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August 2008

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September 5, 2008 - Hello everyone. Greetings from Lafitte, La. We made it through the storm much better than was anticipated. The water came up pretty high, but it was barely over the bulkhead at the house. I had some minimal wind damage to the roof, and siding, but all in all, we are good. Still have no power, but hopefully they will get that turned on soon. Picked up all of the boats this morning from Westwego, and brought them back down to the bayou. Can't wait to go do some bass fishing this evening.

Wanted to say thanks to all the folks who called and emailed to check on us, we really appreciate it. Cochiara's Marina took a good lick, so I will assess that situation soon enough, but for the meantime, I just want to let the folks know that we are back in business. Fuel is the hardest thing to come by at present. But, I can pull the boat on the trailer to fill it up for trips. I want to thank all the customers who we had to cancel for rescheduling again, and for all of our other customers, your trips should still be on. Please call my cell phone as the business number is currently out. (504) 329-2728. Time to get back to work for now, I will post some pics from our bass trip tomorrow. thanks again everyone.

August 30, 2008 - Until Further Notice. All trips are cancelled as we prepare for Hurricane Gustav.

It seems just like yesterday I was typing a message just like this for Hurricane Katrina. Myself, and my family are out of harms way at my farm in McComb, MS. We got the house boarded up, moved all of the boats to higher ground in Westwego, and we are nervously awaiting what might be. For Katrina, we were on the west side of the eyewall, therefore we did not have any storm surge. It appears at this point in time that we will not be so fortunate. It appears that the storm will make landfall to our west near Terrebonne Bay. I am expecting anywhere from 15-25 feet of storm surge to make it all the way from the Gulf of Mexico, to my house in Barataria, LA. My home is elevated roughly about 14 feet off of the water level. So this one is really not looking good. We are about 35 miles inland from the coast, but their is not much land to knock the surge down.

I ask that you keep my family, friends, and everyone else that will be effected by this monster in your prayers.

He are the phone numbers that you can try if you need to reach us.

Capt. EJ Plaisance



House in Mississippi 

601- 684-4036

Capt. Kevin Plaisance




EJ - lafittefishing@cox.net

Kevin - kevin@jeanlafittecharters.com - Blackberry Enabled

Also try to send text messages.

Here we go again. I will send out an update when I can!

Thanks Everyone!


August 20 -24, 2008 -  Three out of the last 4 days have been good, with the spoiler on Sunday dues to the tropical depression. We canceled all trips on Sunday, and I have to say it was actually nice to be home relaxing on Sunday. Those days are few and far between. One day I helped out my good friend PaPa Joe with a crew from Las Vegas. Both boats finished with a limit of reds. Thursday Capt. Barry and I fished the Tom Atwell party, a carbon copy of Wednesday, both boats finished with easy limit, and many more caught and released. Spinner baits and silver spoons were the hot baits. A different look from the gold spoon we normally throw.

Day 2 with the Tom Atwell on Saturday. The wind from Fay gave us some problems, but both boats still managed a limit of reds in the adverse conditions. Spinner baits produced most of the fish but silver spoons also worked well. The water in Lafitte is LOW. Be careful when running around. Pretend it is February. Fishing is still good though!

August 16 -19, 2008 - Another good weekend of fishing. The fishing was about a 6.5 out of 10. Sunday was the best day with all 4 boats limiting out on redfish. Saturday wasn't the best of days, but still everyone managed to put a real nice box of fish together. All of these storms that have been around, has made for some dirty water. So off to the ponds to find the redfish is where we have been.

Saturday and Sunday we fished the Mike Desoto party from Marksville, La. Mike had fished with me several times before, on this trip he brought along his wife and several friends. Capt. Barry, Tommy and myself fished his group and on Sunday Capt. Mike fished the Powell family from Brandon, MS. Saturday morning was slow and with the weather and a short morning we only managed 15 reds between 3 boats. Sunday Capt. Tommy headed south to try for some trout, catching only a dozen, before he retreated to catch some redfish. The other three boats all limited out on reds in short time. Spinner baits, spoons and tight lining cocahoes produced all of the fish.

I took the Coast Guard party on Monday. Fished this group for US Environmental in New Orleans. Made the run to where I had caught the fish yesterday, but today they didn't co-operate. Water had dropped which made it difficult to fish in the ponds. We made another run and located a few schools of drum to finish off the day. Spinner baits and shrimp under a cork.



