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September 2008

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September 27-29, 2008 - Weekend Report

 I had the pleasure of fishing with the Haas party on Saturday, and Capt. Barry had the Adams party on Sunday. The redfish are still around, with limits plus throwbacks coming each day. Add a few trout and a few bass to the box, combined with the great weather, and it was some good times. Spinner baits, plastic cocahoes on the bottom and glow beetles under a cork have been working the best. My pattern the past few days have been stick and move. Give it 15 or 20 minutes and if there is no action, move on. Sometimes moving several hundred yards will make the difference. Sometimes you may have to move a mile or two, or change your are completely to make it happen. Find the clean water, and some grass, and you will find the fish close behind. Took my wife out Sunday afternoon. 1 hour fishing trips is her thing. We caught 5 bass and four reds 5 minutes from the house.



September 26, 2008 - Fished with Ron Phillips and his dad today. Just about a repeat of yesterday, with the exception of a lack of trout. Caught 1 trout where we had caught 25 plus yesterday. We were done on the redfish in a couple of hours. Tried several places for trout with no luck. Will be heading south tomorrow checking out some different places. Spinner baits produced all the fish today. Water was clear, winds light, perfect day to be on the water.


September 25, 2008 - My first trip since the storms. Jim and Angela Above have fished with me before. There are from here and are moving to Alabama next week. They wanted to get one more fishing trip in before they left. After a short boat ride Angela didn't waste and time before putting the first red in the boat, with many more to follow after that. They weren't keeping any reds so all were released, hopefully to catch again tomorrow. I cleaned 10 nice trout for them to bring home for dinner. Spinner baits and spoons for the reds, glow beetles under a cork for the trout. Jim
also caught a mix bag on his flyrod. Winds were pretty high today, and we didn't catch as many numbers as we have been catching the couple days before, although we caught 30 or more all together.


September 23, 2008 - We're BACK!

What a tough couple weeks it has been down here on the Bayou. After suffering through an evacuation, high water, and no power from Gustav, his cousin Ike decides to go and pound on Galveston Island. Just like three years before when Hurricane Rita hit west Louisiana, Lafitte took a tremendous storm surge that flooded everyone's home. Almost 3 years to the day, Ike decided to do the same thing. All the folks that were still rebuilding from their bout with Rita, must now start over. It is really tough to see all of the great families down here struggling. My house is elevated, so I was lucky, and it is now time to get back to business.

Saturday morning I made a short run to check out the bass fishing conditions. Water was very dirty and in some areas still smelled like rotten eggs. I fished one area where the water was fairly clear but did not have a bite.  Tried another area in the afternoon with the same results. A couple of days have gone bye so Jason, Capt. Barry and I figured it was time to give it another shot. Water conditions much better and should continue to improve.  Caught about 20 fish between us three. Barry and Jason pictured below with a few nice ones.  1.5 and 2 pounders, I had one 3.5lbs but my camera batteries went dead, so no picture.  Worms, frogs and buzz baits have been the producers. Capt. Barry pictured below with a 5.9 0z beauty.

Capt. Barry and I have been scouting several different areas the past few days. Redfish are just about everywhere. I caught 25 or 30 trout yesterday north of Lafitte. Not many keepers but good to know they were there, and will be growing. Capt. Barry also caught a mess of reds in the same area in the afternoon. On a short afternoon trip today, I caught redfish and bass all evening long. Spinner baits for the reds and glow beetles under a cork for the trout, its been awhile since I've thrown that. I will be helping some friends with cleanup in lower Lafitte the next couple of days. We will start running trips on Thursday, hopefully with some good results.



September 5, 2008 - Hello everyone. Greetings from Lafitte, La. We made it through the storm much better than was anticipated. The water came up pretty high, but it was barely over the bulkhead at the house. I had some minimal wind damage to the roof, and siding, but all in all, we are good. Still have no power, but hopefully they will get that turned on soon. Picked up all of the boats this morning from Westwego, and brought them back down to the bayou. Can't wait to go do some bass fishing this evening.

Wanted to say thanks to all the folks who called and emailed to check on us, we really appreciate it. Cochiara's Marina took a good lick, so I will assess that situation soon enough, but for the meantime, I just want to let the folks know that we are back in business. Fuel is the hardest thing to come by at present. But, I can pull the boat on the trailer to fill it up for trips. I want to thank all the customers who we had to cancel for rescheduling again, and for all of our other customers, your trips should still be on. Please call my cell phone as the business number is currently out. (504) 329-2728. Time to get back to work for now, I will post some pics from our bass trip tomorrow. thanks again everyone.

August 30, 2008 - Until Further Notice. All trips are cancelled as we prepare for Hurricane Gustav.

It seems just like yesterday I was typing a message just like this for Hurricane Katrina. Myself, and my family are out of harms way at my farm in McComb, MS. We got the house boarded up, moved all of the boats to higher ground in Westwego, and we are nervously awaiting what might be. For Katrina, we were on the west side of the eyewall, therefore we did not have any storm surge. It appears at this point in time that we will not be so fortunate. It appears that the storm will make landfall to our west near Terrebonne Bay. I am expecting anywhere from 15-25 feet of storm surge to make it all the way from the Gulf of Mexico, to my house in Barataria, LA. My home is elevated roughly about 14 feet off of the water level. So this one is really not looking good. We are about 35 miles inland from the coast, but their is not much land to knock the surge down.

I ask that you keep my family, friends, and everyone else that will be effected by this monster in your prayers.

He are the phone numbers that you can try if you need to reach us.

Capt. EJ Plaisance



House in Mississippi 

601- 684-4036

Capt. Kevin Plaisance




EJ - lafittefishing@cox.net

Kevin - kevin@jeanlafittecharters.com - Blackberry Enabled

Also try to send text messages.

Here we go again. I will send out an update when I can!

Thanks Everyone!


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