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Fishing forecast for October-  October is here and so are the trout, and so are the BIG Redfish. The last couple days of September yielded superior catches of Trout and redfish. We are also finding a lot of bass right now in  our freshwater estuaries. The best part of this month is that all of the fish are getting much closer to Lafitte. Twenty minute or less run can get you in the middle of the action. Book your trip now!!!

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October 31, 2004 - New Jersey`s own Tom Jarozynski  and his wife joined me today. Fishing was slow most of the morning ending up with 30 trout and 2 flounder. Not one redfish was caught today. I forgot my camera but they took pictures and I`ll post one when they email them to me. Capt E.J.



October 28, 2004 - I think that last nights lunar eclipse put the clamps on the fish bite this morning. Mr. Bennett Farrier and his friend from Baton Rouge fished their tails off to catch 11 trout 2 flounder and a couple of 8lb red fish. All fish were caught on O D green pearl belly H&H minnows


October 26, 2004 - Capt. Mike, Tony, Bobby, Joe and myself fished the Terminix group out of the Victoria Inn. Each boat averaged over 30 keeper fish with most being trout. All fish were caught on plastic. Capt. Mike had big red, 11lbs and Capt. Tony had most fish with 38 edging my 37 by one. Wanting to book a corporate outing give us a call we do it all.


October 25, 2004 - After slam dunking the trout yesterday today turned out to be a whole new ballgame. Dr. Paul Dacosta and his friend Scott Limstrom fished hard to catch 20 keepers. Scott casted for 4 hours with a fly rod landing only 5 or 6 fish then tried the casting gear and managed to land several more. Today was little fish day but there is always tomorrow. No pictures today due to dead battery. Capt. E.J.


October 24, 2004 - 4 Boats Fishing today

Capt. Joe had the Don Fendlason group from Folsom. They had enough fish early and returned to the dock before 11am.

Capt Tony had Rick and Janet Phillips. They managed to catch a fine mess of reds and trout. 

Capt Mike fished with Dean Davis and Bob Baker. He was redfish king for the day catching a limit and more of red fish. He kept only a few reds and some trout for their driver.

I fished with Jimmy and Vicky Briggs from Little Rock. They were staying at the Victoria Inn. They are good bass fisherman who wanted to catch trout and reds but also landed a few green trout. They did end up with their limit of trout and a couple of nice reds. Jimmy and Vicki decided to release all the fish they caught today. Out again tomorrow and 5 boats on Tuesday. Capt. E.J.


October 23, 2004 - Nancy from the Bayou Barn, her daughter Lisa, her son and a friend joined me today. They were fishing in the Yacht Club fishing rodeo out of Joe's Landing. They had only two hours to fish and the girls and kids made the most of it. If you want to put a smile on a kids face take him or her fishing. Awesome! Capt E.J.


October 22, 2004 - Bill Benjamin from North Carolina and I left the dock at 6:30 heading for Little Lake but the fog was so thick we did not make it so I decided to try a spot that I fished yesterday. Sometimes things work out for the best. After catching and releasing over 40 trout we finally boated two nice reds which were brought home for the grill. I still have some openings for next weekend. Capt. E.J.


October 21, 2004 - Mike Bradley and Matt Hammond joined me today. It started out with a bang but seemed to taper off about 9 am. These guys had 2 jacks on at the same time. It was a tug of war with both fish going about 30 lbs. One broke the line and the other broke the hook on a top dog. After a 20 minute fight we got back to fishing and left the trout biting at 12 noon. It turned out to be a fair day catching and releasing 40 or more trout and a couple of nice reds Don't forget we now have souvenirs available!! Capt. E.J.



October 19, 2004 -  Once again I had my good friends Bill and Silvia Furlong from Folsom. Thought we would smack the trout like yesterday but that was yesterday and today was, well lets just say we worked very hard to catch 15 trout and 2 reds. Hard winds and muddy water made it difficult. All fish were caught tight line with H&H minnows.


October 18, 2004 -  David Legg and his wife Bonnie from Georgia joined me today for some hot fishing action. Only caught 3 reds but managed to land well over 50 trout. Could not get Bonnie to hold a fish but here they are with a nice 10lb plus red. Out again tomorrow. I have a cancellation for Friday so give me a call if you would like to book a trip. We now have Jean Lafitte Charter T shirts and caps for sale. Thanks Capt. E.J.


October 17, 2004

Capt. E.J. - Larry Rogers and his wife Peggy fished with me in the little lake area. We ended up with 36 keeper trout with plenty short ones. Larry caught most of the short ones or maybe it was because of that guy that was measuring them. Back at it tomorrow,  Capt E.J.

Capt Mike - David French his wife Elizabeth along with Tom Hayes and his wife Karen tried the east side toward Myrtle Grove and produced 24 trout and 4 nice reds.


October 16, 2004

Morning Trip - Saturday I had Ken Sandberg and his two sons Steve and Carl. 35 trout and 4 large reds were the catch of the day. All fish were caught on H&H minnows with a oz jig head.

Evening Trip - Saturday I had Robert and Ruby Moore from Jackson Ms. Robert tried his best to catch a redfish on a flyrod but it did not work out. He did manage to boat 8 or more specks using a wet fly and another dozen or so on H&H minnows. I was very impressed with his casting with the wind we had in the afternoon.


October 15, 2004 - Steve Smith and his wife Barbara from Florida joined me today. It turned out to be a drum day although we did catch a few nice reds and several keeper trout. All fish were released to fight another day. Capt. E.J.


October 13, 2004 - Had the pleasure of fishing with Bob Zajdel and friends who were staying at the Victoria Inn. It was their first time fishing in Louisiana and for a bunch of green horns they did very well. Off tomorrow but out again Friday if the weather permits, Capt. E.J.


October 12, 2004 -     The fish were on today. Lynne, Adrian, and Naji caught their limit of reds and more. They also caught a few trout and 8 or 10 drum. The bait of the day was live and dead shrimp under a cork. All fish were released to fight another day, my kind of trip. Out again tomorrow. Capt. E.J.



October 11, 2004 - Not much going on this past week due to the storm in the gulf. Most trips canceled but we did manage to do a little scouting today. Caught a nice mess of reds and a couple trout. Water is still very high from the storm. But should get back to normal in a couple days with this front coming. Fishing looks great the rest of the week and the weekend. We have a few spots open this week due to cancellations. Call now to book your trip!


October 9, 2004 -  Saturday I had Mr. Laminack and his wife Dale from Texas. We fished in the afternoon in all the rain. I told them if they were crazy enough to go I was crazy enough to take them. She caught a flounder and he fought a 30lb jack cravelle for almost an hour till he straighten the hook and we lost him and that was it, lockjaw like you would not believe. Back at it tomorrow


October 7, 2004 - Thursday I fished with one person. He managed to catch 3 nice reds and a few trout.


October 4, 2004 - John, Brad, John and I had a great day on the water boating over 100 trout for the second straight day. Its easy when the fish are cooperating but it does get tough some days. Not as many keepers today but they only kept 10 for lunch at Jan's . We also caught and released a couple of nice reds. Still have a few open dates in October.  Capt. E.J.



October 3, 2004 - Sunday had Martin Wells and Carl Schafer from Madison IN. They boated over 100 fish with most of them being trout. Would have had a two man limit of keepers if we were keeping them. I will be eating the flounder they caught for dinner. :) Capt E.J.


October 1-2, 2004  - On Friday and Saturday we had a crew of good old boys from Georgia who struggled on Friday but managed to boat an ice chest of fish on Saturday.



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