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December 2005

 This time of year the trout action is usually good and so are the redfish. The weather is still warm and the fish are very close to the marinas. All baits are currently working; whether top water, tightline, under a cork it just does not matter!  So give us a call Toll-Free 1-877-689-4120 and Let's Go Fishing! Capt. EJ

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December 31, 2005 -Fred, Mary Smith and their son Luke from Jackson , Ms joined me today. We deceided to leave at 7:30 and from the amount of fog it probably was a good idea. A lot of boats this morning probably could have used a good compass or GPS, it was a circle jerk. The 40 trout we caught today was nowhere near the size we caught yesterday, also we had many throw backs. Conditions Very foggy. Bait: beetle`s under a cork. Capt. E.J.



December 30, 2005 - Debbie and Harry Wadsworth, their son Harry and his friend Matt and I left the dock at 7am. This was a surprise fishing trip and the wife and kids didn`t know where they were going until they drove up to the dock. Even though they were new at fishing with a popping cork they caught on very quickly. I wasn`t keeping score but MOM put it all over the boys. Even though we didn`t have the numbers the quality of the trout was very good. 27 trout, most of them larger than the 3 keeper reds and 1 drum we had. Conditions: light winds, overcast. Bait old faithful, glow beetle under a cork. Capt. E.J.



December 29, 2005 - Todd Hutchins and his son Jeremiah from Missouri along with a couple of local guys Mark Richey and Paul Faciane left the dock a 7am. Once again the bite was slow early but picked up around 9am. Unfortunately Todd received a phone call and we had to cut the trip a little short. They can't wait to come back and do it again. They managed to catch 45 trout and a couple of bass in the time they had. Conditions: light winds and cool. Bait: glow Beetle's under a cork.



December 28, 2005 - My clients today Corinne Wood, Jannette Anderson and Corrine`s two sons Cameron & Christopher fished hard for the fish they caught today. After trying more than a dozen places we ended up back where we had started, catching 23 of the 26 trout we had for the day. Conditions: 20 plus mph winds. Bait; glow beetle`s under a cork. Out again tomorrow.



December 26, 2005 - My clients today Louie & Lisa Banderet, Oneil Williams and David Ouber left the dock at 7:30am. Thankfully the fish were where I had left them Christmas Eve. The only difference it was trout today and not reds which is what they wanted anyway. Sometimes things just work out the way you would like them to. 100 trout all in the 14 to 17 inch range with a few going 19 or more with 7 reds as a kicker . I might have had  2 or 3 throw backs all day which is unreal for Lafitte. Lisa said she normally doesn`t catch fish but today she proved otherwise, also catching the biggest redfish of the day.  Conditions: as good as it gets. Bait: glow beetle`s under a cork. Just a great day to be on the water.




December 24, 2005 - Early Christmas present. A quick morning scouting trip produced 18 or 20 nice reds. Hopefully they are still around for next week. All fish caught on H&H smoke - Char. Tail cocahoe`s on the bottom and all were released to fight again. I would like to wish all my clients and readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Capt. E.J.




December 20, 2005 - My clients today Pat Clyne and John Delchamps from Louisiana, Lance Arcement and Gaylon Jones from Georgia left the dock at 7am. It was a very cold A-- boat ride, there and back. The large reds We caught the past two days were no-where to be found. Today was a trout day, even as cold as it was we managed to catch 42 nice trout, 3 bass and 8 keeper reds, all reds around 17 inches with 25 or 30 throw backs, These are the best eating ones anyway. Conditions : Cold, cold and windy. Bait: smoke & char. Grubs on the bottom for the trout and glow beetle`s for the reds. Capt. E.J.



December 19, 2005 - My clients today Mike and Angela Gootee, Larry and Amy Varner left the dock at 7am on a 35 minute very chilly boat ride. The fish were not where we had left them yesterday but after some searching we found them once again. The girls had sore arms after reeling in a mess of these reds and the boys couldn`t wait for another hookup. More than their limit of reds and a few nice trout were landed and all released. Hopefully to be caught on my trip tomorrow. Conditions: overcast and cold;  Bait: glow beetle`s with a shrimp chaser under a cork and salt and pepper Char-tail grub on the bottom.



December 18, 2005 - Mark Uher and Kim Carter had fished with me several weeks ago and today they brought along a couple of new guys Virgil Henson and Chester Narvell. The last time they were here is was only trout and no redfish. Today it was a redfish day. I would like to thank the guys for being good sportsman. After catching their limits and a few more we left the fish bitting. Conditions: cold and windy, clean water. Bait: glow beetle`s with a shrimp chaser under a cork. Just another awesome day on the water.



December 11, 2005 - George Brisbi's group joined me today. We have put this trip off two times in the past few weeks. It was either rain or windy and after today I guess the wait was worth it. Another day of over 100 redfish and 29 trout as a kicker.Conditions: clean water, light winds and cool. Bait: shrimp or beetle on the bottom and under a cork.



December 10, 2005 - Daniel and Kurt Dreher left the dock at 8am. The late departure was due to the cold weather. The half hour boat ride was an eye opener. Thankfully out first stop was pretty much our last. They caught redfish after redfish for five hours! We stopped counting at 100, just one of those days. We even did some filming when they were both hooked up. Only about 40% were keepers, but a lot of fun anyway. Conditions: light winds and cold. Bait: shrimp, glow and salt n pepper beetles fished slowly on the bottom. Attached are the guys with their limit they kept for dinner.




December 3, 2005 - We moved my trip for today to next weekend, so it was either go shopping with my wife or a pre- LSU scouting trip. Even with the strong winds I managed to find a few fish, bass and reds, not one trout and very limited areas with clean water. All fish were caught on spinner baits and tequila curly tail worms and all were released to fight another day. Check out this Alligator that was sitting on the bank. I estimate he was between 10-13 feet. What a Monster.





December 1, 2005 - David House and his two sons Ira and Arick joined me today. After a two hour drive from Biloxi, Ms. We left the dock at 7am heading for an area that I had caught fish in yesterday, and it paid off. 75 trout by10 am and it was off to find some redfish. Even though we didn`t put many in the box we caught and released over 30, some too big but most were 15 inches. Conditions: cool with light winds and clear water. Bait: glow beetle under a cork and H&H cocahoe`s on the bottom. Just a great day to be on the water. Capt E.J.




To read more reports from October 2005 and other months, please view our Archived Reports page.



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