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Fishing forecast for December-  After an exciting Novemeber, which had some outstanding catches, December is shaping up very nicely. To be successful this month, it will take mother nature on our side. This time of year cold fronts blast the bayou state. Fishing will be fantastic before fronts, and tough several days after. Trout are thick in the Barataria Estuary right now. Catches of 40+ a day are not uncommon. The reds are biting again, and we have been catching them on bad weather days. Still got some dates open this month. If you would like to get in on some of the hot fishing gives us a call @ 1-877-689-4120. Or you can take advantage of our Gift Certificate's which make excellent stocking stuffers! Happy Holidays to all! Capt. EJ

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December 31, 2004 - What a difference a day makes. After all the fish we caught the last few days it was tough to catch a limit today. Jay, Robert and Robert Sr. did end up with a nice mess of reds. We also had a handful of nice trout and one bass. All fish were caught on a salt & pepper beetle  on the bottom.   All fish were released to fight another day.


December 30, 2004 - Capt. Joe also fished with me today. He had Mark VonBoungen, Greg Brinkerhof f and Mark Hecker. Him and I fished side by side with both boats landing over 70 redfish each. Hopefully they will still be around tomorrow. Shrimp under a cork and tipping a beetle with shrimp was the bait for today. Capt. E.J.


December 29, 2004 - Bob Crutchfield and his son Carter joined me on Wednesday and Thursday. They took advantage of my fall fishing package. Wednesday produced a mix bag of fish , 8 reds 12 trout and 10 drum and a 70 minute boat ride to catch them. Thursday we ran no more than 15 minutes to catch over 70 redfish keeping only 10 for their limit to take back to Alabama. They had a great time with great accommodations and food from the Victoria Inn and Jan's. Looking forward to seeing them again. Capt.E.J.


December 28, 2004 -   My guest today from the Victoria Inn were Brian and Sue . After a 70 minute boat ride yesterday today turned out to be muc h easier only having to travel only 5 minu tes from the dock.  We did not catch the number of fish we caught yesterday ending up with 25 or 30 reds for the day. The fish were a lot nicer today having a half dozen over 27 inches. Out again tomorrow. Capt. E.J.


Decenber 27, 2004 - After a week of hunting and some very chilly weather, it ' s back to work . That was the most snow Lafitte has seen in a long time . Fished today with Anne Matthew and Russ Davis from Midland, Pa. It was their first redfish trip to Louisiana, and what a trip it turned out to be. After a 70 minute, freezing boat ride. We arrived at our first spot which did not produce any fish, so we headed to spot number two, and it was the honey hole . Anne said that she never catches any fish, but today we put that myth to rest . She will have sore arms tonight.  After a quick limit of redfish we caught and released more than 50 more, and also a handful of trout.   Forgot my camera, in the house from Christmas, but I will have it tomorrow, and hopefully will have some pictures. Capt. E.J.


Decenber 13, 2004 - Monday`s trip produced only 4 reds, a couple of bass and 25 nice trout. Once that front moved in at around 9:30 the fish just shut down. It looks like this cold weather we have coming in will run the fish into the deeper canals and the deep holes. Capt. E.J.


Decenber 12, 2004 - What a great day on the water. My clients from the Victoria Inn boated over 40 redfish and not one of them was under 16 inches. We kept 10 of them for a Christmas party they were having and released the rest. We also had a dozen beautiful trout. All of the reds were caught on shrimp on the bottom and the trout on a glow beetle under a cork. Capt. E. J.



Decenber 9, 2004 - After a very late start due to the severe weather Capt. Joe and I finally managed to get out on the water. My guys wanted to try for some bass but the front pretty much shut them down so we ended up going after trout. Ted and Ken who were from Washington state had never caught speckled trout before and were amazed by the numbers. Capt. Joe and his party of Ronnie Schindler and his wife who are from Texas had 5 nice reds and a mess of 18 and 19 inch trout. See you on the water, Capt. E.J.



Decenber 6, 2004 - Great Bass fishing trip today. We were fishing in Canarveron today. We must of caught 50 or so bass, with many being 2-3 lbs. What a great day, we don't get to do this to often. Fish were caught mostly on Spinner Baits and Plastic French Fry Worms.


Decenber 2, 2004 - Went on a scouting mission today. Caught some really nice mess of trout within a few short miles of the marina. Also, picked up 8 reds. Fished with popping corks, with a glow beetle. Reds were caught on cochoes swimming at or near the bottom


December 1, 2004 - Wednesday, Capt. Joe and I fished the John Maschoff group who were at a convention in New Orleans. From south winds the day before to a killer north wind today. We should have been ducking hunting. Our only option was a couple of canals in the Texaco area (now owned by Stone Energy). We managed 20 or so fish between both boats with a couple of nice reds in that number. All fish were released to fight another day. Capt. E.J.



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