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November 2006

As we move into December, usually the weather is cooler with weekly fronts, and the fishing begins to really heat up. Trout are on there annual migration north, closer to the Marina's. Full boxes of Speckled Trout, and Redfish are eager to bite in preparation for winter! The trout are much larger and and in abundance in November. Call now to book your trip!

So give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120 and Let's Go Fishing! Capt. EJ

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December 2, 2006 - Saturday the Richard Stancliffe family joined me on a very chilly morning. We didn't leave until 7:30 with the idea it would warm up a little and it did around 11am. The wind even gave us a break. 40 very nice trout with half of them between 14 and 18 inches, with the biggest one going to Richard. Bait glow beetle's under a cork. Off to Mississippi to do some hunting, back Tuesday night. Capt. E.J

November 24 -28, 2006 - Just catching up on some trips from this past weekend. Friday Capt. Mike fished the Melancon group with a catch of 42 trout for the day. I had Dr. Jim Brown and his two son , Andrew and John Paul. They have fished with me three times in the past few months and the boys are becoming better fisherman with every trip. 22 trout was our catch for the day which ended early so we could watch the LSU game. Just about all of the fish were caught on glow beetle's under a cork.    Saturday Capt. Bob fished  Maverick Zagala and his brother Melvin, 33 trout was their catch for the day. Tight lining curly tail grubs was the bait of thr day. Monday I had a party for the Victoria Inn, 40 keepers, but only a dozen for lunch were kept. My kind of trip. Glow beetle's under a cork and on the bottom.


November 23, 2006 - Happy Thanksgiving to all my family,  friends and clients. It has been a great year for us.

November 22, 2006 - Another day with kids. With the weather the past three days who would have thought I would have had kids every day. I guess they are all off for turkey week. Clyde, Mel and the boys Justin and Jay joined me today. Probably the best of the three days. A limit of reds and we left them biting, what more could you ask for. Conditions: cold, no water. Bait: Shrimp on the bottom. Off tomorrow. A HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends and clients. Capt. E.J.

November 21, 2006 - Tuesday, the Shea family, Liam, Cassidy, and dad (Ray) and I left the dock at 7:15. Another day with kids and it was cold, but they were troopers. 25 reds with only 10 keepers, a dozen or so bay snappers and a good time. Kids don't care about size or what kind, its all about catching fish. Conditions: cold, cold, water, there was none , its scary what's under the water that you don't see on a normal or high tide. Bait; Shrimp on the bottom.

 November 17 - 20, 2006  - I've been hunting over the weekend in Mississippi, so here are a few reports for the past few days. Friday, Capt. Dariel and I fished the Frank Norton group. We kept about 50 fish for lunch at Jan's and a few to take home. Everything was caught under a cork. Saturday Capt. Kevin fished the Scott Boudreaux party catching their limit by 11 on a beautiful, flat calm day. They fished with glow beetle's under a cork. Monday Capt. Bob and I fished two different groups. He had the Cassanova crew and I had the Cuevas group. Today was kids day and considering the near freezing, and blustery conditions they stuck it out longer than I thought they would. Joey with a nice red and the Cassanova party with 10 trout and 3 reds. 


November 16, 2006 - Bad weather, high winds, great fishing. Following the wild weather we had last night the trout fishing in Lafitte remains as good as it gets. Fishing in the middle of the day Henry Bourgeois and I caught a mess of nice trout a short boat ride from the house. Everything was under a cork. I couldn't buy a fish on the bottom. Hopefully they will be there for tomorrow.


November 14, 2006 - Tuesday with the Labauve`s from Metairie. It was non-stop action for the short time we fished this morning. Back at the dock around 10, only keeping a dozen for dinner, my kind of trip. It was so easy this morning I just stood in the middle netting and taking off fish. No trolling motor, just drifting in the wind. Here is a couple of pictures of , [guess who caught the big fish of the day] and a few nice trout. Conditions: overcast and breezy. Bait; glow beetle's under a cork and streamers with a fly rod.


