost trout we caught on Saturday. I have to respect my clients wishes not to have any pictures taken of them, due to the nature of their jobs. All fish caught on spinner baits, once again blue moon was the hot bait of the day. All fish were caught in the Little Lake area again. Out again all week log.

June 1-5, 2009 - Sorry for the lack of reports but my Wife and I went on vacation this last week and I just returned yesterday. While I was gone Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike held down the fort running all of the trips. I got a few pics from their trips already, but once I get the reports I will post them here on our site.

Back to business this morning, and was I ever ready to hit the bayou early. Capt. Barry had Ben Creel and his son Alex and I had Steve Haas, his wife Sherry, Ronnie Delavan and his wife Chris. Barry fished on the east side of the barataria waterway, and I fished the west side. Both areas produced limits of redfish. The one double hookup we had was a contrast in sizes. Steve gets the trophy for smallest redfish. Overcast, windy and cool for a June morning, water falling and very clean. All fish caught on spinner baits, blk/chart, and blue moon which has been a very hot color lately. If the wind lays down, will give the trout a try tomorrow.


May 29-31, 2009 - Weekend Report.

An unusual late May cold front came rolling through the Bayou State last Thursday and made for a really tough weekend for fishing. Although the weather was simply perfect, the tide fell almost 2 feet, and turned the aggressive attitudes of the fish off. Our captains worked really hard, and all of our customers ended their days with limits, or near limits of redfish anyhow. Just not the numbers of fish we caught pre-front. Lake Salvador was off, and most of our fish were all caught south near Little Lake, Plum Point, Turtle Bay, and Bayou St. Denis.

On Friday I had the the Mike Duffy party. They  had fished offshore on Thursday and caught a mess of amberjack. Most of the guys had never caught a redfish and that's what they wanted to do. We had a late start and by the time we made it to our first stop the wind had already picked up, but it did slack off by mid morning. Water conditions were clear, no clouds and a light chop. Reds, flounder and a few blue crabs all caught on H & H spinner baits, Blk/chart and purple/chart .

Saturday I had Dennis and Suzette Hubbel, this trip was for the Victoria Inn. This crew worked hard through a very slow morning bite, and then the action heated up around 9 or so, and then they landed their limit of redfish plus 1/2 dozen throw backs.

Sunday Capt. Barry and Capt. Mike D. had 2 great crews. They met their crews at the dock and headed off to the redfish grounds early to start working their spinner baits and tight lined cochahoes on the bank. The weather was flat calm, and hot, and in short order the guys beat up on the redfish, and finished off their limit.

It was a very enjoyable weekend, and I want to say thanks to everyone who fished with us this weekend, we really appreciate you!


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


Happy Customers
4 Local New Orleanians, having a blast.


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