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November 2005

 This time of year the trout action is usually good and so are the redfish. The weather is still warm and the fish are very close to the marinas. All baits are currently working; whether top water, tightline, under a cork it just does not matter!  So give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120 and Let's Go Fishing! Capt. EJ

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December 1, 2005 - David House and his two sons Ira and Arick joined me today. After a two hour drive from Biloxi, Ms. We left the dock at 7am heading for an area that I had caught fish in yesterday, and it paid off. 75 trout by10 am and it was off to find some redfish. Even though we didn`t put many in the box we caught and released over 30, some too big but most were 15 inches. Conditions: cool with light winds and clear water. Bait: glow beetle under a cork and H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. Just a great day to be on the water. Capt E.J



November 26, 2005 - Kevin, Trey and Keith had a trout slam. 75 trout with a 4 pounder as a kicker and 15 reds. Not a bad trip boys. Conditions: wind and rain, but who cares when the fish are biting; Bait: glow beetle on the bottom.



November 25, 2005 - Phil Arnold's group fished with me today Windy conditions kept us from returning to the area we had fished Wednesday. These guys fished hard for the box of fish they caught. Conditions: windy and dirty water; Bait: shrimp on the bottom.



November 23, 2005 - Today I  fished for my good friend Papa Joe. Here is a picture of the box of fish my crew caught. We also realeased over 50 bay snapper (thank god), not a bad catch guys. Conditions: light winds and
clean water; Bait: shrimp under a cork.



November 18, 2005 - Its been some time since my last report. I have been busy helping several friends get their homes back in shape. On Friday the 18th Ken Cumbus's group from Aegis Mortgage joined me on the coldest day of the year and as you can see Charles was the double big fish winner of the day. Conditions : cold and windy, dirty water. Bait:H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom.



November 13, 2005 - Brian from Colorado, Mike & Mike from Texas are staying in Hammond. They are here doing  hurricane relief work and deceided take this Sunday off and do some southeast Louisiana fishing. It took them a while to get the hang of it but after that it didn`t take long to fill up the ice chest. Thew boated over a dozen reds with only 4 being keepers and over 50 keeper trout. Not a bad catch for some first timers. Conditions: overcast, light winds and clear water. Bait: H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. They can`t wait to get back and do it again. Capt. E.J.



November 11, 2005 - My guest today Mark and Katherine Wuelzer from Vallejo, California booked this trip several months before Katrina and Rita. With most of my
trips being canceled due to the storms I was surprised they still wanted to go fishing. Our departure time was 6:30 which is later than usual but we still managed to catch their limit and more. The best thing about this trip is that I only had to clean the two fish in the picture, for dinner at the Victoria Inn. Conditions: light winds, clean water and lots of bait. Bait: glow beetle`s, H&H cocahoe`s. P.S. HAPPY VETERANS DAY TO ALL YOU VETERANS: SGT. E.J.PLAISANCE U.S. ARMY VIETNAM 69-70


November 9, 2005 - With the fog being as thick as its been the past few days its been great not having to travel very far to find fish. My clients today Mike Yaeger, Steve Conroy and Maverick Zagala from Metairie left the dock at 6am. The bite was not as good as its been for the past few days but they managed to put 54 trout and 4 reds in the ice chest. Big fish went to Mike with a nice 7lb red. I would like to thank Ray Griffin for getting water, electricity,  cleaning table repaired and area cleaned up at COCHIARA`s MARINA. Makes my job a lot easier. Things are emproving every day here in Lafitte.


Conditions: foggy, light winds, clear water.

Bait: every color H&H cocahoe we used and old faithful, glow beetle under a cork.



November 7, 2005 - Its been a long time since Bill and Sylvia Furlong have fished with me. They have been itching for the trout to turn on, so I told them as soon as things start happening I`ll give them a call. We left the dock at 6am in heavy fog  and it was a slow crawl to get where we were going.  Thankfully we didn`t have very far. The trout bite was fast and frenzy and it wasn`t long before they had there limit in the boat. Six reds and a couple of bass to go with it. Silvia was the Bassin gal for the day; the kind of fish you would like to catch in a tournament. Bill probably won Mr. redfish and who knows about the trout. Awesome  fishing (catching) with some good friends, it doesn`t get any better than that. Conditions: foggy, light winds, clear water. Bait: H&H cocahoes on the bottom and glow beetle`s under a cork.



November 6, 2005 - Bill and Jodi Dusang joined me today . They had been waiting for the trout action to pick up before they booked today's trip. It wasn't very hard to
catch their limit for the day. Bill usually fishes out of his bass boat but decided to give our service a try and I'm sure they will be back. Conditions: calm, clear water. Bait: glow beetle under a cork.


November 5, 2005 - Tom Barbera, his son Brian and Keller Blitch and I left the dock at 6am. After a short boat ride it didn`t take long for the fish to jump on their hooks. Today we kind of cheated using live shrimp and poggies. We wanted to make as easy as possible for the boys.  A box of trout, bass, drum, redfish and sheepshead. The boys were very busy most of the morning. Conditions: light winds, clean water. Bait: live shrimp and poggies.



November 4, 2005 - Swimming together, you just never know what you will catch. A short afternoon scouting trip produced bass and trout. All fish were caught on a
glow beetle under a cork. Conditions, light winds ,clear water and lots of bait. All fished were released to fight another day.



November 3, 2005 - The David Rouse Party: Capt. Joe and I had the pleasure of fishing a group of local guys. Joey, Tommy, Arthor, Donald in his boat and David, Rodney, Ronnie, and Keith  in my boat. They beat us on numbers but we had them on size having the one and only redfish of the day. Trout slam, 167 trout, 1 red and 1 flounder. A great day of fishing with a group of great guys. conditions , awesome. Bait , beetles, cocahoes any color, tight line, under a cork, you name it. It was just one of those days.


To read more reports from October 2005 and other months, please view our Archived Reports page



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