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October 2007

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October 26 -30, 2007 - After a tough day Saturday I decided to cancel Sunday and head to Mississippi to deer hunt for a couple of days. My group on Saturday ended up with 15 trout, Capt. Kevin's crew ended the day with 2 drum over 20lbs., one large catfish, and a few sheepshead. Not what you want to call a decent trip, but with 30mph wind, and chocolate milk - low water, you can't expect very much. Friday, the Chuck Wagner party joined me, and they ended up with a mix bag of fish, 30 plus trout, a couple of reds and this 44 inch beauty, (which was released), caught on a beetle under a cork. Out again Wednesday, Capt. E.J.

October 25, 2007 - Finished up day two with a group for my good buddy Papa Joe. Today started off a little different than yesterday did. I went to the redfish hot spot to find that the fish were not stacked up liked they were yesterday, and found boats pounding the area. So after catching one nice red, we made a jump south and started trolling a protected cove of an area bay. Picked up some really nice trout along the bank, and then we found ourselves in a really consistent trout bite. For the rest of the morning my gang was reeling in 16-20 inch gorgeous trout for the rest of the morning, with a few more reds thrown in. All fish were caught on H&H Glow Beetles, 16-18 inches under a popping cork, or shrimp under a cork. Looks like this weekend should be really good until the next front gets the winds howling.

October 24, 2007 - Wednesday I fished a crew for my good friend Capt. Joe. We woke up to a stiff northerly breeze and very cool temperatures. The water dropped almost a foot overnight. I knew that the money spot that I have been fishing was going to be tough, so off to plan B. We made a 20 minute jump south and found some protected areas with plenty of clean water falling out of the marsh. Wasn't long before my crew started reeling in redfish one after the other. Both boats had a box of fish before 10am. I know we had our limit easily with many throwbacks of nice 6-9lbs red and about a dozen nice trout for a kicker. Glow beetles under a cork for the trout, dead shrimp under a cork and tight lining smoke/chartreuse cocahoes for the reds. If the weather holds for tomorrow the fish should still be where we left them. On a "tough" day like today, catching over 40+ fish, are you serious! Fall fishing is that good!

October 20 - 22, 2007 - Weekend reports, Saturday and Sunday Dave and Steve from Kansas City joined me for the first 2 days of their scheduled 3 day trip. We had to cancel them on Monday due to the weather so I was very pleased that we knocked them dead the first two days. Saturday afternoon  trips, Capt. Barry had Matt Benjamin,  and I had the Davis party. Saturday morning the boys from K.C. loaded the boat with redfish, probably one of the best redfish days we have had in a long time, which says plenty considering how bad the redfish have been committing suicide over the last week. Live shrimp under a cork was just deadly. Sunday  was a trout day, as the guys were sore from the redfish action and wanted to change tunes. We ended up with 29 keepers out of the 100 plus that we caught. Saturday afternoon, Capt. Barry and I both had limits of redfish and a few trout. All fish on my boat were released to fight another day. With this strong onshore flow coming from the gulf, the tide is way up, and if the water gets any higher in Lafitte we will be catching redfish in the street. Once this fronts moves in, the water should drop like a ton of bricks.


October 19, 2007 - Friday the Paul Lantero crew with BP Oil joined Capt. Barry and myself. They worked the birds early for trout, and we headed for the ponds working points for redfish. It was non-stop action for both boats all morning. Beetle's under a cork, tight lining cocahoes and shrimp under a cork. Everything was working today, it was just one of those days. Fish were stacked up even with the 4-5 inch water drop with the early morning North wind. Should be an awesome weekend.


October 17, 2007 - Wednesday I had the Lambert family from Alabama. This trip was going to be for Thursday but they wanted to leave a day earlier, so we fished on Wednesday. Windy days usually make for some hard fishing, but with the high water we have been catching numbers of fish. Today we kept only two small reds and five trout for lunch at Jan's. Pictured below are a few fish caught and many more released to fight another day. Beetle's and shrimp under a cork produced all our fish.