August 12-15, 2008 - The great fishing resumed yesterday and this morning we had another follow up of great action.

 Thursday's trip with the Huismann family. We have been trying to get  this trip in for the last three days. Tuesday was very windy, and we had a downpour of rain on Wednesday. The group was driving in from Baton Rouge and I didn't want them to drive here for nothing, and to fish in bad conditions, so we rescheduled. After we left the  dock, someone had to be burning a candle of bad voodoo on us. We landed only two fish out of the first six and dropped six or more the rest of the day. Almost lost as many as we caught. Ended the day with 15 nice keepers plus a great time, some days you can't catch them all.

This morning I had a great great crew for the Victoria Inn. Picked up Antonio and Windy at 6am. It was one of those short and sweet fishing trip. Catch a limit, play catch and release for a while,  and beat the heat. Back at the dock a little after 10, cleaned up, filled up the tank,  and back at the house by 11, and ready for the weekend. Tried shrimp under a cork, but the skip jacks were tough. Changed to spinner baits and that made the difference.

Fishing is looking great for the weekend. Should be overcast skies, 40% chance of rain, and an even better chance of catching fish! Getting ready to head off for our evening trip, check back soon to see how that went. We have a really busy weekend with multiple boats, check back Monday for an update on those trips.


August 5 - 11, 2008 - Another fantastic week of fishing down south. The weather has been cooperating, the water has been clean and calm, and the bait has been cruising up and down the banks. With all of the trips as of late, I am glad the fish have been biting. We had one slow day this weekend, but for the most part, the bite has been strong.

Over the weekend, Redfish continued to be the target fish. I must say that Saturday I finally saw quite a few shrimp being eaten up by skip jacks or lady fish. Hopefully the trout will be close behind.   Weekend trips with the Richard family in the morning. Below is a photos with Camden with a good one, but mom caught the big boy of the day. I had the John Lulue party on Saturday evening. They caught a fine mess of reds. Sunday I had the guys from U.S Risk Management, Wayne, Tim, Daniel and Roger. They too ended the day with a  fine catch of reds and one flounder.  Shrimp under a cork for a few fish produced, but spinner baits still produced most of the fish. Next couple of days will be parties with kids, trying to get them out before school starts, should be fun.

This morning I fished with the redfish killers, The Jackson Family. Cris, Ann Marie and their boys Christian and Rader. I Picked them up at their dock at 6 am with the intention of hopefully catching some drum that I had spotted while fishing yesterday. We never made it that far, I spotted a few fish cruising the bank, quietly shut down the motor, threw the pole anchor and it was fish on. A very nice mess for dinner, lots of throwbacks which made for lots of fun for the kids. Shrimp under a cork, the only way to go with young ones.



July 25, to August 4, 2008 - What an interesting week it has been. With all of the crazy weather including a tropical storm, we have been working hard to put fish in the boat. 80% of trips this week, found a nearby camp out on the water to escape those pesky thunderstorms. We all know that when there is thunderstorms, there is also wind. The winds have been kinda slack, but when a storm pops up, it starts blowing in a hurry. This changes the bite is so many ways. Fish that were biting stop, water gets blown around, and we have to start chasing the fish. All is all, the guides really did a great job this week, with lots of limits of reds continuing to hit the dock. Fish were caught on gold spoons, and cocahoes on spinners. Black and chartreuse is still money, although, purple and chartreuse isn't far behind.

Capt. Barry had the Carter party out Saturday, this was their second trip, and they have already pledged to back again for their third trip soon.

The rest of the weekend went like this. It was an SEC weekend, Friday Capt Mike, Barry and I fished the Chuck Reuse party, It was the Auburn Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs. On Saturday I had the Randy Davis family, Randy, his sons Joshua, Ben and his friend Joshua. Dad was an Alabama fan and the boys are heading to Auburn, ouch pops. Go Tigers, LSU Tigers that is. Anyway, lets get back to fishing. The rain on both days was something to deal with. Friday it wasn't until late morning, but on Saturday we didn't leave until 7:30. Redfish, drum and bass on Friday, redfish and a few Bass on Saturday. The drum under a cork and the reds on spinner baits with Power Pro line. With any luck this tropical storm will push some saltwater towards Lafitte so we can start moving the trout of the beaches. Nothing like catching bass on the grass beds in Little Lake though...shhhh!



To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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