November 13, 2006 - Three boats out today. Capt. Scott fished Greg and Damie Jones out of the Victoria Inn and Capt. Keith and I fished the Mike Duffy group with United Country Real Estate. Louis, Carl, Richard, Mike and Mark. I didn't get any pictures from Scott's crew but here's a picture of 60 plus trout with our group. Conditions; Awesome, overcast with light winds, Bait: glow beetle's under a cork and glow cocahoe`s on the bottom. Hopefully the weather will hold for tomorrow.

November 12, 2006 - Cancellation due to weather

November 11, 2006 - The Ellis party for Saturday fished through some very tough conditions. We only had a little over an hour before the front blew us off the bay. We finished the day in some canals picking up one here and there. Not anything big today but we did end up with 39 keepers. Everything under a cork, glow beetle's.


November 10, 2006 -Today I had the Cleary party from the Victoria Inn and Capt. Mike had the Vonduyke group, Tim, John and Bill here with their wives for the real estate convention in New Orleans.. The day starter out as slow yesterday but picked up as the morning past by. The limits didn't come as quickly as yesterday and the fish were not as big. Mike's group only kept enough for them, him and I for lunch at Jan's . Thanks guys for allowing me to join you for lunch. My crew brought their catch back to Alabama, {GO TIGERS}. Conditions: calm early with the wind picking up by mid morning. Bait: glow beetles under a cork and root beer cocahoe`s on the bottom

November 9, 2006 - Thursday morning left the dock at 5:45. Bruce Cook and his wife had fished with me a couple of months ago and he was back with his brother Brad. It was just one of those perfect mornings, unlike the last couple of weekends with 20 mph winds. It was slow the first hour or so but when the fish turned on we had their limit in an hour being very selective by only keeping 14 inch or bigger trout. We even had a couple of nice redfish to go with the catch. Conditions : awesome. Bait: shad pattern tsunami under a cork or on the bottom. Capt Joe also had a couple out Bronwyn and Robert. They left the dock after 9 am, more of a picnic then a fishing trip. 30 trout and 1 red for a short morning.

November 6, 2006 - Today the weather was much better. And wouldn't you know, I had the day off. Talked with Capt. Mike and Capt. Joe, and both finished this morning with 65-75 trout per boat. Weather turned really nasty this evening, so tomorrow might be a little tough, although the prediction is for West wind at 8mph. We will see about that.

November 5, 2006 - Sunday, three boats out, Capt. Bobby had the Peter Mikolavich group, Capt. Tommy had the Gayle Reynolds group and I had the Jim Brown family. Almost a repeat of Saturday with  30 fish per boat hitting the cleaning table. I was the low man for the day with only 18 trout, but we were in for 11 which mad for a short morning. Conditions; high winds again, can't get a break.



November 4, 2006 - 4 Boats out today.

Capt. Kevin and I fished the Joe Mato party. A group of
guys that helped him out with hurricane repairs. 80 plus trout on a very windy day. Glow beetle`s under a cork was the bait of the day.

Capt. Joe had the John Jurasin group. 30 plus trout was their total for the day , here are the kids with a nice mess of trout. Beetle's under a cork was their bait for the day. Tough conditions made for some tough fishing, but all in all everyone had a good time and had good catches of fish for the day.

Capt. Bobby and Capt. Tommy had the Jeff Jeruss group. They
came from all over the U.S. 50 plus trout and one redfish was their
total for the day. Their fish were caught mostly tightlining glow/char
minnows in 3 to 4 feet of water.

October 28, 2006 - Had 4 boats out today on what seemed like the worst day to fish this year. All the customers fished hard and made the best of a WINDY and COLD day. Today was the day that really classifies this sport as fishing, not catching. 6 Reds, 3 Trout, and 1 Drum made it back to the dock. With lots of trash fish thrown back. Bait for the day was shrimp on the bottom, and shrimp under a cork. Not a photo kind of a day. Thanks to all of the customers that stuck with it and fished every minute.

To read more reports from other months, please view our Archived Reports page.


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