October 16, 2007 - Today was another great day in Paradise. Bryan Barber and Bob Kenward from North Carolina joined me this morning. We left the dock in the dark so we could get an early start, but our first stop only produced one trout. The next three stops produced non stop action for 5 hours. Today was about as good as it gets, reds, drum and trout. Only fish to make it in the box was one red, and a couple of trout for lunch at Jan's, my kind of trip. Beetles under a cork for the trout and live shrimp under a cork for everything else.

October 14, 2007 - Sunday, my morning trip was canceled, but Capt. Tommy fished the Robert Deaton party. I had an afternoon trip with Aaron Armstrong and his friend Robert. 60 plus trout, two reds for the Deaton party, two reds and 30 plus trout which were all released on the afternoon trip. Cocahoe`s on the bottom and beetles under a cork have been producing all of our fish.


October 12-13, 2007 - Friday and Saturday I had the pleasusre of fishing with the Hollembeck party who were staying at the Victoria Inn. Friday we worked the ponds strictly for redfish. After a few quick lessons it didn't take long before the first redfish was in the boat. A limit of reds, plus a few more, keeping only two small ones for lunch at Jan's.  Saturday it was off to find a few trout. The first stop under the birds gave us all the action we wanted. When things slowed down we fished the shore line and managed 6 or 7 reds and several more trout keeping two trout for lunch at Jan's. Two easy days fishing with a very nice couple.


Also, on Saturday, Capt. Kevin worked a trip for us that was for charity. West Jefferson Hospital sponsored a silent auction to benefit patients that are in the Hospice program, and we donated a free trip that was added to the auction that raised thousands of dollars for local area patients. The Smith group was the lucky group that got to go on this trip. They left the dock at 6:15 sharp and headed south to chase some trout. They fished hard and were rewarded for their efforts bringing home a nice box full of trout.      

October 11, 2007 - Thursday morning, left the dock around 6:15 headed for the marsh. The north winds the prior 24 hrs had dropped the water 6 or 8 inches, but the tide was so high, we still had plenty of water to get around the marsh. The Hanggi family joined me this morning. Jennie, Matt and their son Sam. Once again with kids in the boat, shrimp under a cork was the way to go, and all morning long I watched the youngster cast by himself and watch him fight all fish by himself. A mix bag of more than 50 fish, reds, drum, trout and sheepshead. Great weather, Great Crew, and excellent fishing. It just doesn't get much better than that.


October 8, 2007 - Monday, the Linda and Norm Moser family. We didn't leave the dock until 11am, not ideal fishing time but the overcast weather conditions helped us out. Even though mom set this trip up she didn't catch as many fish as the rest of the family but she did enjoy  watching the kids catch all those fish. 20 to 25 reds, 8 to 10 drum and several sheepshead. All fish caught with shrimp under a cork, the only way to go with young kids, and all released to fight another day.


October 3-7, 2007 - Reports from this past weekend. Friday, the crew consisted of Tigers Fans, and Gator Fans as I had the pleasure of fishing with the Carl Steinkamp party. I can't crown any winner for the fishing contest, but we all know who won the game. Saturday, the Marc Weitz party, and Sunday we had Sam Offenberg group and the Rob Fortune party. The red fishing has just been awesome in Lafitte the past week. The high water conditions have brought in large amounts of shrimp all over the marsh and the reds have followed them in. Spinner baits, cocahoes on a jig head, and shrimp under a cork, have been producing most of the fish. The trout should be just around the corner, can't wait.



October 1-2, 2007 - Glen and Linda from Illinois fished with me the past two days. Limits of keeper redfish on both days, several huge sheepshead, a dozen black drum with a couple dozen trout thrown in. They only kept three small reds to be cooked up for lunch at Jan's. Trout on plastic, glow beetle's under a cork. All other fish caught on live and dead shrimp under a cork.



September 28 -30, 2007 - Weekend trips with the Allen party, Lacabe party and Poche party. Capt. Kevin and I were out on this windy weekend, we both ended up with mixed bags of fish, mostly trout, catching three or four, for every one keeper you put in the box. The keepers are just around the corner. Things should start picking up and continue through the first of the year. Glow beetle's under a cork for the trout and shrimp under a cork, and spinner baits for the reds.


To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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