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Fishing forecast for August - August is usually a very good month for fishing. The trout action is much better, as all the schoolies are growing up, making for nicer catches. The Redfish action should remain hot this month, as the tide will remain high with all the southeasters blowing. Key this month will be the weather.  As long as we stay clear from tropical disturbances, it should make for an exciting month of fishing! Call us now to book your trip as the schedule is filling up fast! Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120.

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August 27, 2004 -  Back at it again today after a well deserved rest. The Louisiana heat is brutal in August. Two groups out today, Capt. Mike and Capt. Bobby had Mike Pedrosa group from Minden, La. Fishing was slow this morning but they did manage to catch 13 keeper reds. More than enough for lunch at Jan`s.

Capt. Joe and I had the Chuck Reuse group from Birmingham, Al. We managed to boat 17 keepers. Most all fish were caught on spinner baits. #4 spinner with purple H & H minnow. We also caught several throw back trout so they may be starting to move in.



August 21, 2004 - We made the trip down to the gulf once again and for me it is still the same. Lots of fish but only 17 keepers. My friends and great customers Bill and Sylvia Furlong tried everything, even live shrimp. Fished the reef in Four bayou and just about everyone of the cat islands with no luck. Water was beautiful and had a good tide movement. Next trip back to red fish.


August 20, 2004 - You name it we caught it, bass, flounder ,catfish, sheep head and reds. Steve Metz from Florida and his son Dusty who attends Tulane (Geaux Tigers) joined me today. Fishing was tough but we managed to catch a mess for dinner. Dusty had his first 10 pounder and what a beauty. Most fish were caught on gold spoons and spinner baits. Will try for trout tomorrow if the wind is down.



August 16, 2004 -  My guest for today were Larry DeCan from Metairie, and Marty Hyatt from Benton, AR. Here are photos of some of the nice redfish they caught today. We also caught 8 or 10 large sheepshead, or as we like to say "bay snapper". The great thing about today is that all fish are still swimming to fight another day. These guys took advantage of my Monday/Tuesday special $50.00 off any fishing trip. If you would like to get in on the action give me a call.



August 15, 2004 - On Sunday I had Mr.Kasim Madik and his son who had a sheep head request. With the weather conditions being as they were that sounded like a good idea to me. Shrimp under a cork and on the bottom produced a mess of sheep head and also a few reds. Hopefully this weather gets back to normal so we can have a better week.


August 14, 2004 - On Saturday I had Judge Stan Duval, his son and their friend Daniel pictured here with his first redfish. Due to the rough weather conditions fishing was tough but we did catch a grab bag of fish.


August 13, 2004 - Low dirty water and a lot of wind made for a tough day on the water. 5 red fish 1 drum and 10 catfish. Shrimp on the bottom, was the only thing that worked.. Tried to get my guest for tomorrow to cancel but they said no. Its going to be a rough weekend.


August 12, 2004 -   Today`s guest, Bob and Sue did not want their picture taken but the fish did not refuse. All fish were caught on a shad color green metal flake back minus one crank bait.  To many quick releases prevented us from catching a limit, also we had to be in by 10am. I still have dates open in September with specials on Monday and Tuesday, give me a call toll free


August 8 - 11, 2004 - On Vacation


August 7, 2004 - James and Crystal Clampit from Monroe joined me today . It was their first experience at fishing for redfish. They do a lot of bass fishing so throwing a spinner bait fell right into place. Not a bad catch for some first timers. We also caught a few bass which were released. Not bad on a 4 hour trip


August 6,  2004 - Had the Bordelon party from Marksville. It was cool and crisp to start the day, and that is how the action was to start. Slow morning, but around 900 or so the reds finally started hitting. We were Fishing with Gold Spoons along the grass beds of on the southern shorelines on Little Lake.


August 4, 2004 - Today  Capt. Mike and I headed down south toward the Gulf to catch some trout.  Scout Troop 380 from Fort Smith,  Arkanas had a great time boating over 200 trout between both boats. Most were throw backs but we did manage to catch plenty enough for lunch. All fish were caught under a popping cork. Fished the areas on the Southern shorelines of Barataria Bay. Wish these fish would get a little bigger.


August 1, 2004 -  Went after trout again this morning. We ended up with pretty much the same results as the day before. LOTS of fish, just small. Caught near 70-8- tout with only 15 keepers. Stopped on the way in and managed real nice reds.


July 31, 2004 -   From Southeast Asia to Barataria Bay. We have come a long way baby. Had the pleasure of fishing with one of my Vietnam buddies Sgt. Don Johnson his wife Susan and their friend Kirk. We made the trip down south early this morning to try for some trout. After trying 3 or 4 places we found some birds behind Grand Isle and managed to catch 28 keepers and plenty throw backs. On our way back we stopped in my redfish spot and boated five 18 to 20 inch reds. Hopefully we will do it again before another 35 years rolls around. Capt. E.J.




Gorgeous SE Louisiana Redfish


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4 Buddies loving there day on the water with Capt. EJ


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