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August 2007

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August 30 - September 3, 2007 - Seven boats out this weekend. The trout fishing has been on and off the past week. Some clients still want to chase after them but with so many little fish out there, keepers have been hard to come by. The redfish have been our money fish the last couple of weeks. Spoons, spinner baits, and tight lining cocahoes on the bottom have produced all our fish. My pattern for the last several trips have been move, move, move. The more water you can cover with the trolling motor, the better your chances of putting fish in the boat. Here are a few pictures of this past weekend's clients. The Sullivan party, Baird party, Knowles party, Sils party, Simonson party, Senior party, Hensley party, ( Dana with her huge redfish), and thanks to the guides, Capt. Mike, Barry, Kevin and Mike.




Labor day bass. The bass have been on fire the past few days, so I
decided to give them a try this afternoon. Left the dock around 3:30. The first couple of hours was slow, but it sure picked up in a hurry. I boated 38 bass with a couple in the 3lb class, not a bad afternoon, almost seemed like the old days!

August 21-29, 2007 - Last Weekend fishing report. Five boats out over the weekend. Capt. Bob, Joe, Kevin, myself and a new addition to our group, Capt. Barry Plaisance. The redfish have been steady the past several days so we have been staying in the duck ponds, throwing spoons and spinner baits in smoke/char, purple/char, black/char. Many of our clients have been having their catch cooked up for lunch at Jan's.  Monday I had the David Smith party, w/ Tom, David, Marilyn and Nancy. Once again we were back on the redfish and by 10 am they had had enough. A nice mess of reds to take back to New York and a few to eat at the house in Folsom. Spinner baits and spoons were the bait of the day.  

Capt. Joe, Capt. Barry and I fished the Calco Travel party today.
These guys came from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Left the dock at 5:45 heading for the duck ponds. Thunderstorms ran us out of our primary area so we headed for a location closer to the dock. Spinner baits and gold spoons once again were the hot bait of the day. Jan's cooked up some of the catch for lunch and the rest went home to mama. I would like to thank Julie Chalmers with Calco Travel for her help in setting up this trip

August 14 - 20, 2007 - Last Thursday I fished the crew from Wynne, Arkansas. These guys have been fishing with me for the past several years. Out of six guys scheduled to fish, only three made it to the dock. They were victims of Bourbon Street, too many hurricanes!! The three that did show up Lonny, Jack and Paul had a great time, and the few fish that we kept were enjoyed for lunch by the crew,  Capt. Joe and myself at Jan's. Friday Shaun Jaggars, and his son Tyler, joined me in search for a mess of redfish. We only managed to catch 17 to 20 inch fish,  and were back at the dock by 11am with their limit. All fish on both days were caught on spinner baits, mostly Blk/Char. Over the weekend had several 3 different crews out. All parties caught nice messes of redfish, and went home with sore arms, and ziploc bags full of redfish filets waiting to be blackened.



August 8 -13, 2007 -I fished a trip for the Victoria Inn in the A.M. The Peter Sullivan party in the P.M. , man what a long day. Capt. Joe had the Philip Hodge party Friday and I had the Reed Barbier group for the Oilman's Tournament on Friday and Saturday. Trout numbers have been running in the 30`s and 40`s with several redfish to add to the ice chest. By 11am the heat is just too much to bear and most clients are ready to call it a day. Most all of the fish are being caught on black/char and smoke/char cocahoe`s on the bottom.
 Sunday afternoon bass trip. Left the house at 6:30pm, 98 degree's in the shade with the sweat rolling off my face but the bass were on. My picture didn`t come out very good. I was using the self timer and I must have moved as the camera went off , but it doesn't change the quality of the fish. All fish caught on salt/pepper/char tail 6" worms and all released in another location to fight another day



July 27 - August 7, 2007 -  The last week has been pretty great for fishing, as long as you get out there early. With soaring temps in the mid to upper 90's, anything after 12 noon is brutal. The morning bite has been great on reds and specks. The red fishing  has been stealing the show lately with some really nice fish being landed around the Lafitte area. We have been fishing the banks of the area lake and bays throwing spinner baits and spoons. When the water temps soar in the evening the bite slows down a bit until the evening bite kicks in. The best period to fish has been on the incoming tide. The moving water helps to get the bait fish in action, and the red fish follow suit. The trout are still plentiful, and there are some keepers out there. Best baits of late have been the DOA fished under a cork, and cocahoes tight lined. Once again, you need to get on the bite early and fast, especially on the falling or rising tide. Mostly small fish have been coming under the birds, most anglers should concentrate their effort on broken islands, and reef in about 3-8 feet of water. Also, the past several days have been producing some awesome evening bass fishing. Everything has been in the one or two pound class with an occasional three pounder. The ribbit frog has been the hot bait. Here are my neighbors Don and Henry showing off a couple of nice fish.

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