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Fishing forecast for September-  September is finally here. This is generally one of the best fishing months of the year. The speckled trout move much farther inland, and already are starting to show their yellow mouths. The first cool fronts of the year have been coming through slowly but surely. the redfish action is still hot as the last two months. As long as the weather stays nice like it is, we are in for a treat this month. Book your trip now!!!

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September 30, 2004 -  My third and final day with Jerry, Larry and Jeremy Horseman proved to be much tougher than the last two days. The strong east wind prevented us from fishing the area we had fished the last two days.15 keeper trout out of 25 and 4 keeper reds. Even with this slow day they will be taking an ice chest of fillets back to Kansas City. Great three days of fishing guys. Capt.E.J



September 29, 2004 - Larry, Jerry and Jeremy out with me again today. We did not have the box of fish we had yesterday but today we did catch 30 or so trout to go with half a dozen nice red fish and 2 flounders. Back out with the same crew tomorrow. Capt. E.J.


September 28, 2004 -  Not very many trout today.  We boated only a dozen or so with only 2 being keepers. Today was gorilla redfish day as shown in the picture. One of those days when we have to many over 27 inches, but we still managed to fill the ice chest. Jerry, Larry and Jeremy are back with me tomorrow. Capt. E.J.


September 27, 2004 - Had the pleasure of fishing with James and Nancie Flynn from Lake Park, Pa. It was a great day to be on the water. Boated 50 or 60 trout, a few reds  2 flounder, 3  bass, 1 drum and the three of us fought a 30lb jack cravelle until we got tired and broke him off. Back out tomorrow, Capt. E.J.


September 26, 2004 - Had a fun gang today from Baton Rouge. Michael, Tori, and Eric caught a nice mess of reds, and a few trout. Conditions were tough today as the wind was blowing 15-20mph out of the East. Never could get Tori that ten pound red she was looking for. Next Time!


September 25, 2004 - .  Had 3 people out today. First thing this morning we went looking for speckled trout. We ran into a nice little school. Managed to catch about 40 keepers using sparkle beetles under a cork.


September 24, 2004 - Wednesday  and Thursday was great bass fishing days catching over 20 bass both days. Top water and curly tail grape worms were the bait of the day.


September 21, 2004 -  Had the same guys from yesterday, plus another buddy Robby. Another good trip today, but not as hot as yesterday. Caught a lot of variety today including, reds, trout, drum, sheep head, bass, and catfish. Today's trip was catch and release.


September 20, 2004 - After 7 days of canceled trips we are back on the water. Lafitte made out well, as the storm moved to the east towards Gulf Shores. The Reds seemed very hungry after the north wind pounded the area the previous week.. Kevin, Keith and Trey had no problem catching their limit, and more, of 6- 10 lbs. redfish, and a few trout. Caught most reds with shrimp, and spinner baits. We the trout caught on split tail beetles under a popping cork.


September 14 - 18, 2004



September 13, 2004 - Had the pleasure of taking some guys from my son's company today. Glenn Frederickson, Ken Cumbus, Vincent Showers, David Domma, Charles Sanders, Bob Moores, Todd Howard, and my son Keith who all work in IT at Aegis Mortgage Corporation in Baton Rouge pose with their nice mess a fish. In all we had about 35 redfish, 4 bass, and a flounder. All fish were caught using H&H Plastic Cockahoe Minnows (Purple and Chartreuse) with and without a #4 spinner. The biggest redfish was caught by Ken Cumbus and it was 31' and 10 1/2 pounds. For more information on Corporate Charters give us a call toll free 1-877-689-4120. Capt. EJ


September 12, 2004 - Bill Martin and his wife Lynette joined me on their wedding anniversary for a first time red fishing trip. Even though it was a tough day we did manage to boat several small reds, 5 keeper reds, a couple of bay snapper and 1 large drum. Spinner baits and shrimp were the bait of the day. Lets hope that we are all still here and fishing next weekend



September 11, 2004 - Wendy Mahl , her husband and a friend ended the day with a nice mess of red fish.  Most fish were in the 16 to 20 inch range and were caught on live shrimp on the bottom. 

Saturday Evening - Had an interesting request in the afternoon, had a great group who wanted to view some of the great wildlife, but specifically, BIRDS! Made the run towards Grand Isle to some Islands that hold tons of Pelicans, Seagulls, Herons, and others. We managed to find all that we were looking for. The gang had a great time.


September 5, 2004 - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were three great days of fishing. Catch and release all three days, I love it. Sunday Lloyd and Hunter from Florida, were running from Hurricane Frances, managed to catch their limit of reds and another nice drum. Saturday and Sunday we fished Carolina rigged with dead market shrimp. Out again on Tuesday if the weather holds.


September 4, 2004 -  had a couple from Atlanta with the catch of the day being a 40lb drum. Fished Carolina Rigged with shrimp today. The reds are stacked in a hole right now. Check out the other boats i the background. Unreal!


September 3, 2004 - Today was short and sweet with our limit of reds coming before 10 am. All fish were caught on spoons. And to top it off, we were 20 minutes from the launch


September 2, 2004 - Been out of action the last few days, finally got me a new, more fuel efficient  motor. It runs like a champ, and will be back out as usual beginning in the morning. The Trout action has really picked up as of late, You don't have to run to far to get to them either. The reds are still everywhere, the next 2 months will begin my favorite time of the year to fish. If you would like to book a trip, or take advantage of our $50 off Monday and Tuesday specials. Give us a call now to reserve your spot!



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